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Single Ladies: Safety Precautions to Take

Updated on June 17, 2012

Precautions to Take as a Single Woman

As a single woman you have to make sure you are doing the best you can in order to keep yourself safe in your own home. There are plenty of times where we feel that we shouldn't have to take these steps because we feel our home is safe. But times have changed and will continue to change. By making some common sense decisions you can help secure yourself as well as your home. Below are a few tips well worth doing.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

This is always a definite must! Haven't you noticed in the movies that everyone gets beaten and robbed because they've senselessly forgot to lock their doors and windows? Don't let the same bad ending happen to you. There is nothing wrong with having your windows open to let in fresh air. But make sure you are able to keep an eye on that window when it is open. Also, make sure that it's locked when no longer in use. It only takes a couple of minutes to make sure all your doors and windows are locked. Especially if you've just moved into a new place, don't forget to do this step the first day just to get yourself acquainted with the safety of your home.

Peep Before You Make A Peep

If someone unexpected comes knocking at your door don't ask "Who is it?" See for yourself and check through your peep hole. Just be sure to approach with caution. Don't forget that anyone can tell you're at your peephole as it becomes dark when you cover it with your head. If you're able to check your door at another vantage point, do so. You owe yourself the extra step to be safe. And don't feel obligated to answer your door if you don't feel comfortable. It's okay, you won't hurt anyone's feelings by not answering your door. Unless you have made it obvious, you're unexpected visitor doesn't even know you're there.

Yelling Through the Door That Your Indecent is a NO-NO

There is no reason for you to give anyone any inclination or visualization, for that matter, of what you might look like as you approach the door. There are some real sickos out there and you don't know if that's who's rapping at your door. And if someone comes at an ungodly hour, chances are they have the wrong door anyway so there is really no need in going to the door in the first place. Remember safety is first.

Have 911 on Speedial

This is a given. It is always a good idea in case of emergencies to have this number readily available. Also, program it in your cell phone. Some cellphones already have it programmed in. Check your phone to see if it is in yours. If not, see if it is defined in your user's manual. Really, having all your emergency numbers handy can benefit you or someone else if they might need it. You may not need police assistance but if someone needs to get in touch with a family member or friend of yours it would be nice for them to be able to get in touch with one of your emergency contacts that you have listed in your phone. If possible, when entering your contact's info, try and label it somewhere that they are an emergency contact. It would be helpful to either enter the word 'EMERGENCY' after their last name or create and label a group called 'EMERGENCY' so it is obvious.

Have Protection Handy

Heaven forbid an intruder were to come into your home but not going down without a fight can save your life. Placing a hammer or bat under the bed for easy grabbing can make for a great weapon if necessary. No one wants to believe that anything like this can happen to them but being prepared for nothing is better than not being prepared for something. Pepper spray near the bedside could also be a good idea if you want to take it a step further.

Plan Your Escape

Figure out how you would escape if there were an attacker in your home or if a fire were to break out. You can never think too far ahead. You may have to get in touch with your inner Spidey senses and find a way of climbing out a window and scaling down an adjacent wall. These precautions may be your escape to safety.

Someone New in Your Life?

If you find yourself back on the dating scene and begin going out, meet them in a well lit and populated area for the first few dates. If you mean more to him than just a hook up he will oblige you the extra steps. There are too many lunatics running around in this world for you to just invite people you really don't know into your home all willy nilly.

Become One With Your Senses

Huh? This one is just about common sense. If you approach your door and something doesn't feel right or you hear shuffling inside, take precautions. Don't go in. Go to a neighbor's house and call the police. Don't put your self at risk because you think that you are probably losing it. Your door doesn't have to be left ajar or your lock doesn't have to be hanging out of it's socket for you to know that something is going on.

This article is to not to frighten. It is merely to keep you aware and safe. Gone are the days when we can walk out the door and leave it unlocked while we go grocery shopping or even to go to a next door neighbor's house for a while. Criminals are crafty. That's almost their "job". And they aim to be very good at their "profession". But by practicing these simple safety measures you can walk into your home feeling a little bit safer.

This hub is inspired by HOTELS, How Can Women Stay Safe from Hotel Dangers Big and Small by K9keystrokes.


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    • NiaG profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Thanks BkCreative! I believe in fighting unfair. If I had dirt, I'd throw it right in their eyes. I'm not above it. To be scrappy is to survive! And going below the belt is no exception. Thanks for dropping in a comment! Have a great day!

    • BkCreative profile image


      6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      We always need reminders like this. And always use your common sense - that 6th sense that in other cultures is known as intelligence. We have it but too often doubt ourselves. Forget that.

      And when it comes down to it - go for the testicles. I do not know why America refuses to teach women to defend themselves by going for the testicles. What? - are we supposed to box with some guy whose strength is above the waist while ours is below the waist? Please. When I lived in S. Korea it was understood that if any guy started with a woman - if he so much as rubbed up against her on a crowded train, she was going to knee him in the testicles. Movies, both serious and the comedies all showed this as well. But here...we could be down on the ground being strangled and we are not supposed to raise our feet and kick. Huh?

      Great hub and great to meet you. Rated up!


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