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Preacher Bench Curl For Big Biceps

Updated on July 15, 2012

The Preacher Curl

The preacher curl is a great exercise for your biceps allowing perfect form and isolation of the biceps muscle.The exercise is a variation of the traditional bicep curl only it is performed seated and using a preacher bench, the idea of the preacher bench is that it isolates the biceps as they become the only muscle involved in the curl and the bench stops poor form because it does not allow you to use your body weight to swing the barbell upwards as you can do when you are standing.

The Preacher curl also by forcing you to use the correct technique allows you to use heavy weights so you can perform large weight low rep sets to maximise the gains in size in your biceps.If you have never performed preacher curls before you will almost certainly hurt the next day as you have probably never done a curl that isolates your biceps like this before,So you have been warned.

Correct Technique

Sit on the preacher bench and make sure that the weight is right for you, if you cant curl that much weight standing, then you wont be able to curl this amount whilst sitting at the preacher bench.Place the backs of your arms on the front pad and then adjust the seat forward or backwards until you can reach the bar without overstretching.

When you feel comfortable, with your hands at about shoulder width apart grip the barbell and raise slowly till your forearms are pointing upwards pause for a second then lower slowly.There, you have performed one rep


There are a few different variations of this exercise, but all use the same principle, generally an ez bar is used but this exercise can also be done using an ordinary barbell or if you happen to have a tendency to compensate for your weaker arm by overusing your stronger arm then try using dumbbells for this exercise as it will stop that happening.

A guide on how to perform preacher curls


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