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Experiences with Reincarnation, Past Lives and Love

Updated on June 7, 2017
Chuck Bluestein profile image

At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.

I Remember This Woman Being My Grandmother in Her Past Life

Rose Fitzgerald  B.S, C.M.T, R.Y.T, co-director of Yoga Synthesis, has been actively studying and teaching meditation and yoga for over ten years. Her yoga studio is in Ramsey, New Jersey. I remember her being my grandmother in her past life.
Rose Fitzgerald B.S, C.M.T, R.Y.T, co-director of Yoga Synthesis, has been actively studying and teaching meditation and yoga for over ten years. Her yoga studio is in Ramsey, New Jersey. I remember her being my grandmother in her past life. | Source
Cover of Time Magazine, May 21, 2012 about attachment parenting. Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26, with her 3 year old son.
Cover of Time Magazine, May 21, 2012 about attachment parenting. Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26, with her 3 year old son. | Source

Experiences with Reincarnation

This contains experiences that I have had with reincarnation or past lives. I do a meditation called Self-Knowledge.

Socrates taught that the immortal soul was the most important thing hundreds of years before Jesus was born. His famous saying was "Know thyself!" This article was written May 11, 2012.

I already have an article called Is Reincarnation Possible. It has information from 2 MDs that are psychiatrists. One interviewed thousands of children to see if they had any memories of past lives. The other hypnotized a patient that recalled many past lives.

Note that this is under the section of personal growth. I also added to the above article a personal experience about meeting a woman online that I had known in 1820. I was only able to figure this out since we were both famous at that time.

If you have a prejudice against reincarnation, you may want to read the article above first. That article also explains when Christians were threatened with death if they ever talked about reincarnation again which was popular at that time.

In yoga and Buddhism, there is a general way of looking at life. The soul reincarnates lifetime after lifetime thinking that he is a body (in Scientology, they call it a meat body).

He assumes that he is born and dies and does all of this stuff during this time like getting a job, getting married, having kids and the whole routine. But some people want to realize what they really are instead of just acting their part like in a play called life.

When someone realizes what they are, like Jesus or Buddha, they then let others know that they are not just a meat body that eats, sleeps, has sex and dies. In the East this may be called enlightenment and in the West it may be called a beatific vision of the soul.

In psychology they help a person in the present by helping him to deal with trumatic experiences in the past. Some psychiatrists like Brian Weiss M.D. use hypnosis to help people to regress into past lives to deal with traumas there. They let the subconscious mind choose what it feels that it needs to work on.

They do the same thing in Scientology but they are highly skilled at doing this since they use an electrical meter similar to a lie detector. It is called an E-meter and they have worked on it to make it more effective than a lie detector. They even use it for security. But they know that there are people who can lie like crazy yet it wil register as the truth since the person does not care.

Eckhart Tolle teaches that people should be in the present moment. But traumatic things in the past keep people from being in the present so dealing with the past can help someone to be in the present. He says in The Power of Now:

Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry-- all forms of fear-- are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.

My first experience with a past life or reincarnation came after doing the above meditation for 10 years. I was doing this personal growth seminar where it is easy to meet a lot of people that you do not know. At the end of a 5 day Insight Personal Growth seminar of almost 200 people I saw this woman for the first time and it was love at first sight. So what is love at first sight? Does it exist?

So I went up to her and told her exactly how I feel. I told her that when I look at her, I feel very comfortable like I am home. She liked hearing that. I got her phone number and called her. She (Kate) told me that she had a boyfriend and 2 kids but she would like to be friends with me. That was fine with me since I would get a chance to learn why I felt this way. I visited her several times and took her and her kids out as friends.

I even have another article on karma. My grandfather took my family out to dinner about 4 times a week and we were to always ignore the cost. I was young when I had filet mignon for the first time. Then I was eating it 4 times a week but always got different vegetables and dessert with it. They said that I was on a filet mignon kick. I had a great childhood so I like to share that sometimes.

Now at this point I loved Kate as a friend but I was no longer in love with her. I worked through that karma. So what does this have to do with past lives or reincarnation? Nothing so far. So I was lying down and resting and thinking about the feeling that I had when I first looked at Kate and how that feeling was no longer there. Then something happened. It was like I fell into something.

I could feel like I was a child and Kate was my mother. Something bad was happening like they were going to burn her for being a witch. She had a deep understanding of death so she was not afraid. But all of her concern was for me. She wanted me to know how much she loved me and how she would never leave me voluntarily. That was very odd.

Then I had another experience (but not my last one) 6 years later so that was after doing that meditation for 16 years. I was in this company that sold Chinese herbal products. I lived in Philadelphia but I was in the group of Andrea Langer who lived in Canada. She was coming to a meeting in New York and I thought that she was attractive so I arranged to sit next to her at that meeting.

So I am sitting next to her in the front row and I was looking at the 200 people there behind us. Then I saw this woman sitting in the back row and I was instantly in love with her. During the meeting people are encouraged to go back and get their Calli tea to drink. So I went to the back to get the tea and as I got closer and closer to her she looked better and better.

When the meeting ended I went to the back but she was talking to someone and had the sweetest voice. So I started talking to her (Rose- in picture) and she was super friendly and we became friends. I lived in Philadelphia and she lived in northern New Jersey near New York. Now as I got to know her better and better (we were just friends and not involved), I started remembering my grandmother more and more that died when I as 6 years old.

At the time that I am writing this, Time Magazine came out with a cover story about attachment parenting and a controversial cover (see picture above). I have an article about attachment parenting called Raise Happy and Peaceful Kids.

My mother divorced her husband since he was an alcoholic and moved in with her parents. Before this she taught ballet at Jouliard's School in NYC. My rich grandmother did not know about attachment parenting, but her favorite thing in the world to do, was to hold me all the time when I was a baby.

I read a comment by a woman who raised her kids with attachment parenting, on this article and she complained about holding her kids so much. See if you were not raised this way, then it makes it harder to do. In attachment parenting, the mother holds the infant all the time. So if the mother is not feeling it and forcing herself to do it, then it may become a problem. But my grandmother loved holding me and as I got to know Rose more and more (I was also meditating daily) I remembered more and more what my grandmother was like.

There was a very strong connection of love between my grandmother and I. The theory behind attachment parenting is that the infant mostly depends on touch and being held makes the infant feel loved. When the infant is not being held, it feels totally unloved. So when my grandmother was holding me, she felt very satisfied since she a was doing her favorite thing all the time.

The infant or child tends to feel what the mother (or person taking care of them) is feeling. So if you want to raise happy and peaceful children, then you be happy and peaceful. If a mother is nervous and afraid then you get children with a tendency to feel nervous and afraid. Attachment parenting does not, in itself, make children too dependent on the parents or mother.

If the mother is confident and loving then the children will be confident and loving. The main idea is that children learn through imitation not by what you tell them. So if you tell them not to smoke and you smoke, then do not be surprised if they smoke and hide it from you.

So as I meditated more and more, I am feeling how great is was for my grandmother to hold me and love doing it more than anything else. But I was also dealing with the intense pain of losing her when I was 6 years old. Also while meditating, I could feel that Rose was the same soul as my grandmother. Please understand that I read a great deal of non-fiction and write a good deal of non-fiction. But I do not read fiction or write fiction. My mother used to say all the time that truth is stranger than fiction.

Since I was doing yoga ever since age 12, I grew up with the idea of reincarnation. But Rose did not, so she did not really believe that she was my grandmother in her last life or really that she had a past life. But she did say that it was strange that she had learned from taking care of her sister's infant that she likes holding a baby more than anything else and she knew nothing of attachment parenting.

My grandmother was Jewish and all her relatives were Jewish. Jews do not really believe in Catholic saints. But after she died these relatives would tell me how much they loved her and how she was like a Jewish saint. You can read under the picture of Rose above that she has been doing yoga and meditation for 10 years.

Also if you can get to her yoga studio, then check it out. She runs it with her husband, who coincidentally has been doing yoga since age 12 just like me. Also my Hebrew name comes from my grandmother's father, Charles (Chuck is a nickname for Charles). My Hebrew name is Tsadik (that was also the Hebrew name of my great-grandfather Charles) which means saint or righteous one. My father was Irish Catholic and grew up in Ireland where he was given beer to drink as a kid.

As far as names, if you search for Rose Fitzgerald, all you find is the daughter of the mayor of Boston who married Joe Kennedy. They gave birth to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But you can do an advanced Google search for Rose Fitzgerald with no mention of "Kennedy" to find her.

I have many articles on health but only one article on writing. The motivation for writing this article came from a very coincidental experience with another writer about reincarnation. It shows that your subconscious mind remembers your other incarnations. To read about that story see The Incredible, Magical Art of Writing. In the book, The Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna that they had lived many lifetimes before but Krishna remembers them but Arjuna does not.

I also have an article about Celebrities That Do Yoga and it includes Hillary Clinton. Also Bill Clinton did yoga in law school with Hillary. My other article about Yoga, has the video of the disabled vet who healed himself with yoga and lost 140 pounds in 10 months. Dr Oz has been doing TM meditation for 3 years and I have an article about Celebrities That Do Meditation.

Evidence of Reincarnation | Picture of Anne Frank with the woman who remembers being her in her past life. She published a book at age 12.


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    • Jeanne Barrimore profile image

      Jeanne Barrimore 

      2 years ago from Lyon, France

      All of this is SO fascinating! I deeply, deeply believe in reincarnation. It's the only doctrine that really makes sense! But as a parent, what can I do to explore my children's past life memories and find out who they were, what they were able to do and how that could be useful in their present lifetimes? This seems to be a very little explored area of investigation, but surely someone has written a "how to" book on this subject?

    • Chuck Bluestein profile imageAUTHOR

      Chuck Bluestein 

      5 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      Yes, there are many. I just added 3 books about this that are all by medical doctors including psychiatrists. It would be interesting for there to be a court case about whether people can have past lives. Also if someone proves that he was billionaire Howard Hughes in his past life, there is no law saying that the money now belongs to him. For more on this see my other article on reincarnation.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      5 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      So, are there any verified experiences of past lives which cannot be explained by normal means?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I also write about this in a book I'm putting together based on my NDE experience. It's real and it's up to the person to accept the card to go back or not to accept it.

    • Chuck Bluestein profile imageAUTHOR

      Chuck Bluestein 

      6 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      Yes part of the reason that we are here is to take care of unfinished business with other people. That is why there is so much strange drama going on.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      7 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA.

      This is very interesting Chuck. It is said that most of the people we are close to or are in contact in this life are the ones that we have been in touch in our previous lives.

      Sometimes we are in touch to pay off a past life debt and sometimes to settle an issue of an earlier life. The thing here to note is that the connection in this life is related to a previous life.

      Voted up and interesting.

    • Chuck Bluestein profile imageAUTHOR

      Chuck Bluestein 

      7 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      Thanks! When this MD interviewed kids around 3 to 5 he only found a couple in a hundred that remembered past lives, but he interviewed thousands of kids. Remembering past lives is far from common. There are psychiatrists and others that are trained to help people remember called past life regression.

      This is also done in Scientology. See my first article on reincarnation (Is Reincarnation Possssible) for more on this. The link is at beginning of this article. It has a link to a New York Times Article where they are talking to psychiatrists that are getting that training. It is neat to hear a psychiatrist telling about a past life of his. So far my only dealing with remembering past lives only deals with extreme love.

      Even if you do not remember past lives, keep in mind that your mother (today is Mother's Day), other relatives and friends may be people that you were close to in a past life. You may have unfinished business with them causing strange things to happen.

    • Phelcky profile image


      7 years ago from Denmark

      This subject is so fascinating! I am Buddhist so reincarnation is something that I find really interesting. I however can't recall any of my past lives. Awesome Hub!


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