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No Masks for You

Updated on June 22, 2020

Look at the mirror

Don't be afraid to stop and look at your own reflection in the mirror. It may sound strange to you, but there are many people who are running away from themselves, and are very afraid to see her true face when they are in the solitude of their room. They get so deep into their own lies that they lose track of what is true and what is a lie. Even if you find it hard to believe it, it will always be healthier for you to realize your truth.

There are those who say that it is impossible to stop using masks when we interact with others. After all, the covenants imposed by the rules of coexistence force us to have to moderate ourselves according to the people with whom we are dealing.

But in what way can we live with others and be respectful without losing completely everything that makes us unique? It is not as complex as it seems, but still, many do not understand it.

There is little doubt that one of the things that make the world richer is the diversity of ideas. Absolutely no one is going to see the world the same way you do, and that is a wonderful thing, but not everyone sees it that way. There are those who react with great violence to anything that persists as a threat to those beliefs with which they grew up. Many of these people claim to react in this way in the name of freedom of expression, without realizing that by doing so they are restricting the freedom of others. Many, when dealing with those expressions of intolerance, prefer to remain silent so as not to be the next victims of some aggression.

Trust in Yourself
Trust in Yourself | Source

Tell your truth

But staying silent is not the solution for that, nor for any other situation where abuse is involved. If someone harasses you, never keep silent, get out of there, and if for some circumstance it is not possible for you to do so, denounce to some authority the abuse you are suffering. Nobody deserves to be hurt by someone else, ever.

Surely who harasses or harassed you, filled your head with lies, like telling you that no one would believe you or that everybody sided with him/her. Don't believe those lies for a single moment.

What that person is trying to do is manipulate you and trying to keeping you quiet, so your abuser can continue to maintain control over you. Never forget that you are not alone, and that there is always someone willing to listen and help you. Do not be afraid to free yourself from that painful yoke of fear.

You can heal

You can heal your soul
You can heal your soul | Source


Once you have managed to free yourself from those people who tried to destroy you with hurtful words, work every day to raise your self-esteem. Is not easy. Insults can make you begin to doubt your own strengths and abilities. To begin, remember that the words of others do not define you as a person. They are just personal opinions generated by their personal beliefs and appreciations. Only you really know who you are and what motivates you to keep going. Anyone can speak, but only you know the truth.

Look at yourself in the mirror every day, and remind yourself that you are a jewel of creation, a human being capable of defeating even the fiercest storm. It's going to be difficult at first, and you might even feel like you're lying to yourself. Never mind. Keep going no matter what happens, until you start to feel a little more comfortable with yourself. And that's just the beginning. Try to focus on your achievements and the virtues you know you have, every time the memory of a hurtful word wants to hit you hard.

Your Power

Once you realize how valuable you are as a human being, you will see how that desire to hide behind a mask diminishes little by little.

When you begin to love yourself, you will soon begin to see important changes in your way of being. You will realize that more than being accepted by others, what matters is that you feel comfortable with yourself. After all, you are the only person who will accompany you until the last day of your life.

Healing Sounds


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