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Overcoming Bulimia – Getting Back Your Self Esteem

Updated on July 20, 2011

Are you struggling with feelings of guilt and self pity?

Do you feel like bulimia is totally in control of your life?

Are you angry and frustrated by your constant binging and purging?

Well, there may be a way to help you overcome bulimia. At the heart of all successful recoveries from bulimia is a high regard for oneself. To overcome bulimia you must learn to love yourself again – you must regain your self esteem.

But, you might ask, why is self esteem so important for bulimia rehab? The answer is simple and it lies in the definition of self esteem. Without going into too much detail, self esteem is the degree to which you value and respect yourself. It is your sense of contentment that comes from self assessment of your ability to satisfy your aspirations. Research has shown that low self esteem is directly proportional to the probability of developing an eating disorder.

Low self esteem is evident when you have problems with your overall self-image or are unduly concerned with your weight and shape.

How to Regain Self Esteem

Regaining your self esteem to overcome bulimia begins with releasing your shame. Many bulimics “beat themselves up” and are simply unable to forgive themselves. To help you in this regard, share your shame with someone supportive – preferably someone who has recovered from bulimia or some other addictive illness. You can find such individuals at bulimia support groups.

The second step to regaining self esteem is cultivating a positive mental attitude. The word ‘cultivate’ is deliberate – positivity doesn’t merely involve walking around with smile on your face - you must totally restructure your life. Your thought and speech patterns MUST undergo a complete metamorphosis. You must completely purge words like “hard, difficult and impossible” from your speech and thoughts; you must totally believe in your bulimia rehab program. Part of restructuring your life also involves getting rid of negative influences. Negative influences include people and other triggers that lead you to compulsive overeating. Get as far away as possible from people who tell you it’s hard to get overcome bulimia or who offer no support whatsoever.

The third step to regaining self esteem involves living your life with gratitude. Make a habit of making gratitude lists every morning. Write down everything you are grateful about even if it seems trivial. Living with gratitude has a profound effect on your subconscious mind; you will be surprised at how good and empowered you feel after a while.

Yes, overcoming bulimia is possible and it all begins with regaining your self esteem. Once you have learned to love yourself enough, that empty feeling within will disappear and you can go back to living a healthy and productive life.


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