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Our life seen from the future.

Updated on June 29, 2011
Find a passion and teach it.
Find a passion and teach it. | Source

Our life as seen from the future.

As any other young boy today, I too wondered about my past. From the Norwegian way of life in Minnesota to being a cracker in the Deep South, I learned to malty task my life to survive.

Most kids learn from their parents at an early age all the tools needed to make them happy, the parents not the kids. Young kids as a rule use the working tools learned to solve problems both in the home and outside. Being a kid outside was a whole lot different than the comfort and safety of the inside walls and the protection afforded to you.

However when one piece of the family is broken and the continuity of home life and the uniformity of discipline is gone or one sided, the kids are usually the ones that are scared for life. How we as kids deal with this abrupt change of our life, determines the future of our families and how we treat others as well. I make no bones about it; this was my life in a nut shell.

Kids are like a sponge if you will, just imagine information flowing freely into the brain and you don’t have a problem in the world. This sounds pretty good, but life itself has so many twist and turns that it’s hard for full grown adults to understand sometimes. The touchy good feeling people would have you think that life is a long runway and a child just picks up life’s skills from either side of the runway. This seems real easy and in theory would work if the kid lived in a perfect and harmonies environment that we all imagine as home.

Most kids grow up trying to learn everything they can if it stimulates them in certain ways as self gratification, food’s that are accepted to the young and inexperienced pallet. Without those caregivers guiding us from birth and the enormous amount of trust we have for these people we call parents, we would just grow up in the streets like alley cats. Now let’s just look at a little bit different scenario and see how we fair in this same process.

Unlike the youthful and lucky kid above us who had two loving parents who probably had a family structure that were kind and understanding and lived in a house of learning. To some of us, this is only a dream you see on the 50’s channel, Father knows best, the Oozy and Herriot show ETC. Let’s just watch this young man throughout his life and see where it leads him.

I want you as a reader to put on history cap and go back to “The Little Rascals” TV series years ago. These kids were a rag tag bunch of misfits that wondered the streets in search of knowledge and answers. It seemed like they were always in trouble with somebody especially the old people who had long lost their childhood and were so busy trying to just make a living. These kids learned from the streets how to survive, how to hide and when to shut up and make a plan. If you ever noticed though that there was always a learning process and they stayed away from Butch the bully who was a lonely kid who had a father who didn’t really care much.

Like the series we all must grow up and our lives are just an extension of our youth. Usually somewhere in this process we have admired someone who has made an impression in our life or afforded us with a special kindness. This is usually not a family member but someone sent from heaven just for us.

If we fail as an adult to guide and learn to trust those around us we are just gray matter waiting for an end. When I see a young girl or boy that has that chip on his or her shoulders it takes me back to the many sleepless nights when I ask myself why anyone doesn’t understand me. If we are allowed to run full speed and only learn those things that only gratify us we become very selfish and self-centered and become of no use to anyone else, not even our family.

I was once a big brother and learned that others kids had some of the same problems I had growing up as well. Not every kid has the ability to self correct however and falls into a pit of feeling sorry for themselves and that gives him or her license to take from others the things they were not given as a child. However we look at this process we find out there is an internal machine at work and a purpose for every action whether we know or not.

This is the reason and the question why I’m so lucky to be alive and have learned all the teaching skills I have. We must give back the corrected version of life that we as adults have found out by living and failing. We live only to electrify another generation with the spark that may save all humanity.

This lesion hasn’t come easy for me and I’m not alone. After getting sick I was given the ability to express myself in words where in the past I could only talk to people. We are not born perfect but are domed for our entire life trying to live up to a standard we design for ourselves.


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