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Organic Maxi Pads

Updated on July 26, 2009

When it comes to menstruation, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to using tampons or maxi pads. Most adult women tend to prefer tampons because they feel it results in less mess and prevents potential odor issues (although most of those women would probably use the Mooncup menstrual cup, if they were more familiar with it) but there are some women who prefer maxi pads for various reasons, and some who use them in conjunction with tampax (overnight, for example). Something all of these women should be aware of, however, is the difference between organic pads and traditional pads. If you’ve already seen my article on organic tampons, you can probably guess what the differences are, but if you haven’t, you may want to read on to discover why organic pads are better.

All natural materials

The vagina is a delicate area, to say the least. Some synthetic materials in today’s traditional maxi pads can cause allergic reactions in some women, which can result in itching, odor and other types of irritation. When you choose an organic maxi pad, you are getting a product which is far more natural in substance than your regular pads. While this may not seem terribly significant, those of you who experience monthly discomfort due to various infections may see a decline in these occurrences if you switch to a product made of organic fibers.

No chemicals

Traditional pads tend to be processed with chlorine and other chemicals, which can lead to vaginal discomfort in the form of discharge, itching or odor as the chemicals interact with your natural body chemistry. Granted, this isn’t going to be a dramatic in most women as the connection between traditional tampons and yeast infections, but allergies can develop over time and what may seem perfectly benign in your 20s could turn into a vaginitis-inducing allergen by the time you’re 30. If you use pads at all, even only nightly as so many women do, you may want to consider going organic for this reason alone.

Organic pad styles

Some women have the idea that organic pads must resemble those huge, no frills, bulky maxi pads the school nurse gave you when you’re period caught you unaware as a teenager. Not so; organic pads come in the form in regular sizes, including ultra-thin with wings – you can even get organic panty liners if you need them. Seventh Generation is a very popular brand for all things organic, as is Natracare.


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