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The best Apps to assist your New Year’s Resolution

Updated on February 13, 2012

Our calendar year is the perfect length – just long enough to forget what summer looks like by the time it comes around every year and become amazed when we can leave the house wearing only one layer of clothing. It’s also the optimum length of time for us to forget our failed attempts at last year’s New Year’s resolutions and see in the New Year with fresh hope at becoming a multi-tasking superhuman. New Year’s resolutions, in theory, are a great idea.

Yet the realities of life, time constrictions and the teasing tug of temptation mean that they are generally unsuccessful. However, if you could have a daily reminder at the press of a button to keep your resolution in sight, would you be more proactive towards your goals? There are a multitude of Apps available to keep you occupied in a queue or give you something to look at in awkward social situations. There is also a wealth of more productive Apps available to help you on your way to seeing those resolutions through:

Quit smoking with NHS SmokeFree

This iPhone app provides daily support and tips, whilst keeping track of how much money you’ve saved and how many days you’ve been smoke free.

It also offers a direct line to the NHS Smoking Helpline to keep you on track. With daily motivation and the ability to see your money tallying up, there’s no excuse not to beat that addiction.

Lose weight with Lose It!

This App allows you to control your everyday calorie intake. You can record your daily food and exercise and track your daily nutrients.

This App is free and you don’t even need an internet connection to use most of the features. Amazingly, the average user loses 12lbs and more than 85% of uses have lost weight.

Save money with the Spendometer

The Spendometer is a helpful budgeting and money saving app to track your money flow, allowing you to set daily, weekly and monthly budgets and update your income and spending. It will tell you if you are overspending or, hopefully, saving. The Spendometer also allows you to keep a record of anything bought on credit. This App is free, and will hopefully help you keep on top of your monthly outgoings and savings.

Get a promotion at work with Motivational Quotes

Your state of mind flows over into all aspects of your life, especially work. If you’re looking for a promotion, getting a daily fix of motivational quotes will hopefully increase your motivation, keep your mindset positive and let your employer see a difference in your performance and mood.

An inspirational boost with your breakfast will hopefully kick-start you into the promotion you have your sights set on.

Have more fun with the Sims 3

What better way to have fun than by living vicariously through little people that you can control? The Sims Three App allows you to design your Sim’s home, care for pets, give your Sims careers and even live with your Sims in real time.

It’s the perfect escape from reality when you need to give your mind some time off.

Reduce stress with MyCalmBeat

This App is a brain exercise designed to manage stress in the simplest, yet most effective way: by slowing down your breathing. Doing this allows you to improve your focus and anxiety by lowering your heart rate. Perfecting your ability to slow down your breathing will have resounding effects on your body and brain. The App is designed to let users master the art of slowing down breathing in order to deal with stress on a daily basis.


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