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Cure Back Pain with Yoga

Updated on December 19, 2013
Back Pain
Back Pain

Back pain is a very common ailment and most people regardless of age will at least experience this once in their lives. Back pain could be something that may be gone very quickly, or something that will stick around for months or even years. For this unfortunate type, it comes and goes just like a frequent visitor.

There are things that can be done about this back pain such as using a better and ergonomically designed chair, better standing and sitting posture, chiropractic treatment, exercise and yoga. Surgery is one of the option but it would be the last resort as it does not guarantee a full recovery. The method that we want to discuss here is practicing yoga for back pain.

What you can do about your back pain is up to you and your doctor. You should listen to them only to a certain limit cause most probably, a doctor will recommend a surgery as the best resort; it might or might not cure you. However, if your doctor recommends you to do exercises that could strengthen your back muscles, perhaps you should follow. Some will even recommend you to practice yoga.

Yoga can be very easy on the body and there are lots of things in Yoga could help you directly or indirectly. Yoga could be a complicated form of exercise but you do not need to know all of the moves that most classes have; just do the ones that work well with your back and that's enough. Anyhow, this is your purpose, isn't it?


Doing Yoga Might Help

In case if your doctor is recommending you to do yoga for back pain, they would probably have certain guidelines and recommendations for you. If they don't have, you can consult with a yoga consultant.

Yoga is all about strength and flexibility and for the most part, this is going to be recommended for people who suffer from muscle problems rather than spinal injury.

Thought it might not be the best solution for bulging and crushed discs, yoga for back pain can really help when your muscles are messed up and tight which resulting you can hardly relax. Some people back go out of place because of weak muscles and doing yoga can help with this issues; it can be a good preventative measure that you can take.

You have two main choices when doing yoga for back pain. 1) You can do it from home with the proper instruction or 2) you can attend a yoga class, guided by a instructor.

If you are going to do it from home, you may want to get some yoga courses in the form of books and DVDs. There are a lot of these courses available in the market and to make it easier, you can even get them online from amazon. Besides, you must also need to make sure that you get the right mat to use on your floor and any other necessary accessories that will help you through the workout.

On the other hand, if you choose to attend a class, that would be even easier but before you register for a class, make sure that you explain your back problem to the instructor so that he would know which class to put you in. Other than that he might even give you more concern and some special guided instructions.

Practice Yoga Now

Woman doing meditation yoga
Woman doing meditation yoga

Whether you are doing yoga at home or in a class, make sure that you always remember that your limits may be pushed. It might hurt a little as you work your way through (particularly if you are a beginner), but make sure that you don't push too hard, stop if things are too painful for you. You surely don't want to cause more damages than what you already have in your back.

Go slowly and steadily. What is going to happen is that you are actually going to build up the muscles that support your spine in pace. The stronger it is, the less pain that it will be.

Although yoga is highly recommended but it is not the ultimate solution for all sufferers. It might or might not work for you but I do believe that it's worthy to try. You have nothing to loose except learning some new form of exercises. Give it a try for a month of two before making up your mind because it's unrealistic to expect immediate results.

For non Yoga Practitioner: 3 Exercises to Cure Back Pain

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