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Our wonderful Health Care Bill

Updated on January 14, 2010

The Railroad to Communism

If you've been following the health care bill at all, you know this is a hotly debated topic. In case you haven't heard, congress is very close to passing the largest bill in United States government history. It is over 2,000 pages in both the House of Representatives and Senate versions. To put this in perspective, the USA Patriot act of 2,001 is only 342 pages. I don't believe this bill is about health care at all. It's about government taking over every aspect of our lives. In this article I will explain only a few ways in which the government is as of the passing of this bill in control of your person.

  • Care Rationing: When doctors cannot practice medicine fully the way they were sworn to do, and in the fashion that they wish, they will either retire, become a "health consultant" in order to avoid the coming regulation on their industry, or move to Costa Rica. The last issue will probably be the most popular among doctors who have become disenchanted. What would you do if the government came in and told you how to do your job? I'd just find another job, unless I had 10 years of college student loans to pay for.
  • Our Food: Yes this I believe is going to lead to even more control of our food. Think about it. If the government is paying for health care, it would naturally want to control all avenues of health in order to reduce expenses. They can fine us, or penalize us for poor eating habits. This could come in the form of "Cheetos tax" or "Burger fines" to deter people from eating whatever they want. If people wish to eat foods with poor nutrition, I say let em. It's their lives, If they want to shorten it in this way, let em!
  • Exercise: You can expect to be required to have a pedometer in your shoes to make sure we are walking and jogging enough. They can use the GPS to make sure we are at the gym enough, or on a hiking path. The purpose of government is to grow itself, and gain more control. It will use this control to lever up more control.
  • Dissent: If someone practices their first amendment right to protest this, they could be fined or jailed. This may sound strange but if I wanted to rule the world, this is how I would do it. If you speak out against a government vaccine program, or other health program, you would be prosecuted for trying to undermine the health system.I wouldn't put it past the government. Every time congress meets, whether it is a Demican or Republicrat controlled congress, we lose a little piece of our liberty.
  • Natural medicine banned: Since they can't control the weeds that grow all over the place, and thus cannot control the medicinal use of them, we will be prevented from speaking of such things, and promoting the use of them. I go to a doctor for a blood pressure check once a year or so. That's all I seem to need. I got a flu shot 10 years ago. I got the flu anyway. I've had the flu twice since then. It only lasted a couple days each time. I'd say plants and herbs do work. They don't like it when you cost Glaxo, Merck, and Phiser thousands of dollars a year in unused Tamaflu, and vaccines. These companies paid good money to get congress elected. They expect results.
  • Death panels: They're going to need panels of government officials to decide who gets priority for transplants, or other life saving surgery since there won't be enough doctors. You'll have to fill out "War and Peace" sized forms and wait for months. The doctors will actually be in Costa Rica practicing they way they should according to the way they were educated. Nothing will change for the wealthy. They all have planes and yachts to get them to foreign hospitals. The poor will be stuck here waiting in line.
  • Canadians: Our neighbors to the North have socialised medicine. It's always worked fine because if they need a life saving surgery or specialized treatment in a timely manner, they can just come here to the United States. They've got the best of both worlds. They work here, get insurance up there, and get treated back down here where they don't have to wait in such a long line. What are they going to do when there is no "here" to come to? I'll tell you what--die, or go to Costa Rica.

Do you think I'm crazy? It sounds crazy but tyranny cannot come in a constitutional republic by force. They need our consent. Will you give it to them? I myself will not. The health care is the perfect Trojan Horse to remove our liberty. The philosophy is simple. "Let government take care of you. Just give us control."

GMO Humans

forced vaccines, and poisoned food.
forced vaccines, and poisoned food.

Just Say No

We are being bombarded by GMO foods (that are mostly outlawed in Europe.) We are also being more or less forced by the drug companies' henchmen, the Nation Institute of Health into vaccines that contain mercury, alluminum, barrium, monkey brains, fetal pig tissue, and a multitude of other toxic substances. Do you want to give these people more control? I'm going to "opt-out" on religious grounds. Something is just so sinister about this health care bill. 


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