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Updated on June 15, 2011
How do we expect to understand life if it changes so often
How do we expect to understand life if it changes so often | Source

Old age ADD and ADHA

For those of us born in the 40’s and 50’s ADDA wasn't It is so easy to set back and judge the past actions of an individual verses looking into the future to design a race of kids that only do what they are told. This is not the movies; we are real people with real problems.

Ask yourself one question, do you remember when school age children started exhibiting ADD or ADHD. My guess would be when the kids became a handful and class rooms became over crowed. I think we have children that do need help in this area but most teachers are so inundated with new students and the ever changing educational criteria. The three R’s or basic educational programs that are used to teach our children the learning skills they will need for everyday life. Social programs are slanted and liberal, opinionated views of some teachers should be left in the locker room. Don’t children have enough to figure out without their minds being turned into mush and not allowing their free will to shine? Is that teacher going to be there for that kid later in life when he or she can’t solve their own problems?

With that said, there will always be those kids that excel in life and business,and a lot of teachers that will always be remembered for the good by thier students. The world is made up of all walks of life and not everyone has or needs the ability and focus to become a doctor or scientist. A teacher usually has a bird’s eye view of a student’s passions, likes, dislikes, abilities and disabilities. With this in mind our job as parents and teachers is to present the challenge to the student and not to mold the student in one direction or another. Free will is very important in a young person’s life once he or she has accomplished an understanding and value of their education they now have a better understanding of their own future.

What is expected of us that have mottled through school not really knowing what we wanted out of life or in what direction our future would take us. That takes us to this point where we have lived 40, 50 years or so without all the special attention rendered by the school system back then we were just expected to get that diploma and become someone productive.

Those of us that just slipped through the cracks in the system still had to learn how to live as a productive citizen. We all need to eat, take care of ourselves, raise a family, make money and still do all this honorably without all the working tools that come so easily to some. That’s not the fault of the well educated that we didn't apply ourselves as we should have in grade school and further. Taking the path of least resistance works for everyone however if you lived in a time that did not recognize this behavior or had the tools to help you we just went on.

I can remember drawing on the blackboards in every classroom during Christmas and other holidays because I was better at drawing than behaving in class. Not being a natural scholar or having the home life that was supportive or having the education themselves to help us. For one reason or another teacher used to just give us busy work to do that keeps us from distracting the other students who are trying to learn. Was this ADD or ADHA?

The friends you keep outside of school have a great bearing on your life. If you run with dogs you will get fleas as well. This is so hard to understand when you are in your middle teens and you think life is fine because you have quiet school to be cool with your friends. On an average it takes several more years to get back into the main stream of life after you follow this path. It’s kind of like paying your bills late they start stacking up faster than you can even make the interest payment. Our wants are usually greater than our humble income and it will only get worst. To try and fail on your own is better than not trying at all.

The key to living a success life with all the competition for jobs where education a plays a pivotal role in the selection process. Any work at all is honest work if you can sleep at night and Live within your means but be honest with yourself and family. There is no disrespect in not having all the toys that life offers.Just look around and listen to others that have all the toys but have no home life or children, just get sick and see who's there for you.

My best answer is to be who you are and do it honestly. Most of all be faithful to those around you as your life depends on it.


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