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October Cancer Awareness Month: What Good is Science or Fundraising for People with Cancer Who Are Treated Inhumanely?

Updated on October 15, 2011

Stand Up to Cancer With An Empty Heart


October Cancer Awareness Month: What Good is Science or Fundraising of People with Cancer are Treated Inhumanely?

Today in our community there was a walk for the race for a cure against Breast Cancer. The women involved in the walk were so proud of themselves and shared their stories of who in their life had survived Cancer. They were dressed from head to toe in pink with their pink ribbons.

And they stopped me and asked me why I wasn’t racing for a cure?

As many of you know I have lost my Mother to Cancer in January and we were denied any services in our community including but not limited to Hospice but for the last three days of her life and only at the Hospice Center. And as a person who has lived through this I see that there is hypocrisy in the entire fund raising and racing for a cure.

Research is great. I am a researcher. I appreciate Science but when basic human services are not being provided to screen and provide early detection of cancer let alone provide humane and compassionate care for those who are suffering from cancer, research is a moot point. So much money is focused on research and so little monies to provide basic human services. What is the point of Race for the Cure?

Children don’t have health care in this country. They don’t have education and people don’t have jobs. And if you or your family member gets cancer you are on your own. There are not even primary care giver support groups. Cancer support is completely disorganized but everyone outside of it and sitting on the side lines are making themselves feel good by raising money. I remember it last year at this time and they had the stand up to cancer fundraiser. And I was caring for my dying Mother thinking where is all the money going? Anyone who stands up to cancer gets mowed down by it and again there was not an ounce of compassion for my Mother, my autistic child or myself. I didn’t get one day of respite care in two years. And all this money everyone pays to make themselves feel important and good, where does it all go? Because my family never saw a dime of it. And if you think it was to pay for cancer care, think again. While my Mother was dying in Hospice I had her bill collectors calling me and demanding I pay her medical bills. Why would anyone give another dime to cancer research until people and their families who are stricken with the disease are treated humanely?

Fundamentally, we have to ask ourselves what good is any research if we have lost our humanity for other people.

I have lived this. There was no one for us. And ten months later we still haven’t been provided any support. When humanity fails what good is Science? And if Science is not good when Humanity fails then why fundraise for Cancer besides grease pockets of those making a fortune off the hardships of others?

I realize this may sound really harsh but it is reality of what happens when you or your family member suffers from cancer and don’t think it can’t be you. We thought it couldn’t be us as well.

Primary Care Support

D You Think Primary Care Givers Should Be Provided Support Services While Caring For Their Family Member with Cancer?

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Humane Treatment fo Cancer Patients

Do You Think An Emphasis On Humane Treatment of Cancer Patients and Their Families Should Be Equally Funded Along With Research?

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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      HI The ListLady,

      What a wonderful setting to receive cancer care in England? I agree if we can't prevent or care for people now then what are we doing funding the future? But i guess it makes people feel god about themselevs even though they aren't really helping anyone except for corrupt chairities.

      Thanks for reaidng, commenting and providing feedback. It is an important topic to discuss why woudl anyone be involved with an ineffective charity?

      All My Best,


    • TheListLady profile image


      7 years ago from New York City

      A little humanity would go a long way JTWalters.

      Meanwhile, over in England, my cousin's partner was diagnosed with mesothelioma - yet another form of cancer. He is 70 years old and the amount of care he is receiving is staggering. He has even been provided with alternative care as in the early days he was given turmeric pills.

      In the early days he was even placed in a hospital in a country setting and I got pictures of him walking by a tree lined path and watching the ducks in the pond. A soothing environment is humane.

      Every type of care imaginable - and oh did I mention this is free? A human right?

      No I will not race for the cure - the very companies sponsoring these races, etc. are the same companies that continue to put extremely toxic cosmetics on the market. This is PR.

      I believe in prevention first and cure only when necessary - but it seems prevention is not even an issue here. It makes no sense.

      Thanks for the hub!

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi klanguedoc,

      Sorry for your lose. Yes, it is bug business and not about humanity. And where does all the money go to?

      Excellent point,


    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 

      7 years ago from Canada

      My Dad died of cancer three years ago. The system doesn't see the person laying there, dying. It is a production line. They come, they provide the treatment or medication that is on a sheet of paper on move on. On a grandeur scale, disease like poverty and war is big business. Nobody has an interest in changing the system. A case in point, billions have been raised for Haiti and last year's hurricane yet the people live in tents amongst the caving buildings, dying of disease, hunger, murder. Where has all the money gone?


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