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Pollution & printers

Updated on April 12, 2014


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  • Health hazards from laser printers

Health Hazards due to pollution have become a big issue now a days everything that emits dust carbon and chemical gases are creating danger to our lives .emission from vehicles and factories are being checked by the health officers but these tiny gadgets are rarely checked .There should be warning tags on the gadgets which emits pollution

Here is one gadget called 'printer' that is commonly used at homes and offices and need special care while using it .It actually affects our health .A study made in Australia made on printers showed that laser printers emit high level of ultra fine particles into the air.Especially the long documents and dense photos are the worst offenders .the emitted particles are of the same size as emitted from cigarettes and car exhaust and can be inhaled into our lungs .even candles incenses and cooking gas emits same kind of pollution .this is directly related to respiratory aliments .though its still under investigation that the composition of the particles ,the amount or something else that cause problems .

Should we throw away our laser printers ?

The answer to this question is ,no.

Along with this there are many more related questions to be answered they are :Should we take care while buying a printer a particular type of printer?Once again the answer is no,buy a printer that suits your need .Instead make sure it is not used in a small room, which do not have proper ventilation .Another thing is ,that it should be kept near a window or put an exhaust fan in the room in which the work load on the printer is heavy. Try and use less dense colors .Another thing to to take care is, anyone who is often printing can use mask to keep safe .Only when printers are in use they emit particles, so being careful is best suited for all.

Gadgets Are Made to Facilitate Our Work and We Can't Do Without Them ,so Lets Use Them with Precaution .


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