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Importance of Positive Psychology: A Road to a Happy Life.

Updated on April 21, 2020
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Positive thinking is a road towards a "Happy Life". Do You want to train yourself for a happy life? Check it out!


What is "Positive Psychology"?

Complete understanding of "positive psychology" is necessary before getting into the topic "how to train yourself for a positive mindset about life".! If we talk about its definition, then positive psychology is how optimistically we interpret things or events around us. According to Peterson, (2008) “Positive psychology is the scientific study of the human mind, thoughts, and emotions in a positive way. It makes life worth living as it depends on the flourishment of individuals".

Basically, it is the perception about life that should be "optimistic". Hence, an optimistic approach towards life, relationships or people is termed as positive psychology.

Various features of positive psychology:

  • Gratitude.
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Self Esteem
  • Psychological Well-being
  • Resilience
  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Compassion
  • Subjective Happiness
  • Subjective Well-being, etc.


Thinking positive when times get harder! How?

It is easier said than done, "to stay positive in life when you face challenges", or to practice the aspects that are given by positive psychology. Do you know why? Because life is a journey with its ups and downs. There are days when you are happy and then there are days when you are sad.

Also, there is a misconception in positive psychology that people think "positive-minded" people do not have sad incidents/events rather it is the ability to cope with such events positively.

So, to have a happy mind, you need to understand the importance of "positive psychology". Or what is the psychology behind a "positive life" is! Positive psychology has gained importance in the field of psychology since the nineteenth century.

According to many studies, it is related to your mental approach towards "life events, people and relationships". Positive thinking/approach will help you live a healthy peaceful life. "Positive psychology" is related to how you perceive people and events around you and remain positive even when things are not always right! However, it is a change in perspective that will contribute to your happiness.

Learning the Art of Happiness.

For happiness, you need to practice the above-mentioned features of positive psychology. But the question arises, why do we want to learn the art of happiness? Or why do we need to apply positive psychology in our lives?

Have you ever thought about the fact why some people are so lovable? Yes, people with positive minds are always welcomed and usually are popular among their social circles. Because they know that a positive mind is a happy mind too! If you have learned how to be happy in life then no one can stop you from becoming the most lovable person. This is one of the many things that will help you when you train yourself for an optimistic approach towards life.

Thus, the art of happiness is related to "positive emotions" which include happiness, gratitude, serenity, joy, love, amusement, etc.

Key points to remember!

Want to live a life full of happiness? Following are some of the key points that will help you in this regard:

Find Your Passion

What could make you love your job? Give it a thought! Yes, Its "Finding your passion", as it will make life easier for you. How? Once you find it, you start working on it. You will love setting short terms & long term goals for you.

And when you are doing something about what you are passionate about, you actually start loving it. It could be anything that makes you happier, like painting, singing, writing, music, etc. Moreover, they are self-esteem boosters too!

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the major features of positive psychology. Being grateful means you are content with what life has offered you. Practicing gratitude will help you build a positive relationship with the people around you. Therefore, it leads you towards a serene life.

Surround Yourself with more Appreciative People

We are surrounded by a number of people in our lives. But you know? who are the "best people" of our lives? These are the people that help us grow in a more positive manner! These people are always encouraging for our dreams and help us trust ourselves. Such people are the real contributors to our happiness.

Yes, you need more people who are "appreciative" and "acknowledging". People who appreciate your efforts & work genuinely. It will grow your self-confidence which is also an essential part of positive psychology. So, make sure to have more loving & appreciative people in your life.

Be Compassionate & Helpful in Life

Helping others is always a good idea when it comes to your happiness. Have you tried being compassionate? If not then try compassion and you will feel internally happy. The reason is when you become a reason for someone else's happiness you actually feel good about yourself too!

Basically, positive psychology or a positive mindset is an attitude towards people which includes compassion, kindness, sympathy as well as generosity. These are the major factors when we talk about positive things.

Be Mindful

Most of the problems emerge because we are not being mindful or present at the moment we are living in! For instance, we are cooking and our minds are clouded with negative thoughts. We are not even present there! That's how we start losing interest in what we are doing at that very moment. So for a positive life, positive psychology revolves around "being mindful". It means being fully PRESENT. Try it! You definitely going to enjoy every second of your life when you start being mindful of your state.

Being mindful is a meditative as well as a therapeutic technique that is really effective in positive psychology. It makes you feel less stressed when you start practicing exercises of mindfulness. Mindfulness helps your "anxious mind" change into a "calm & peaceful mind". Hence, it is considered to be an important technique of positive psychology.


"Goals & Aims of Positive Psychology"

When we talk about the importance of positive psychology then following are the goals & aims of this positive psychology:

  • It changes your perception of life in a positive manner.
  • It will regulate your positive emotions which will lower down the stress
  • It will increase "life satisfaction" as well as subjective well-being.

Thus, positive psychology is getting attention to a number of positive psychologists and researchers. As it does not only enhance life satisfaction but also increase the overall well-being of a person!

© 2020 Zura Rubab Khan


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