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Pregnancy Belly Band: Why Every Expectant Mom Should Have One

Updated on March 25, 2011

Before becoming pregnant myself with my second child, I had never heard of the pregnancy belly band. While the idea of a constricting band around my middle was less than tempting, I soon realized the many benefits of wearing a pregnancy belly band and similar products, such as the maternity support belt. Basically, the belly support system does just that – relieves the pressure that a pregnant belly puts on the body. This is especially true for women who have undergone a cesarean or c-section as the loose feeling around the middle can be uncomfortable when lying or walking. Pregnancy belly bands give expecting mothers the feeling of complete support while they comfortably move in any which way, effortlessly.

Belly Band Benefits



Maternity belly bands are stretchable pieces of fabric that can be worn around the stomach during any stage of pregnancy, as well as post-pregnancy. While in the middle stages of pregnancy, you may notice yourself un-buttoning or un-zippering your pants or skirt whenever you have the chance. However, many expecting mothers are not willing to put money into maternity clothes just yet as you’ll soon be getting larger. With the help of a pregnancy belly band, you can enjoy your day without having to button or zipper your pants or skirt. The maternity belly band or belly belt can be worn over the top part of your pants or skirt and will easily hold them up comfortably.

Expectant mothers also use pregnancy belly bands while exercising. Performing any type of exercise can be tedious when your belly gets in the way. However, the pregnancy belly band completely supports loose skin, sore muscles, and your belly from moving about as you exercise. The maternity belly band also supports your lower and middle back and spine. Belly bands essentially make you appear slimmer and take away those dreaded belly lines that can look awkward beneath your favorite dress or blouse. Expectant moms can still look great while showing off their baby bellies while wearing a light-weight, fabric pregnancy belly band. With the maternity pregnancy belly band, belt, or wrap, expectant mothers can feel confident during and after pregnancy.


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