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Pole Dancing Classes To Get Fit: Exercises For Your Soul And Body

Updated on March 23, 2017

What woman doesn’t want to be attractive, desirable and seductive? You can achieve this goal in different ways: Spa treatments, healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition... But the most pleasant and beautiful way to improve your body, have a good mood and develop flexibility is, of course, dance. Pole dancing helps to express your feelings,improve self-esteem and make your body perfect at the same time.

Dancing on the pole originates from the erotic dance and striptease. However, pole dancing is far from striptease. It is a separate performance, interesting and unique.

Pole dancing classes are offered in many fitness centers. During these exercises you really work out all your muscles, so pole dance is actually quite an effective physical exercise. Also pole dancing helps to develop the flexibility that makes any woman graceful.

Pole dancing classes can be taken not only in special fitness centers or dance studios, but in the convenience of your own home. There are lots of educational DVDs recorded by professional pole dance instructors to help you get started. Accessibility and the ability to do it any time makes it even more attractive.

Who can take pole dancing classes?

Absolutely anyone! Your age, physical ability or appearance doesn’t matter! If you want to dance, there are no obstacles. Looking at professional pole dancers gliding along the pole, many people have doubts, “I won’t be able to do it…” But it’s not necessary to become a professional. Learning basic elements and using them successfully is possible for anyone. Everything is in your hands!

What do you need to get started?

You actually need just two things – a pole and a desire to learn; and, of course, patience and hard work. When you look at professional dancers, they seem effortless and relaxed. But in fact it is a very hard work, because pole dance contains elements of acrobatics. Don’t be afraid of difficulties, as in any sport, work hard and results won’t keep you waiting. The only difference from tedious exercising is that pole dancing is fun.

What pole to choose?

If you decide to join the local fitness center or dance studio, you’ll be able to use their equipment during pole dancing classes. However, if you want to start learning yourself, or practicing at home after your fitness classes, you’ll need to install a pole for dancing at home. There are a couple of brands that offer dancing poles, among them Carmen Electra pole, X Pole, Lil’ Mynx and others. Since you will be doing acrobatic moves on the pole, it is very important to choose secure pole, so pay attention to the reviews and advice of the professionals.

Happy pole dancing!

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    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 4 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Yes, a lot of men do pole dancing. It's actually requires a serious physical strength. For example:

    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      It depends on your background. In my case, with no dancing, gymnastics etc. background, it took probably 2-3 months until I could do basic moves... But after that I progressed very quickly. I guess I'm the example of worst case scenario :) I saw ladies who started doing some "crazy" stuff like inverting on second or third class.

    • profile image

      gorgeousbassinet 5 years ago

      How long it would take to be somewhat proficient on this?

    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thanks. Actually it's not that hard and scary. Basic moves for beginners are rather easy, you just should try and practice and once you are confident in basic moves you can go to the next level and try something more "crazy". Good luck!

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 5 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      I have never tried it, but I would be willing. I guess I would be afraid that I would hurt something. Great hub voted up.