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Natural Treatments for Lower Back Injury

Updated on May 3, 2013

Suffering from lower back pain?

Statistics shows that millions of people are suffering from lower back pain. And if you don't know, lower lower back pain is the most common reasons for people to visit their doctors, seeking some reliefs. You can sustain a back injury during sports, being in a car accident or while moving heavy objects the wrong way.

In some cases, people might also injure the lower back without them even knowing the cause. They might suddenly wake up in the middle of the night because of the tremendous back pain. Some back injuries particular those that caused by sports and accident may be easily diagnosed with an x-ray. Other types of injury may not be so readily identifiable. Such cases can be quite frustrating because how can you fix something when the doctor says nothing wrong?

Man lower back pain
Man lower back pain

If your lower back injury can be diagnosed and if it's nothing serious, the doctor will normally prescribe a pain medication.

However, if it is a serious case, the doctor will recommend a back surgery as an option. In case if you are unaware, back surgeries don't have a high success rate.

If your doctor proposed such a recommendation for you, it is a wise choice if you can seek a second independent opinion. You might also consider visiting a neurologist to test your nerve function.

If the doctor failed to identify your lower back injury or if a surgery is proposed to you, why not trying the non-invasive methods recommended below.

Natural Remedies For Back Pain

Woman lower back pain
Woman lower back pain

1. Consult your doctor on how to do exercises which can strengthen your back muscles. Such exercises are designed to be non-stressing while at the same time build up the muscles around the affected areas. Stronger muscles means better support. You can also seek guidance from sports injury specialist because they know better than those general practitioners.

2. Immediate go for chiropractic treatments because it can straighten you out. This is true especially when your lower back injury is new. The results might not be that good if your injury is of long standing. However chiropractic treatment might not work for all. Nevertheless, it is a good option for you to explore.

3. Yoga has been known as a good therapy to reduce body pain. Sign up for a local yoga class and see if this natural treatment works for you. Try explaining to your instructor first prior to the class and see if he or she can come out with a special routine applicable to your condition. If it helps, continue with the classes. And once you have learned all the techniques well, you can also practice them at home.

4. One of the known fact for people who is suffering from lower back pain is not cultivating a good body posture. Practice standing straight with shoulders back and not hunched. Make sure your spine is always in good alignment by placing a book on your head. While sitting, make sure that your back is straight. Most people have the lazy sitting habit. Within a month or two, you will realize that the pain has gone because your posture has cured it.

5. You can use a back brace during the day and a heating pad at night to reduce the pain that you endure. It might not eliminate it completely but at least it can make you feel better.

6. It's time to use an ergonomically designed chairs now. It will help in relieving your back pain.

7. If getting an ergonomic chair is too much for you, you can try a more economic option. Try using a 'donut' pillow on your existing desk chair. This works especially well with lower back injury pain. The "hole" in the donut helps reducing the pressure from the chair seat on your spine. In addition to that, you may also consider using a neck roll at the base of you spine.

Well, I hope that the above tips could help you to eliminate your lower back pain and if not, at least they can help to do some reliefs. All the best!

Effective Treatment & Cure for Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain Relief, Sciatica Treatment & the Spine

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