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Natural Remedy for PMS - Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated on June 24, 2013

An Easy Solution

Bloating, irritability, cramps, mood swings, acne, heavy bleeding...does this sound familiar? Many women have PMS and think that it is just a part of being a woman.

I personally found it very frustrating and wanted to find a natural remedy that would stop of all of this. I was tired of the monthly visitor from hell, and found my solution was as simple as drinking apple cider vinegar with water everyday.

Initially I started drinking apple cider vinegar to cure my acne, and the more I read about it the more I realized how good it was for my whole body.

I used to have periods that would last at least 7 days with heavy bleeding in the first few days. It was really annoying, and to make matters worse I would start my cycle about every 22 to 24 days from the first day of my last cycle. That means that I would only be free from this pain for about 2 weeks each month!

I also had really bad cramps, and the first day of my period was agony, which meant it was really hard to get anything done. The week before my period I would start to break out in pimples and my pants started to feel tight - that in itself is cause for irritability let alone the raging hormones that accompanied this womanly process.

Some people have success with apple cider vinegar right away, but for me it took drinking it everyday for a month to notice a drastic improvement. At one point I got lax on my apple cider vinegar routine, and I can tell you that I was right back to my old cycle. This was proof enough for me that drinking apple cider vinegar really does work. I won't be straying from my routine again I can tell you that!

Drinking apple cider vinegar with water has combated all of my PMS issues. Now I start my period 28 days from the start of my last cycle. I don't break out in zits anymore. I can wear my "skinny jeans" when I'm PMSing. My cycle only lasts for 4-5 days now, and no more heavy bleeding. I've also noticed that I don't crave chocolate and salty snacks any more. My emotions are more balanced and don't feel like bursting into tears for no reason. I'm less moody and irritable, and my husband can vouch for this!

Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

When I first found out about apple cider vinegar I started with the "standard dosage", since I didn't know if it would upset my stomach:

  • 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
  • 8 oz. water
  • a bit of honey

I would drink this throughout the day, as it is not recommended to chug it, but rather sip it. I didn't notice any bad effects, so I increased the dosage to the "acute conditions recipe":

  • 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 8 oz. water

By this time I actually started to like the taste without the honey anyway. You can safely drink this recipe twice a day, but since everyone's body chemistry is different it is best to see which way works best for you.

Note about tooth enamel:

I have not found any problems with apple cider vinegar stripping my teeth of enamel, but for those of you who want to take precautions you can do the following:

  • drink with a straw
  • after drinking swish with plain water
  • add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to the recipe

Note about diet:

If you eat a lot of sugary or acidic foods, more than likely your body's pH is too acidic. You can check your body's pH with a pH testing kit. Your urine's pH will tell you your body's pH. The body naturally makes its own sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), however if you have an acidic pH (lower than 7), then it is best to use the recipe that includes the baking soda.


The information given in this hub is not a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies or supplements. Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular medical history.


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