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Remove Scars Naturally

Updated on February 17, 2017

Natural Remedies

If you are looking for a natural remedy to remove scars, try the methods below. After researching several suggested natural methods, and reading user results, I have narrowed it down to a few methods that have been proving to show positive results.

Raw Honey As a Scar Remover

Medicinal honey has been used throughout history to fight infection and to minimize scars. According to Dr. Weil, medicinal honey is his suggested choice for scar removal. Advertised as having all the properties of raw honey, but being much more expensive, Manuki medicinal honey is a product of New Zealand. Because honey is antibacterial, it can be used to prevent infection on sores and cuts as well.

Conclusion: While I did not purchase the medicinal honey, I would be interested in trying it out. Due to the stickiness of raw honey, I simply could not use it for long. As far as being able to remove scars, ths is yet to be seen, as I think repeated applications would be necessary.

Aloe Vera As a Scar Remover

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is an effective acne scar reducer. According to, the more it is used, the better results, and it is more effective on newer scars. It also works best in its purest form.

MyAcneLife shows actual photos of results using aloe vera on acne scars. This site also gives instructions on how long and how often to use it.

Lemon Juice As a Scar Remover

Lemon juice has long been known for lightening the skin. According to, "Lemon juice contains citric acid that helps to exfoliate the skin by reducing or removing dead skin cells, thereby reducing scarring. In addition, lemon juice is a fruit that falls into the alpha hydroxyl acid group and commonly used in skin care products and chemical peels." Lemon juice may irritate the skin, cause redness and make the skin sensitive to sunlight.

Rosehip Oil As a Scar Remover

Rosehip oil is available at for less than ten dollars. Several people have written comments about the positive effects of rosehip essential oil, stating that it diminishes fine lines; it is also believed to be a scar reducer and helps wounds to heal faster. Rosehip oil contains several beneficial ingredients. It has retinol (Vitamin A), vitamin C, omega-6 or omega-3, and linolenic acid. According to Aptekanatural, rosehip oil is effective in diminishing scars, stopping or reversing the signs of aging, and rehydrating the skin.

Conclusion: I have been very surprised with the results of this product. I have noticed a reduction of fine lines as well as minimizing scars in only a couple of weeks. I will continue to use this product once a day. I like to put it on at the end of the day. Going on it initially feels oily, but as it is absorbed, it feels moisturizing.

Vitamin E As a Scar Remover

According to WebMD, Vitamin E is not an effective scar reducer. "...according to a study from researchers at the University of Miami, applying the nutrient directly onto a scar can actually hinder its healing. In the study, vitamin E had no effect (or made matters worse) for 90% of the patients, and 33% who used topical vitamin E developed a contact dermatitis." I was very surprised to read this finding, after hearing just the opposite for many years.

According to, Vitamin E " able to improve the structural quality of skin, and it is believed to help prevent cellular damage caused by free-radical molecules. As it softens hardened scar tissue, Vitamin E also influences collagen production to reduce scar visibility and promote skin cell regeneration."

Eucalyptus Oil As an Antiseptic

According to, eucalyptus oil has antiseptic properties and when mixed with vinegar, will make a balancing toner. While not a scar remover, eucalyptus oil will clean and disinfect existing problem areas and aid in reducing the healing time.


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