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Obesity - Facts Uncovered

Updated on April 14, 2016

Weight loss is an excellent subject to write on. I am genetically blessed to have a slim body, but still feel to write more on weight loss because I think that obesity is a global issue and needs to be addressed by every individual throughout the world.

Batting obesity is a terrible fight that can be never-ending for a lot of people, in spite of putting the continual efforts. The frustrating calorie counting journey to harsh workouts and expensive weight loss surgeries may help you reach your weight loss goals, but the results are not always permanent.

A person having a tendency to put on weight is never on the safer side and always needs to keep on fighting to maintain the required body mass.

There are several reasons for putting on weight. Especially, in modern times, the problem of obesity is getting intense with each passing day.

I am fat!  But why?
I am fat! But why?

Ever thought, why things are getting worse every day for people who are fat? Here is an overview of our daily lifestyle that is making it challenging for us to maintain optimum weight of the body

#1 – Online activities on it's hike – No doubt, the internet, and technology have made our lives easier, but the fact is that our physical activity gets even more confined to sitting in a one place for a longer stretch. Hence, it results in lesser physical activity and adds to adiposity.

#2 – Junk food eating habits – We prefer fried and oily food to healthy alternatives as it tastes good to our tongues. Weight loss goals are possible to reach only if a person cuts high-calorie stuff from his/her daily diet. For most of the food lovers, it becomes a real challenge to avoid junk food.

#3 – Easier Lifestyle – All the household chores these days are managed by machines leaving us relaxed. Hence, more relaxation = big fat tummy.

#4 - Snacking during the oddest hours of the day – Most of us prefer munching when idle. It is one of the most unhealthy habits that is encouraging weight gain among the individuals. There is no problem with munching as it is necessary for keeping the hunger pangs in control, but following a right diet plan and eating at a right hour is what matters.

Are kids getting addicted to technology and welcoming obesity as the part of their lives?

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There are other things like kids prefer indoor video games to playing outdoor games that are encouraging the growth in the instances of obesity among the children and teenagers. Most of the kids who are obese during the early years of life tend to stay overweight in the future years too; hence, contributing to the epidemic.

My belly keeps on protruding out
My belly keeps on protruding out

Now the question that arises is that a lot of people out there know about the facts mentioned above, and many of them manage their lifestyles in a better way to bid adieu to obesity, still a lot of them don't derive the desired benefits. Here are a few facts related to obesity that most of us often ignore or are not aware of.

Genetics – Several scientific studies have proven that genes play a significant role in determining the weight of a person. Genetics decide about how much fat each person is required to burn. Also, whether the fat production in the body is stubborn or gets shed off quickly.

Fat cells – Recently, I discovered a report on fat cells over the web by Kirsty Spalding, Ph.D., of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and got to learn that some of us have more of fat cells in our bodies. Even if we burn some of these cells, the fat count that is already intact in our system keeps on craving for more and gets multiplied quickly leaving all our efforts in vain. The real problem with fat cells is that it cannot be reduced, but there are certainly several other things that can be done to overcome the issue. Some of the experts suggested changing the metabolism by offering it less and over time it gets habituated with the modification. Also, doing regular workouts are necessary for the body to lose weight and initiate the system to convert more calories to energy.

Stress hormone in our body determines our fat fate
Stress hormone in our body determines our fat fate

Increased level of stress – Stress is also known to be a contributing factor to obesity. When circumstances are stressful, our body crave for more of the carbohydrates that are known to calm the stress hormones of the body. The extra carbohydrates that we offer our body in the process make our fat. It's always better to manage stress through more of physical exercises. Yoga and meditation are known as the best remedies for managing stress.

Indeed! so true
Indeed! so true

Sleep deprivation – Often those who sleep less are overweight. The logic is simple. When we are asleep, our body stays in rest and offer us fuller feeling for longer. It's important to sleep more for consuming fewer calories and keeping obesity at bay.
Baby's weight gets decided in mom's womb – Overweight women have higher glucose levels in the body that keep on floating around their womb and triggers the appetizing need of the developing brain of the unborn child. Therefore, a female is advised to maintain her weight before planning a pregnancy. It's important for pregnant women to eat healthy food throughout the stretch of nine months by giving a right start to the kids even before they are born.

The kind of diet you follow – Always remember that what you eat is often observed by your children and they do not hesitate to follow your footsteps. Just eat right and offer good food to your kids for helping them understand the need for eating healthy. It is also necessary for them for assisting them in controlling their appetite. If you are a junk-food lover, you can never help your kids escape your habits.

Adenovirus – Studies have proven that adenovirus can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal troubles in the human beings. People who get infected with the virus seems to get obese because of the growth in the number of fat cells in the body. The body of fat people might be a home to this particular virus known as Adenovirus-36.

Several things are responsible for causing obesity in human beings. Always remember that you can be fat and still be fit. It's all the matter of the way you treat yourself. Sometimes we are helpless to maintain our body weight, but if we eat healthy food and exert our body through physical exercises, we can always attain good physical health.


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