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Only In The Philippines: Preflight Safety Instructions

Updated on March 18, 2016

"Wala Yan Sa Tatay Ko" (My Dad Can Beat Yours)

I am well aware that most countries have their own stories, jokes and legends about themselves, their country and their people.

You know those wherein they are being the best (or the worst) in various things.

I guess it’s human nature that pushes us to brag about our people in comparison with all others.

And it doesn’t matter if we are the best or the worst, just as long as we come up matchless or one of a kind. Funny I can still remember some of the jokes we used tell each other when I was a lot younger. Like, one country’s people have this, then another that, the next something else but we are of course the best. And then somebody else jumps in and tells a similar joke and everyone else takes their turn afterwards.

Yes all for a good laugh. And I guess also in the name of nationalism (even if it is flawed or misplaced). But who wouldn't mind a laugh or two every once in a while. And yes, even if it is on account of one's self. Filipinos are generally a happy people and it takes a lot to put a damper on this happy disposition. They would laugh at anything, good or bad. And that is probably a big reason why they have survived as a people have survived thus far.


This is the First on an ongoing Series about the Philippines.

And specifically this is about what can presumably be found ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Although the thought of writing a series on this topic have been brewing on and off my mind since I can remember, I haven’t really started it until today. And not until somebody shared a link about Filipina Flight Attendants that caught my fancy.

Airplane Safety Tips For First-Time Airplane Travellers

Anyway, all air travelers see this every time they fly. And most times the people that do this are so bored and just going through the motions, it is often times hard to watch. Well, yes not unless this is your first time to fly and then you are all eyes and ears. That is if you haven't taken enough sleeping pills, motion sickness pills or anything you need to endure a long flight.

What am I referring to?

You guessed it, the all too familiar Preflight Safety Instructions. And this goes in tandem with the shiny often times back to back Safety Card.

Here's one, in case you wanted to see one more of those.

Now let me show you a typical Preflight Safety Demonstration. The one that usually comes with the card above.

And even though it might not be in a language that you can understand, it is not that hard to grasp what they want to convey.

Preflight Instructions

Now that wasn’t that hard to watch. But imagine having seen the same thing every single time you fly?

And imagine the person demonstrating being as bored to do it as you are watching it?

And like who ever wants to actually have to do any or all of that in a real in-flight emergency? I know, nobody. But then again, we watch it just in case.

Now, take these same set of pre-flight safety instructions and jazz it up a bit. And then imagine it being performed to a dance tune and having somebody with a pleasing personality to boot.

And now we get to this, the First in this Series “ONLI IN DA PELIPINS. Enjoy!

Dancing Flight Attendants

Yes, indeed Filipinas can dance. And sing. And yes sing and dance.

And yes as you can see, they can also dance the preflight safety instructions.

So are you thinking of flying Philippine Airlines next time you fly? Yes?

Well, that was Cebu Pacific Air, but let’s see if it catches on, every airline in the Philippines will start implementing a similar thing. And will probably outdo one another in the process. The Filipino people aren’t known to be great imitators (gaya-gaya) for nothing.

Yes, only in the Philippines.

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