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Pole Dancing Shoes - Pros and Cons for Your Pole Dance Routine

Updated on September 11, 2016

Think how often your feet touch the pole, the loads you have to maintain, and how important the stickiness to the pole is. Choosing the right pole dance shoes can help you hold on the pole better, protect your skin from bruising, and make you way sexier.

Pole dancers often buy special pole dancing shoes. But why spend money on such shoes with 6-inch heel if you really won’t be able to use them in everyday life?

Here are a couple of advantages pole dancing shoes bring:

1. Pole dancing shoes really help you to stick better to the pole.You will feel that climbing the pole and doing some tricks will be easier.

2. This kind of shoes is made specifically for dancers, so they are incredibly comfortable! For example, Pleaser shoes have a special cushion on the insole making inside of the shoe soft. Heel, though thin, is very comfortable.The sole is not straight, so that spinning around the pole will be comfortable.

3. Since the shoes are rather big, they will help make a bigger swing twirls and inversions.

4. Pole dancing shoes will help with your posture and make your walk around the pole more graceful, as the weight on your legs will be distributed in a different way, than when you are barefoot. And because you'll be almost walking on your toes, you’ll work out the calves.

5. You'll look awesome!The legs will appear longer and the movements sexier.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, such as in heels it’s much harder to do tricks and generally learn new elements.

And what do you think?

Do you dance in pole shoes or barefoot?

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How to choose pole dancing shoes?

In everyday life girls are advised to buy not very tight shoes. Photo models often wear shoes which are a size larger so that their feet look smaller. Dance shoes are different from everyday shoes – they have to fit you perfectly, and even be a little bit tight. Don’t be afraid, the would stretch a little bit and fit your perfectly. If you buy shoes that are not tight, after a couple of classes, they will stretch and become wide, and it is rather dangerous, especially if you are planning to do lots of “crazy” stuff on your pole. I would recommend to opt for sandals with straps, since they would be more secure and you won’t worry that your shoes might fly away when doing some tricks or twirls. You can find some more information on pole dancing shoes here.


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