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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise - 3 No Time

Updated on August 4, 2012

No Time For Exercise

"I just can't find the time in my day let alone my week to exercise and do everything I need to."

Does this sound familiar? People tell me this all the time. In fact, I would say it's the number 1 excuse aside from plain laziness that people say when it comes to their health and exercise. From kids to jobs, debts, bills, everyday life and trying to make that extra dollar people are pretty busy I do agree. It's not easy to workout everyday and still get all the other work done let alone have some relax time, and let's face it, unless your an enthusiast or fitness is your job, relax comes before exercise on the priority list, and that's if relax is even on the list.

Life is busy, more so for those with families and people who depend on them. We're always looking towards retirement and saving up for it while just trying to get the rest of the errands done. I understand this, and I want to make that very clear! I understand and sympathize.

That said, after you're done running around, busy as hell, saving for retirement, picking up the kids, cooking, working, paying bills, and all the in between, where are you really if you don't have your health? I won't get into the reasons why but I've been under financial stress and hardship myself in recent/currently and though it can get me down I always remember one thing. That no matter what happens in my life if I exercise today and stay healthy no one can take that from me. My health is mine and it's there for me no matter what, I just have to stay healthy! I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.

Without your health where are you? None of that money you saved can help, and if it does and you do get better, well you've got no more money and you're back at square one. Your work isn't going to come to your rescue and say "don't worry, we'll pay for everything you just sit back get healthy and come back when you're well and proper." No they're going to go hire the 24 year old out of college that will work for a quarter of what you were. This might seem extreme but I'm trying to make a point. Without your health there is nothing. Your family can maybe help but then it's a burden and again all your hard work to provide for them has back fired.

So yes, save for retirement, spend time with your family, run your errands, relax a little bit, pay your bills, but somewhere in there you have to find some time for yourself to exercise and either get healthy or stay healthy! It'll be different for everyone but find what works for you, the best way is to get your partner involved, which means they'll be healthy with you so that you can enjoy that retirement, family, and relax time.

How now do you find the time in an already packed schedule? I don't know, it's your schedule, but if you want to be around to taste the fruits of your labour find the time, MAKE the time, otherwise someone will be chewing the fruits of your labour for you and then feeding it to you. And we don't want that!

Wake up 30 min earlier, if you have an hour lunch go for a 30 min walk and then eat during the last 30 min, if you have a 30 min break and are able to eat at your workstation, walk the 30 and then eat at your desk. Coordinate with your partner to efficiently get things done so that you both have some time for exercise. When you take your kids to the park or out to play don't just sit there and watch smiling like a fool, GO PLAY WITH THEM! What better exercise than the exercise that you don't even think of as exercise!

It's the small things that will help, and soon you'll find that you can find the time, and you'll want to make more time for health because you'll see the benefits! I don't mean to lecture but studies show that an extra 30 min of exercise a day can help prevent heart attacks and stroke by up to 30 percent or more! Plus it lowers blood pressure. That saves you $100's in medication bills right there, put that in your retirement fund!

If you can't find 30min try and find 5, take the stairs no the elevator, park an extra block away, or find free parking somewhere within 5 minutes of where you work or go to school and walk from there. Put the money saved into a retirement or vacation fund and you'll start to see the benefits not only in your health life but your pocket book as well!

Lastly get at least 7-8 hours sleep, you need it! And as my grandmother always says, "early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise!"

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4 Steps To A Healthier You

  1. Find, Make or Create the time for your health, no one else will and when it's too late, all the work you put in other things will be wasted! Get Fit Now, Not Tomorrow!
  2. Wake up a bit earlier and go for a walk. Take the stairs. Park a little further away and walk OR find a free parking place and walk from there (within a reasonable distance.) Actually PLAY with your kids. Get your partner involved!
  3. Reap the benefits of your labour! When you're healthy life really is your oyster. Take that vacation, spoil your kids or loved ones. You are able to fully enjoy yourself knowing your health is one thing you DONT have to worry about!
  4. Listen to my grandma, "Be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise"


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