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The Secret to Apply the Law of Attraction for Power.

Updated on March 5, 2016
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Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes

The Real Missing Secret from the Movie

Rhonda was a radio producer that had fallen on hard times and was given a book by her daughter, according to the movie. We're not informed what that book was, but I would guess it was one of three books, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, Thomas Troward’s collection of lectures or more than likely “The Hidden Power and Other Papers Upon Mental Science.” Regardless of which book, the movie shows you how to transform your life by using thought as a means of acquisition.

Although I enjoyed the film, I thought there is enough mysticism unexplained as to leave a person helpless to benefit from the awakening of the secret. Thankfully Ms. Byrne’s has followed through with a book and then another book. What I am covering here is how to recognize and use the secret to your advantage and how to balance your goal.

The two types of Universal Force

There are two kinds of power in the universe. One is the power of force and the other is the power of truth. These two forces exist regardless of belief; they are the yin and yang of the cosmos. You might express power as herculean strength and truth as knowledge. You may call them good and evil, God and Satan or whatever you wish. What you as a person must understand is how to use those forces to your advantage. And what to avoid to set forth on accomplishment.

If you pick one over the other superior truth should be your choice. Superior truth gives you the strength needed for life’s journey. It is nothing to see a weakling succumb to a stronger or bigger person. Force is expected to overcome weakness. That is the truth in the scenario presented here. It is quite another thing as to see a weakling overcome a stronger man because he studied martial arts and used that superior skill set to defeat an opponent.

The above may be use to visualize the two choices you have. I might add if I were to choose one to submit to I would choose the superior knowledge or truth of the martial artist. Because submitting to truth allows you to grow and expand, submission to force invites anger and shame, and there will always be someone or something more forceful. Neither anger nor shame is something I wish to invite into my life. And it is from here that we learn what is missing from “The Secret.”

The Law of Attraction

It is true you can attract things into your life, a love interest, money, power, and other things of your desire. All you need to do is think of it and desire it according to followers of the secret. The purer your motive, the more likely your wish will be fulfilled. Which is my next point; to be successful your reasons need to be right and strongly desired? The universe will provide you everything you want if your motives are good and deny you everything as well if your motives are impure.

We live in a balanced universe. The person that goes to the gym everyday achieves the body of their desire once they show their dedication to making that body. There is no surprise there at all. Then again, that is the goal of power and not the goal of higher truth. The person that wants the car, money, the good life, will also achieve those things with dedication. Thomas Jefferson once said “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” He died bankrupt. Where did Thomas Jefferson, an accomplished diplomat, and the president go wrong? We can only guess impure motive since we know of his liaisons’.

This story brings me to the point of how you can achieve your goals. First decide what you want and then work through thought, word, and deed to attain it. The harder you work, the more you will succeed. Keep from impure motives. There is a balance in the universe that rejects wrong and rewards well. Remove from your life all forms of hate while working to improve the position of others as you ascend the ladder of your goals. This point is left out of the movie and quite frankly you could watch the film and come away with greedy ambitions. This lesson was not the point of the movie at all.

To surmise let me tell you to avoid power as it seems to be an easy route to the end game. By submission to the higher truth and allowing it to take root in you, you will be able to overcome the stronger by design; just as the martial artist overcomes the bigger man through the application of knowledge of defense and attack. We as a people must come to recognize the balance and harmony presented to us from the origins of the universe. It is when we are in balance we acquire all things. Power as motivation is not the path, but knowledge gives us both.

Applying the Law of Attraction

If you have an understanding of the motivation needed to fulfill your desires you are ready to move on to getting what you want. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing myself secure in all things. Thankfully, most things in my life are stable. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish to see improvements in their positions. While my son works toward becoming a doctor and his wife works, they could always be better off. But I have two sons. The other wants immediate gratification. He struggles because his motives are out of balance with the desire of others and what the universe wants.

If you are to apply the Law of Attraction, you must check your motives for each thing you desire. There is no doubt I want money. More money helps me to achieve my leisure goals. I have a comfortable life now, but I would love to attract additional money so I can enjoy more vacations to destinations unknown to me now. My goal is to explore the world of course and to do so comfortably. That is a goal that doesn’t conflict or harm anyone else as long as I am honest in my pursuit of money.

Therefore to apply the law you must desire a goal that is without harm to yourself and others. You cannot desire the removal of a person in your life even if that person is toxic to you. You can want the toxicity to go away, however. That is balanced, and none can deny it. Concentrate on what is good and forbid the thought of what is bad. If you focus on the awful, you will attract something more dreadful.

Be thankful for what you have even if it is only a little. By being thankful, you allow more to come and build up even more. I own one business but work towards several revenue streams. None of those streams of income give me all I want because my desire is for more than that at present. You may find one is enough, but I want to live to limitless ends, becoming purity along the way.

To conclude let me say it plainly. The Law of Attraction works as a power in your life. You need to submit to it; you need to allow it. It is a constant stream that flows through the universe that washes upon the shore those that seek to overpower it and moves along those who enjoy it for its purity. Just remember there are ways of achieving all you want by putting forth your stated goals.

Law of Attraction Check List (The Principles)

  • Set your goal and state your desire
  • Ensure you are not harming others
  • Restate your desire in the most positive way possible
  • Be precise
  • Ask and allow yourself to receive
  • Enjoy your accomplishment
  • Set higher goals and repeat

Finally, let me close with a true story of my desire and accomplishment using the “law of attraction.” It was my desire to have a convertible car and a motorcycle. I also wanted a love interest in my life, some precious metals, and to own my own business. I set forth using the secret but did so badly. What went wrong is I did not know about the other principle at that time. I imagined myself driving the highways in a Lexus Convertible and riding a Harley Davidson Soft Tail.

I got the convertible, motorcycle, love interest, precious metals and everything on the list. But none of those things were put forth with precision. So I drive a Chrysler Sebring convertible, a Suzuki Intruder motorcycle, a business that has its ups and downs, silver, instead of gold, etc. So my advice to you is to be as clear as possible when you state your desires motivated by pure intentions and flowing with the stream instead of fighting it. Do so and all will come your way just as you intended it to. Submit to the higher truth and you will gain the power also.

All paths lead to you or away from you.

Milky Way
Milky Way | Source

Books by Thomas Troward


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