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Obesity , How To Lose Weight

Updated on April 27, 2012

Obesity And How To Lose Weight

Obesity is quite simply an excess of body fat. Anyone who is 20 percent over the norm for their age , height , and build is considered obese. Those who are obese are more likely to experience kidney trouble , heart disease , diabetes , high blood pressure , complications of pregnancy , and psychological problems. Liver damage is often common in overweight persons. Some of the causes of obesity are glandular malfunctions , emotional tension , bordem , habit , and the love of food.

Changing your eating habits is important in losing weight.

Here Are Some Weight Loss Recommendations

1. Be active , take a brisk walk before breakfast to burn off fat. You should not worry as much about the number of calories you consume as you do about eating the proper foods in your diet. Remember exercise even f you have to start off very slow is the best way to control your weight. Not a overly strict diet. Exercise is a great way to rid your body of fat and maintain good muscle tone.

2. Remember to rotate your foods you eat and eat a wide variety of foods.

3. Drink 6-8 glasses of liquids daily such as distilled water and chinese green tea.

4. If you drink a lot of soda switch to all diet soda. Yes you can drink diet soda you just have to get used to it and it will result in a huge weight loss over a years time.

5. Eat fresh fruits and a abundance of raw vegetables.

Consume Healthy Snacks And Desserts

A. Celery and Carrot Sticks. Keep them cold in the refrigerator. If you must dip them in something dip them in a dressing made from a dry pack of Italian Dressing and plain unsweetened yogurt. If you like add cayenne powder as it helps to burn calories and is also good for you.

B. Low Fat Cottage Cheese topped with fresh apple sauce or walnuts.

C. Crackers topped with sesame butter and sesame seeds.

D. Unsweetened Gelatin made with fruit juice in place of water.

E. Natural Whole Grain Sugar Free Muffins

F. Freshly made unsalted pop corn.

G. Rice Cakes topped with Nut Butters.

H. Watermelon , Fresh Fruits , and frozen homemade fruit popsicles.

I. Unsweetened Yoqurt topped with granola or nuts and fresh fruit.

Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Have you heard of Oolong Tea yet. It is one of the most amazing and well kept secrets of the Chinese and Americans are now discovering the great and easy ways you can lose weight with Oolong Tea.

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Or if you look over to the right and above there you will find a great selection of Oolong Tea Products. Any of them will work wonders for you. Oolong Tea can take the pounds off of you like nothing you have ever seen before. Click the above link and check out the photos of the man who lost 110 pounds with Oolong Tea. You can see his photos before and after and read his short story by clicking the above link.

How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy

More Weight Loss Tips

Make lunch your main meal instead of dinner. Some people have had great success just not eating after 3 pm. If you can't do it every day try it every other day. Try drinking Oolong Tea with Honey during the evening. Add lemon if you like. Drink as much of it as you want and you should have great success with it.

Cooking Lean

There are tons of wonderful ways to cut back on fat in food preparation and cooking. Consider some of these tips.

1. Trim visible fat from all meats. And remove the skin and visible fat from all chicken.

2. Use non stick pans or a non stick vegetable spray.

3. Saute your meats , poultry or fish in a little seasoned stock or liquid instead of in oil or butter. Start broiling or baking your seafood in water , lemon pepper and some lemon juice. Resist the urge to fry foods as much as possible.

4. Oriental sesame oil , extra virgin olive oil or walnut oil are excellent choices in cases where you must use some oil to cook with.

5. Use stock , herbal tea , or juice in marinades instead of oil.

6. Cook roasts , chops , steaks , meat loaf , hamburgers , etc on a raised rack in a broiler pan so the fat can drain away and be discarded.

7. Buy your canned tuna or other canned fish packed in water never oil.

8. To reduce the fat in salad dressings replace at least two thirds of the oil in a basic vinaigrette dressing with a pureed cucumber or zucchini , or just plain low fat unsweetened yoqurt.

9. Avoid any packaged or processed foods where oil or butter are listed in the top three ingredients.

10. Use unsalted or lightly salted if you must , pop corn when ever you feel real hunger. If you really need to toss a popped bag with a tablespoon of dry italian seasoning. If you like it add a teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper. Hot things like Cayenne Pepper burn calories and it also prevents colds and keeps you healthy.

Raw Foods Diet

Eating only raw foods is a lifestyle that promotes the consumption of uncooked and unprocessed foods. Below are three great videos on a Raw Diet or Raw Foods lifestyle. A great many people believe that a raw foods diet will bring about weight loss and may even cure chronic diseases that medical professionals consider incurable. If you like give it a try for a few days.

And don't miss our page on Apple Cider Vinegar.

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Arnold from Arnold's Way Vegetarian Raw Food Cafe tells you how you can go from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a Raw Food Diet.

Raw Food Diet for 2007

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Another Great Web Page By Nosycat Productions
Another Great Web Page By Nosycat Productions

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