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The Groove of Positive Thinking

Updated on November 15, 2011

“Think Positive” We’ve all heard the expression a million times and I have not found a single article that sums it up for me. So, I’ll give you my take on Positive Thinking and how I achieve it.

Thought is an action. We can let it run wild, or we can harness it and lead it down any path we choose. That’s right, we have the power to control our thoughts. Like all of our actions, our thoughts take the path of least resistance, when not consciously controlled by us. The path of least resistance is nothing more than a habit.

Lets look at habits and how they are formed and how to let them fade. In my mind I imagine a habit as a groove in the base substance that makes up all things. If I perform any action, including thought, it will cause a groove, or path to be formed. It will be easier for me to perform that action again in the future as I follow the groove. My mind and body will follow the groove unless directed by my conscious mind to deviate. This is why when a musician plays, or an athlete performs, they must practice perfectly. The more we are able to focus our attention on perfect execution while practicing, the better our results will be. This is because, as we consciously direct our action, we are forming grooves, or habits. The more we perform an action the same way, the deeper the groove. Once we have worn the groove deep enough, we can perform the action without conscious thought. This is how a person may drive a car, type out a text, and talk to our bff in the passenger seat, all at the same time! Now, as time goes by, these grooves can fill in and get smaller if not used. This is great news! It means simply, that if you want to stop a habit, all you have to do is stop performing it. This means thought as well, as it has been proven that mentally visualizing an action or thought, will sustain the groove.

Lets bring thought into the picture, and see how using habit and thought, we can think positively. Get in the habit of monitoring your thoughts. This may seem like a daunting task, but there are tricks that will help. One such trick, is to monitor your feelings instead. If we are happy and feel good, we may take mental note of our thoughts and recognize that these thoughts are responsible for how good we feel. This is huge! Also, recognize when you are feeling bad. Now, check in with your thoughts and pay attention to the script you are running. If the thoughts you are having do not suite you, begin now, to think of what you want. Hold an image in your mind of what you want. Or, you could simply begin thinking of all the things in your life, you have to be grateful for. I like to picture myself as the man I want to be. I imagine all my character traits, how I will look physically, and how I will react in various situations. I imagine the smells I will smell, the sounds I will hear, and the sites I will see, when I have completed the next phase of my self improvement project. If I’m doing something that requires conscious involvement, I try to be as present as possible and give my attention to my work. If I notice a bad feeling, I instantly check my thoughts and get back on the track of creating the groove of Positive Thinking.



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