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Natural remedies for dehydrated skin

Updated on November 2, 2014

Dehydrated skin is a particular condition where lack of oil and natural moisturise factors can cause upper layers of the skin to be itchy and particularly sensitive, with a tendency to develop lines and flakes. External agents like wind, sun and pollution are likely to damage this particularly delicate skin therefore it requires some treatments alongside the everyday moisturiser.

How to recognise dehydrated skin:

  1. It is very often irritated by external agents like wind or sun.
  2. Burning or tight feeling
  3. It does not recover or heal easily
  4. It is flaking.

In winter it can be particularly irritated by the cold wheather condition and in summer is equally suffering from the sun.

Under the skin: what is happening:

The upper layers of the skins called Horny layers, have an important role in making sure that the deeper levels of the skin stay hydrated. If these upper layers are damaged and lose their ability to moisturise the skin, the sebum and lipids necessary to the skin to stay hydrated will be lost and so the ability of the skin to protect the body from bacteria and virus and other external agents.

It is very common to suffer from dehydrated skin which is also a sign of ageing, therefore it is very important to follow a correct regime to avoid or alleviate this condition. In case of a severe deyhadred skin it is recommend to consult a dermatologist. However there are some very simple tricks that if applied correctly every day it will certainly help to improve the condition of the skin and indeed it would be reflected on your complex and beauty too.

The importance of water.

Water is very important for the skin and it is always advisable to wash the face several time during the day especially in the summer or in places particularly warm and sunny. Showers are also very effective in replenishing the water the body needs, especially with the techniques of altering cold water and hot water. This way of showering will stimulated the skin to react and it is extremely beneficial to boost blood circulation. Water is a very important agent in fighting against the damages caused by the sun but also because our body needs water and a lot of it. If you want to slow down the ageing process or to improve the complex of your skin do not hesitate to use it both externally and internally. Drink water at least 1.5 litres per day or plenty of liquids in form of herbal teas and supplements like Aloe Vera drink. Moderate consume of coffee and alcohol would be ideal.

Essential oils for a dehydrated or dry skin:

A natural skin moisturiser, particularly good for skin, is the Wheat Germ oil which has a high content of Vitamin E and other nutritive elements particularly good for a skin that tend to lose its lipids and sebum.

The correct way to take this oil is to clean the face with warm water, dry it lightly with a towel make sure the face is still slightly dump, then apply very few drops on the surface. The oil will seal the water and it will replenish the skin with plenty of Vitamins and anti-ageing factors.

Another oil which is very effective on dry and dehydrated skin is the Almond oil that helps a lot to re-build the hydrolipidic barrier which helps to maintain a moisturised skin.

Before using oils it might be useful to make sure you are not allergic to it. Using an almond oil when there is an allergy to nuts can cause a very severe reactions.

Recipe for a stimulating bath.

With the essential oils we can eliminate industrial creams bath that very often are the cause for dry and dehydrated skin. If you suffer from this condition this natural remedy does wonder for your skin.

Add 4 drops of essential rosamarine oil, 4 drops of lemon essential oil and 2 lavender essential oil in your bathtub.

Finally the following mask, can also be quite beneficial to the skin.

Carrots mask:

Put some carrots to boil, when soft drain them well and put in a blender or squash them. Apply the compost on the face while is still warm and leave it till becomes cold. Rinse with warm water and then apply an ice cube. Dry delicately with a towel. This mask has plenty of vitamin A and leave the skin smooth and shiny.

Finally try to avoid skin products that contain alcohol and sodium sulphate and harsh chemical. Try also to avoid soaps to wash your face but a gently moisturiser washing product.

how to recognize you have dehydrated skin


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    • DIYhomeremedies profile image

      Jennifer Pena 2 months ago from California, United States

      Good article water is definetly a good benefit for skin health.

    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Hello Movie Master. Thank you for your comment. I love to make my own masks! Beside at least I know exactly what it is in there.

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi laral, anything that will help prevent the signs of ageing sounds good to me.

      I must try and use oils more and I like the idea of the carrot mask, I'm going to give that a go.

      Thank you for an interesting and well written hub.

    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Hi Thelma Alberts. I suffers from dehydrated skin too and I never considered taking a Cleopatra bath!It is something that I should try. Thank you for reminding me this remedy. My skin suffers terribly in the summer but I take my vacation in very hot countries.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 6 years ago from Germany

      Hi! I have a dry skin and it is worst on winter time. Every now and then I take a cleopatra bath to ease my skin and drink a lot of water. Thanks for sharing this informative and useful hub.