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Organic Aloe Vera and the Yeast Candida Albicans Part I

Updated on July 22, 2014

Can I control Candida Yeast Infections?

Before reading this Hub, please review my last article..."Organic Aloe Vera Vera, the heart, diet and STRESS Part VII."

I just want to say a bit more on the subject of yeast, Candida Yeast and Organic Aloe Vera and some of the amazing benefit of this plant. As you will see, in all of my articles written about Organic Aloe Vera and the "best tasting aloe" will find that at the end of my article, I always close with the statement...know your supplier.

There's a good reason. The reason for that statement is for your benefit...for your own protection. As you know, there are many aloe companies out there selling aloe vera products …some good, some not so good and some with great products.

Sooo, for your protection always deal with a company that you know and trust. Find a company that's been around for a while and one that can back up their claims and promises with hard facts.

With that in mind, check out their research, scientific findings, studies, test and examine the clinical data and medical breakthroughs. Know your supplier.

Candida yeast infection can be reduced!

As an example, Candida Albicans, the fungus prevalent in such conditions as yeast infections, Vaginitis and now believed to be the cause of what is commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... the test with Organic Aloe Vera show that the fungus Candida (yeast infection) was reduced by 97.5% in every case. In other words, with these findings, the Aloe Vera in question virtually eliminated the Candida. Stopped it dead in it's tracks. Now that's good news!!

There are 60 to 70 million cases of CFS undiagnosed.

In America today there are literally estimated over 60-70 million undiagnosed cases of this syndrome...with millions more being treated rather unsuccessfully for this so-called syndrome and the number one common denominator that shows up time after time, in every case, is the yeast …Candida Albicans...Hmmmm!

Organic Aloe Vera can be 100% effective in most cases.

Now here's something interesting and most important. If all the studies and scientific test prove, and they do, that Organic Aloe Vera used in these tests is almost 100% effective against Candida Albicans (yeast infection) as well as against any other pathogen against which it has been tested...doesn't it just make sense to give it a try?

With that said, my recommendation remains, drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of "the best tasting" Aloe Vera everyday.

Of course...know your supplier.

Best Tasting Aloe and 100% pure Aloe Juice:

Aloe Pure 5000 Best Tasting Organic Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Strawberry-Kiwi Flavor
Aloe Pure 5000 Best Tasting Organic Aloe Vera Juice Drink - Strawberry-Kiwi Flavor

anti-bactericidal, antivirucidal, antifungicidal, and anti-inflammatory properties


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    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 9 years ago

      Gary James ...thank you for your comment ..I have read you information about nutritional based disorders and you are right on. As they might say "Spot-on" I am glad to see you do advocate Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera does find its way into our body and disturbs the unwanted bacteria ...making it very uncomfortable to survive and reproduce.

      More people need to read you information to understand what we are talking about.

      Gary James ...please stop by again best to your health and success!

    • profile image

      Gary James 9 years ago

      You have a handle on what it is that makes drinking quality aloe vera so fantastic. I have written some theories on disorders rooted in nutrition. aloe vera is something I advocate. BUT, know your supplier.

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 9 years ago

      Chaser4 we meet again. Thank you for your comment. I work very hard to give the best information possible in a timely manner. I will be sending more information your way about this bacteria, Candida Albicans. Don't miss the next hub.

      Please stop by again and I will look forward to you comments. My best to you and your health!

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 9 years ago

      pylos26 ..Thank you for that ...I have been working in the nutrition business for over 15 years ...and my business partner for over 25 years. We do take an interest in this subject (Candida Albicans) as it is the most important subject to discuss with people when they have a problem.

      We do abuse our bodies and it just goes to show how strong our bodies are to with stand all of the pollution, chemicals, and hormones we ingest into our bodies. But sometimes we are not so lucky a lot of prevention is the key. Keep that bacteria (Candida Albicans) in tact and keep the environment in your body uncomfortable for its overgrowth ...while keeping your immune system strong.

      Thank you for stopping by and please come by again soon. My best to you and your health!

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 9 years ago

      Randa Kassisieh ..thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this hub. Candida Albicans is such an important subject matter to discuss and so many people do not realize the nessecity to understand it's position with their bodies. There are so many things about Candida Albicans to tell people that when you try to discuss it, you lose their attention...especially if Candida Albican overgrowth is their problem see then they have a hard time focusing their attention due to what we call "brain fog." But we keep on trying.

      Please come by again best to your health!

    • profile image

      chaser4 9 years ago

      Hey Gj always...right on target... Good info.

    • profile image

      pylos26 9 years ago

      interesting subject gj...i do believe you know what you are talking about...informative...pylos

    • profile image

      Randa Kassisieh 9 years ago

      Excellent information, highly informative hub. Keep them coming!

      Regards, Randa Kassisieh