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How To Get Quick Pain Relief-Smart Reasons To Choose Tiger Balm

Updated on July 14, 2011

Some Forms Of Pain Relieved By Use Of Tiger Balm Ointment

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Neck Muscle StrainArthritis Patient trying to hold a teacup.Swollen fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis
Neck Muscle Strain
Neck Muscle Strain
Arthritis Patient trying to hold a teacup.
Arthritis Patient trying to hold a teacup.
Swollen fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis
Swollen fingers due to rheumatoid arthritis

Tiger Balm Herbal Products For Pain Relief-Fast and Effective Remedy

Pain inhibits people from enjoying their life to the full. Be it a muscle pull, cramps, an injury that comes in the way of your achieving goals, winning games, or neck, shoulder, and back aches due to bad ergonomics at work or long hours of sitting at your computer. Invalids suffering from arthritis are always at a loss for words to describe their pain in the joints and headaches due to migraine can make you reschedule plans even travel. For centuries, men and women have been distressed because of physical pain in different parts of the body and have looked for quick relief. A normal healthy person can suddenly suffer injuries while playing a game of badminton or suffer a bad muscle pull while at golf. Quick relief is the solution to being able to continue work schedules.

Balms are in use to relieve pain for centuries. Tiger balm is an ointment with herbal formulations originating from the old imperial courts of China. More than a hundred years ago, An imperial court herbalist, Aw Chu Kin undertook a journey and finally set up a modest medicine shop in Burma. He wanted to make known this ointment for pain relief. Later his two sons succeeded in bringing this Tiger Balm ointment to Singapore at the start of the 20 th century. It soon became known worldwide and has been found to be most effective in relieving all types of aches and pains. Today, Tiger Balm is the most preferred analgesic. My co-sister uses this Tiger Balm ointment to relieve her from migraine headaches, which would otherwise incapacitate her for the good part of her day at work. An elderly aunt uses this to relieve her from joint pain since she suffers from arthritis. Around the world and over generations, this ointment has come in handy and many store this ointment as part of their First Aid kit at home and while traveling. Today, the Tiger Balm brand boasts of a host of products that are specific to an area of the body. This ensures that you get a solution that is fast acting and most effective in ridding you of pain. Young or old, whatever the nature of your pain, Tiger Balm has a powerful herbal formulation product for you. A choice of products are available to you in convenient formats and non-greasy, too. The fragrance adds to the calming effect making you relax completely.

At Work, stress can take a toll on you and you soon begin to suffer from back ache, shoulder tension. Sitting at your desk for long hours in front of the computer can only add to your painful woes with an aching neck as well. Since the Tiger Balm range of products are non-greasy they can be used anywhere and taking a minute to apply on painful areas such as neck, shoulder and back helps you relax and continue your work efficiently.

At Home, a child's bruise or stuffy nose will find immediate relief as also the senior citizens' aching joint. Inflammation due to injury or bruise is reduced by applying the Tiger Balm ointment. It's soothing effect serves to lull any child with a bad cold to sleep. Insect bites can also be dealt with.

While walking, jogging, biking, dancing or enjoying adventure sports of any kind, we are prone to aches and pains depending on what muscles we use. Finding relief to continue is of utmost importance and that is when a Tiger Balm ointment comes in handy.

Dealing with migraine headaches, muscle sprains and strains, rheumatic pain and arthritis pains with a simple solution from Tiger Balm can allow you to stick to busy schedules.


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    • Purple Perl profile imageAUTHOR

      Esther Shamsunder 

      9 years ago from Bangalore,India

      Rose Mary,thanks for your expert advice.

    • rmcrayne profile image


      9 years ago from San Antonio Texas

      One of my most trusted technicians, and many of my patients swore by Tiger Balm.

    • Purple Perl profile imageAUTHOR

      Esther Shamsunder 

      9 years ago from Bangalore,India

      Thanks for sharing,Scribe For Hire! BTW, some of the new products are marked non-greasy,so as not to stain clothes.

    • Scribe For Hire profile image

      Scribe For Hire 

      9 years ago from Connecticut

      Extra Strength is the bomb!

      I have had excellent results using it for backaches.

      You do need to wear old clothing when using it, however, as it does stain but the results are well worth it!


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