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Portion Control for Healthy Weight Loss

Updated on March 13, 2011

Are you ready to lose your extra weight once and for all? While the idea of losing weight appeals to many people, the practicalities of how to accomplish this task are much more difficult than they may seem at first glance.

It's true that there isn't a magic potion that can help you drop extra pounds without making changes in the way that you eat. After all, your current diet has led to the fact that you now need to lose weight. It stands to reason that reducing your weight will require changes in your eating habits.

Diet Program Scams

There are plenty of so-called diet programs floating around promising dieters the secret to quick and easy weight loss. Many of them assert that you can lose weight without changing how you eat and without increasing your level of physical activity. Such claims are false, representing weight loss program scams rather than legitimate diet program. If you want to lose weight, you have to stick to the basic principle of "eating less and exercising more".

For many people, the secret to getting rid of excess pounds lies with portion control. Many people have a tendency to overeat without even being aware of it. Busy people don't always have time to stop and think about what they're eating or savor their meals. In our hectic society where we find ourselves eating meals in front of the television or sitting at our desk in the office, it's easy to overeat without even realizing that we're doing it. We don't give our brains time to register the fact that we've taken in enough calories because we're focused on eating quickly so we can move on to he next item on our to-do list.

The Supersizing Problem

The fact that we stop by fast food restaurants, order pizza, and eat in restaurants with increasing frequency doesn't help. Everywhere we go, we're asked if we want to "supersize" our orders. We can get a lot more food for just a few cents more, so many of us simply accept the larger portions without realizing that those extra French fries and additional ounces of sugary soda translate directly into an expanded waistline. When it comes to supersizing, the best policy is to "just say no".

If you want to lose weight, it's essential to get in control of the quantity of food that you consume. The fact that food is on your plate does not mean that you should eat all of it. Of course, you were probably trained as a child to clean your plate. However, as an adult who wants to lose weight, this advice isn't necessarily correct. It depends on what's on your plate, and in what quantity.

Adjusting Portion Sizes

If you're accustomed to eating enormous restaurant portions, it may take a while to program your body to realize when it's full. To get your appetite under control, start drinking at least one full glass of water before a meal. Additionally, get in the habit of starting your meal with a salad. The fiber will help make you feel full more quickly, resulting in fewer calories consumed overall. It's up to you to get the size of the portions you consume under control. Once you're able to recognize and eat proper amounts of food, you'll be on your way to losing weight while still enjoying the foods that you love.


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