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What Is Naturopathy.

Updated on March 7, 2013

Natural solutions, for modern problems.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, this we know as a scientific fact and every day we experience to greater or lesser degree the consequences of our actions. When we start to analyze the way we live our lives and think about how it contributes to our well being. We begin to question how the routine and seemingly insignificant actions of our daily activities effect our health, we find that most of the issues we experience in regards to our health, stem from the detrimental effects of living in the modern world.

The world is becoming an ever increasingly, strange place to live, the more we know the less we understand. For every question answered, leads itself to more questions, that are yet needed to be asked. Progression has become a double edged sword. For every invention that has been designed to make our lives easier or more fun, just seems to breed further complications. Nevertheless we soon grow to be dependent on them and start to forget what we ever did before we had them, let alone how we would manage if we happened to lose them. Weather this is a relatively recent phenomena or not, I can not be entirely sure, maybe it has always been that way?

Life has become more convenient then ever before, we have more products, gadgets and gizmo's at our disposal then at any other point in history, all in the pursuit of helping to make our lives easier. Yet at the same time, we view our lives as increasingly more difficult.

Why is this?

Well this leads us rather nicely back to my original statement and how actions have reactions and consequences. The motor vehicle for example enables us to travel distances in times that were never before even imaginable, let alone possible. Over time huge numbers of people adopt the use of a car, after seeing all it's potential benefits and convenience.

Consequently you decide that you would like to invest in one of these wonderful life enhancing machines and very quickly start to experience the harsher side to driving. If you observe some of the drivers currently on the road, like I do, you would be forgiven for assuming that you can obtain a drivers licence from the back of a cereal packet, that however is not actually the case, you do have to learn to drive and pass a test. Then there's the traffic jams, an awful waste of precious time, the expenses that come with running a vehicle and the the potential dangers. What you are in control of is a potential killer and you're on the roads with other people driving vehicles, that are similarly in the same position.

The Internet is another example of something that on the one hand is amazing, just by reading this you will know that I am an Internet user. However there is also a plethora of problems attached to the net. Hackers, viruses, scams, connection problems the cost of a computer and Internet access to name but a few. But just like the motor vehicle, the positives outweighed the negatives and here I am and so are you, surfing the super information highway.

What am I getting at and what does this have to do with naturopathy? Well the rather lengthy point I'm attempting to make, is that when we look at progression it's not all beneficial and when we look at this in terms of medicine, we can see that this is also true. Just recently in fact we saw on the news, how wrong medical trials can go, when the testing of a new drug resulted in one fatality and one man on a life support machine.

With more people considering a more natural, simpler way of life in the approach they take to their health. Some are looking for alternatives after conventional medicine has failed them or the side effects of a prescribed drug, were doing more harm then good. Naturopathy is becoming more popular and one alternative therapy well worth considering.

A move back to nature.

After considering all this and more, it's easy to see how people come to the conclusion, that a move back to nature and regressing back to a simpler way of life and turning to natural home remedies and herbal remedies is sounding ever more appealing.

Naturopathy has been the choice for many because it literally derives from what was originally called nature cure and they find that this best describes the direction that they want to pursue, in regards to their health.

Because of the ever increasing adverse side effects, brought on by modern living, some forms of conventional medicine and medical practice, are either not enough of a cure alone or are just not suitable for one reason or another, naturopathy has been a choice worth considering.

A large part of the practice of naturopathy is diet, abstaining from fast, processed foods, stimulants such as caffeine, artificial colours, flavours or additives. Huge emphasis is placed on eating fruit and vegetables. Drinking water, natural teas and natural juices. 

It incorporates many different practices within it, such as yoga, massage, hydrotherapy, chiropractics, relaxation and is claimed to be especially effective in the treatment of emphysema, arthritis and other degenerate diseases. 

Like Chinese medicine and homeopathy, naturopathy is more about treating the patient as an individual. Looking at their lifestyle and what maybe causing the illness, as opposed to conventional medicine, that concentrates mainly on the symptoms.

Naturopathy practitioners also stress that the success of treatment is as much dependant on positive mental attitude as it is technique and treatment.

It's fundamentally about living as natural a lifestyle as is possible.

What to be aware of.

Using naturopathy as your only means of health care and medication is not advised by the government or health care professionals. The widely accepted opinion is that it is to be used as a complementary form of treatment, in conjunction with and not opposed to the recommended conventional health care that's provided by the NHS or your local GP (General Practitioner).

It is also important that you seek treatment on Naturopathy, from a fully qualified professional.

Are you for or against naturopathy?

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