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Neck Pain #10 – How to take care of your neck in daily life

Updated on May 13, 2014

Neck pain is very common in our society. But we prefer to ignore it. Ignoring neck pain leads to its progression and recurrence. But we must be aware of the fact that by bringing out trivial changes in our activities of our daily living and adherence to the correct posture may help in preventing and reversing such pain.

Usually the cervical pain may be due to cervical spondylosis, other cervical disc degenerative conditions and because of some problems relating to the soft tissues in the cervical region and the shoulder girdles. A thorough examination and a careful evaluation will bring out the factors that were responsible for the first episode of neck pain.Once these factors are recognised and addressed the recurrence of the neck pain may be avoided.

We have already discussed in detail the mobilization exercises, strengthening exercises and postural correction exercises. One may prepare a regime of exercises which is suitable to him, preferably in consultation with a physiotherapist. But the whole exercise program may be rendered ineffective if the patient does not apply corrective changes while carrying out the activities of daily living such as sitting, standing, lying, lifting, driving etc. While carrying out the activities of daily living, adherence to correct posture is very important. In short one should never misuse or abuse neck, and the spine as a whole.

Carrying out the activities of daily living in the proper way is very important in the prevention and recurrence of cervical pain. If these principles are properly and cautiously adhered to one could improve function, decrease pain and prevent recurrence of impairment and disability. Now let us examine how the activities of daily living may be modified to avoid neck pain.

I have attached the pictures of the various postural changes that can help with the neck pain. I have explained them in detail in my earlier articles, ‘Back pain- How to take Care of Your Back’ - Part 1 and Part 2

Proper way of Sitting

Proper way of sleeping

Proper way of standing

Proper way of driving


I hope this article was useful for you all. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below or contact me on




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