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Non-Vaccinated Man

Updated on April 28, 2020
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A living Entity with a quest to seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Death is Cure
Death is Cure

Non Vaccinated Man

The hospitals were in chaos as millions of people started showing signs of immunity break down. Healthy people started to fits out in the middle of the streets. Accidents were abundant as people began to lose control of their own bodies. Little children began to fall off swings in parks as their little bodies twitched in pain and they started to transform. The dogs stood helplessly as the human population went up into smoke and fire. Pretty soon, all activates had stopped. People who lined up in the coffee shop to get their favorite blend of coffee fell on the ground frothing from the mouth with hot coffee burning their skin. Chickens on the grill were left unattended and eventually burnt to a crisp. The birds flew above the sick people chirping at the wind as if they knew that this was bound to happen to the humans. But there was something even more peculiar that had happened. It was me. There I was in the middle of the chaos wondering what the hell was happening around me and why was I the only one left standing and behaving normal. The people on the ground began to move, I rushed over to a woman who had a small cat in her hand. She was laying on the ground growling like a wild animal. I looked at the cat and saw that the woman had squeezed the cat to death as whatever she was experiencing let her lose control of her body and had no idea that the cat’s life was literally being squeezed away.

I kneeled down and turn the woman’s head towards me. “Mam, Mam. Are you Ok now? What happened?” I cowardly asked. The woman growled at me, hissed and launched to bite my arm. I shockingly jumped up and kicked her head back to the other side. “Whoa! What the heck was that?” I then heard sirens disrupting the wind and tires screeching to stops. I ran and hid behind a large tree away from the streets and watched what was going on. I saw men in black suites and some in what looked like biohazard suites walking over to the people on the floor and sticking what looked like some computer chip in the necks of the people. Then one by one the people began to rise from the ground. The ones with the chips in their necks seemed normal again. Then I overheard one of the men in the black suites talking to someone on his phone. “The vaccine worked perfectly. We can go ahead and start the process in a much larger City. Once we have them vaccined, they will suffer the same fate as these small town hillbillies, and then we will come to their rescue with the chip. Bill, thanks to you we have possession of their bodies and we can stipulate now what their bodies does and does not do. Good work genius.” I was shocked. I did not know what to do. I have always heard a poem about a Boogeyman called Bill but I always thought that it was just a conspiracy theory or just a hoax. The rhyme went like this.

Gather your family and run with your crew

Naughty things to your body is what Billy will do

Don’t ask me, seek answers from Who?

His potions and motions will kill you.

Don’t fall for his evil smile

He is not a God’s Child

Billy billy so evil and mean

Wiping out nations with his deadly Vaccine.

Billy billy mean and cold

He will get you most if you are not white and old.

Vaccination Riots

Oh my God! There I was panting in panic. But I was healthy and alive. I remembered that when the rush was on for people to get Billy’s vaccine I was in line. But fate had it that I had received an emergency call about my son and ran home immediately to attend to him. We both did not receive the vaccine and from what it looks like, everyone who received the poison are either slowly dying or have gotten their bodies so damaged that they will need a chip inserted into them permanently to function correctly. There we were, me and my son walking along the streets not vaccinated. Hiding our necks and pretending that we were also chipped. This was because marshal law had been passed that persons not chipped should be arrested immediately as they are carriers of a disease which could spread and wipe out a nation. Everyone subscribed to this garbage and people were ratting out persons who never wanted Billy’s Vaccine poison. Soon after, the chip was integrated in everything that was needed for a human being to survive. If you were not chipped you could not work, get medication or buy food. This became a death sentence to those unvaccinated persons.

This wicked act of holocaust cast down on the unvaccinated and pushed them away from the life they once knew. They eventually sought refuge in sewer systems and some in extremely remote areas while staying hidden from the wicked government and Evil Bill’s vaccine. They were hunted almost daily by the government who sold out its citizen to a new world order. But despite that, the unvaccinated who hid in sewer systems and isolated areas were the healthiest people on the planet. As fate would have it, after using the chip for a year, persons began to experience brain damage and soon most of the vaccinated chipped persons lost control over their minds and bodies. The vaccine was so bad that it began to dive deep into the persons DNA causing massive irreversibly damage. The people who had received the vaccine but were not experiencing the full symptoms began to rebel. They burned down hospitals, and many businesses owned by the elites. The unvaccinated then emerged and joined in the protest and overcame the wicked rulers.

When the smoke had cleared, many humans’ laid dead, the earth was in misery. The animals watched from a distant as mankind ate each other. But in the end, those who rejected death lived and ruled and recreated a world of peace, love and spirituality with nature. The unvaccinated man ensured that the species called human, lived on in its natural state.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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