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White Tea For Weight Loss

Updated on May 31, 2010

You are on top of the health and diet trends. Because of this, you know that green tea is great for your health and can help you to lose weight. You've been on the green tea kick for what seems like years now. But what about white tea? The research into the benefits of white tea is still young, but if you're staying on top of the trends, you know that it's looking like white tea could be a good thing to add to the liquid list on your latest diet.

Like with green tea, a main benefit of white tea is that it is filled with antioxidants. These help improve your overall health which is good for your diet in general and can assist you in losing weight. An overall healthy body is a body which does well on a diet. Additionally, white tea can replace other liquids in your diet that aren't as good for you (coffee, soda and juice) so that you can lose weight while getting the other health benefits available from drinking white tea.

And what exactly are those other benefits? A review of white tea benefits finds that it may help to give you lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, both of which improve the overall health of your heart. With a better heart, you can engage in more active cardio activity which can help you to reach your weight loss goals. White tea also helps strengthen your bones, improve your skin tone and better the health of your teeth and gums. While these don't directly affect your diet, the fact that you feel and look better will be conducive to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Most importantly, white tea has anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities which help to fight off ill health. This is critical to assisting with healthy weight loss because it means that you'll feel well enough to eat right and exercise in a healthy manner. Many diets are ruined because people get into a slump when they don't feel well. This starts a vicious cycle of not being able to get going again because you haven't been active. White tea can keep you healthy so that you don't fall into this cycle.

All of this sounds great, but is it really enough to make you want to switch from green tea to white tea? After all, the effects of green tea are more well-recorded and you've probably even seen them in your own experience with adding green tea to your diet. So, why go white? The main reason is that there is a difference in taste between white tea and green tea. Green tea tends to be lighter, whereas white tea is more full-bodied. As a result, people sometimes find that white tea is more comforting to them, particular during the winter months when a richer, warmer drink is desired. Probably the best thing to do is not to replace green tea with white tea but rather to add white tea to your diet, mixing it up with green tea to get all of the great health benefits as well as to get some variety of taste.


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  • profile image

    Darrell 6 years ago

    Drink 5 cups of White Tea a day and to get the most, use the previous bag along with the new bag so you getting all the possible EGCG you can get. I know what I am saying from experience. I drink approximately 1600-1700 cups of White Tea a year.

    I no longer drink Green Tea because everything Green Tea (except for caffeine), white tea has 3-5 times as much of!

  • profile image

    Ernest Copeland 6 years ago

    Thanks a ton to the great place. I just wait for analyzing further through everyone from now on.

  • profile image

    Judy 8 years ago

    How many cups of white tea is recommended for weight loss?

    Thank you,


  • J. Kumm profile image

    J. Kumm 8 years ago from Washington

    Mmmm, I drink white tea every day. It's my favorite and really helps me relax. =) It has the lowest caffeine content (besides herbal) as well.