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Nutiva Coconut Oil Review & List of Coconut Oil Uses

Updated on September 24, 2014

Review of Nutiva Coconut Oil

Review Nutiva Coconut Oil
Review Nutiva Coconut Oil

Nutiva Coconut Oil Review

Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil is one of the most popular brands of coconut oil in America. It's also the best coconut oil I have tried so far. I have been using coconut oil for many years now and for so many reasons. I started using coconut oil many years ago when I realized that I had eczema spreading on my hand. I tried many things to get rid of it before discovering coconut oil. I can really only remember one of them, which was Gold Bond lotion with 7 moisturizers. Although that lotion works well for dry skin; it didn't work very well at all for my eczema. I think all of the chemicals in it just made it worse. I was searching online one day and read that coconut oil could work. I applied it to my eczema three times per day for a couple weeks and it went away completely! I have been using coconut oil for skin ever since. Nutiva coconut oil is a very strong all natural & organic way to moisturize you skin. It's best to stay away from all of those chemicals in the lotions.

I now use Nutiva coconut oil every day for many reasons. I normally buy the big 72oz container of Nutiva coconut oil to refill my old 15oz bottles that I keep around the house. I keep one bottle by my bed to use as a lotion for my hands and arms at night before I go to sleep. I also keep one in the shower to use on my hair. Coconut oil for hair is a wonderful thing & I will talk about that later in this article. I keep another bottle of coconut oil that is just for use on my dog. Coconut for skin is not just for human skin; I use it on my dog when she has her skin issues. My dog sometimes has really dry skin. I live in the desert so we all do here, and the coconut oil for the skin is very useful for us. Before I started using coconut oil; I had extremely dry cracked skin and now I never do!

I rate the Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil a 10 out of 10. It's truly amazing and can be used for so many reasons. There are so many benefits of coconut oil; it's amazing. There is a huge amount of coconut oil uses and I will talk about some of them down below in this article. Some people think olive oil is great and it is, but coconut oil is even better and it tastes better too. The taste of Nutiva coconut oil is so good to me and so is the smell. This is an excellent product to buy. So many people are asking "where to buy coconut oil?" and the answer is that you can go buy a big 72oz container at Costco or spend even more at Whole Foods or you could buy it cheap right here from this blog by clicking on the Amazon ad. A few of my favorite coconut oil uses are: to make natural homemade toothpaste to go along with my natural homemade mouthwash. Also I use coconut oil for my own natural homemade body wash, face wash, shampoo & conditioner All-In-One.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut Oil for hair before and after pic
Coconut Oil for hair before and after pic

Coconut Oil For Hair

There are many uses for coconut oil & one of the best is using coconut oil for hair. My wife has been using coconut oil for her hair since last year and it's working so well. We live in the desert and it's so hot and dry here that naturally our hair gets dry & rough feeling. My wife and I both now use coconut oil in our hair. Since my wife has been using the coconut oil for hair, her hair has gotten completely soft and shiny. It feels so nice & looks so much healthier! Her hair looks just like those hair models for companies like Pantene. It really does. Ever since I started using coconut oil on my head, I have much healthier hair too. My scalp is much healthier as well. No more dandruff! Coconut oil is a very important ingredient if you are to make your own body wash or shampoo. You have to try using coconut oil for hair!

Poll about coconut oil uses knowledge

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Coconut Oil For Skin

As I mentioned on the top of this article already, coconut oil is great for skin. I have used it to cure my eczema on my hand in a few weeks of applying it 3 times a day. Coconut oil is filled with nutrients to help moisturize your skin. It works much better than any lotion I have ever tried, and it's natural! Chemicals that can be found in lotion can easily be absorbed into your skin and with coconut oil you do not have to worry about that. Ever since I started using coconut oil on my skin, it has looked much younger and healthier! There are many benefits of coconut oil for skin. Coconut oil can also be used as a natural lip balm or chapstick. Most lip balms have petroleum and other nasty chemicals that easily get absorbed into lips and end up in your mouth too. Coconut oil works much better as a lip balm or chapstick, and it is safe to use. Also, it tastes great! I don't recommend licking the coconut oil of from your lips, because it may cause you to have more chapped lips.

Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste Fluoride-free
Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste Fluoride-free

Coconut Oil Facts

  • Coconut oil contains MCFA's(medium-chain saturated fatty acids) which are good for you, unlike trans-fats. Your body converts this fat into energy quickly for brain and muscle function
  • Coconut oil controls weight by reducing abdominal fat.
  • Coconut oil helps ease digestion
  • Garvan Institute of Medical Research had a study that found that coconut oil reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that using coconut oil boosts your metabolism

Coconut Oil For Toothpaste

I have been using coconut oil in my homemade toothpaste for almost a year now, and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health. Conventional toothpastes are filled with toxic chemicals like fluoride that can really hurt your brain and can actually make your teeth more yellow! There has been a Harvard study on fluoride showing that it lowers IQ in children. Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and China Medical University in Shenyang have combined 27 studies showing this. You can find my sources to these studies at the bottom of this article. All toothpaste tubes with fluoride in them say to call poison control if you swallow more than a pea size of toothpaste. Anyway, last year I decided to make my own toothpaste with coconut oil and other natural ingredients. It feels great, taste great and makes my mouth feels so much cleaner. My teeth are whiter and smoother than ever before. It's truly amazing. Coconut oil is an anti-bacterial that kills bad breath and plaque causing germs. It's also anti-fungal and helps get rid of the white fungus that can grow on your tongue. Also the coconut oil can be absorbed through your mouth and give you the many health benefits of coconut oil. Also it's safe to swallow it, though I wouldn't recommend swallowing any toothpaste after brushing because you will be swallowing your germs. Coconut oil toothpaste is the best toothpaste I have ever had and now if I try to use the old fluoride toothpaste, I can taste the chemicals in it. It's nasty! One more thing, adding organic peppermint essential oil or other essential oils that you prefer to your coconut oil toothpaste will make it taste even better!

Table List of Coconut Oil Benefits

Internal Benefits of Coconut Oil
External Benefits of Coconut Oil
MCFA's that get converted into energy instead of stored as fat
Healthy, smooth & beautiful skin
Controls weight
Healthy, smooth & beautiful hair
Eases digestion
Helps reduce wrinkles
Supports immune system
Heals skin problems such as dry skin or eczema
Boosts Metabolism
Use in your homemade toothpaste & body wash

Dr. Bruce Fife ~ Benefits of Coconut Oil


Beautiful pic of a coconut
Beautiful pic of a coconut

Top 38 Coconut Oil Uses

There are also many other coconut oil uses. Here is a list of some of them 50 coconut oil uses:

  1. Cooking at a high temperature
  2. Butter substitute
  3. Daily supplement
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Use in smoothies
  6. Use on popcorn
  7. Cheekbone highlighter
  8. Shaving lotion
  9. Facial Scrub when used with Himalayan salt
  10. Make up remover
  11. Homemade deoderant
  12. Massage oil
  13. Lip balm or lip gloss
  14. Diaper rash cream
  15. Stretch mark preventer for pregnancy
  16. Nipple cream during breast feeding
  17. Body moisturizer
  18. Sunburn care
  19. Facial moisturizer
  20. Mix in bathwater
  21. Tanning oil
  22. Leave in overnight hair conditioner
  23. Aromatherapy
  24. Wound care
  25. Boosts metabolism
  26. Supports a healthy thyroid
  27. Energizer
  28. Homemade Mayonnaise
  29. Topically to kill yeast infections
  30. Get rid of frizzy hair
  31. Fight athlete's foot or fungus
  32. Put in nose to help relieve allergy symptoms
  33. Improve insulin levels
  34. Used in Homemade bug off lotion bars
  35. balance cholesterol levels
  36. Reduce itch of mosquito bites
  37. Help get rid of acne when used regularly
  38. Boosts circulation

What Are Some Other Coconut Oil Uses That You Know Of?

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    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      4 years ago

      Wonderful hub on coconut oil, very important to an alternative to many harmful products we commonly use.

      Thank you for sharing this informative hub.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Coconut oil is awesome. I use it in my homemade toothpaste. I also use Coconut oil for hair and coconut oil for skin. I also do coconut oil pulling sometimes. I love coconut oil.


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