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Neanderthal level testosterone

Updated on November 4, 2013

Study have shown that Neanderthals had a higher level of testosterone than the common working man today, in fact testosterone levels has been dropping rapidly over the years. If we were to study the life a Neanderthal lived back then it may be possible to boost the modern man testosterone levels close to that of a Neanderthal.

Testosterone builds champions

Testosterone is the source of a man’s confidence. Studies have shown that people with low testosterone levels won’t take risk; they’re not competitive, and very complacent. Those showing high testosterone levels are very competitive, love a challenge and attract the most women. In short a man with low testosterone levels is the same as a castrated bull.

Lack of technology seems to be the source of their testosterone levels, but we live in a time of advanced technology so we should be able to obtain levels of testosterone close to a Neanderthal right?

Neanderthal vs The modern man

Now if we were to compare the primitive culture of the Neanderthals and the modern culture of an average man you would note that one of the biggest causes of this testosterone drop is modern technology, but at the same time it can also increase testosterone levels. If you don’t understand let me explain: Neanderthals fought for everything they wanted whether it was food, power, or a mate. In today’s world if you wanted food you could order takeout or simply went to the supermarket; you even have the option of buying it cooked or raw; even if you went hunting you didn’t hunt with sticks, bones, and boulders, you would use a rifle (not to mention all the other hunting gear to protect you). If you wanted power you would just run a campaign, kiss up to your boss for a promotion, or go to college; and if you’re having trouble finding the right one you can go online and find millions of people looking for someone just like you.

Life style


Neanderthal obviously didn’t have a gym to workout at, but they hunted horses, bison, and reindeer (can you imagine hunting something three times as big as you or chasing something three times as fast as you?) so they could eat; that alone will give anyone a powerful workout. This doesn’t mean that you should gather 20 of your friends and hunt a bison with a stick and some stones, but push yourself to your very limit every time you work out (don’t stop because you’re beginning to sweat).


Neanderthals are general seen as meat eaters so you know that they consumed a great deal of protein. Also they ate reindeer stomach content which was a source of vitamin D. Studies have found that Neanderthals indeed eat their veggies; it is said that there were traces of chamomile in their teeth. Chamomile is a source of vitamin c and magnesium which helps boost testosterone.

A good time

Neanderthals didn’t have video games or a television so they entertained themselves the old fashion way: they went outside and played; they painted and ran with the animals.

As you can see their primitive way of living was the source of their testosterone levels. In today’s society we can pretty much get anything we want while sitting behind a computer; whether we are ordering takeout or online dating. This can over time cause you to increase fat and estrogen and decrease muscle and testosterone levels. With our modern technology we should be able to make better eating habits used the right workouts and take safe supplements to enhance your workouts.


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    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 4 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      Sounds good. The next time I am out and about, in my car, I'll look for the nearest shop run by a Neanderthal group, or family, and pop in and ask if they can advise me as to what to eat and do do to boost my testosterone level.

      They sound like a happy little crowd by the way you describe them, so I should imagine they will only be too pleased to help me.