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Pregnancy - Week Five: You're Not Really Eating For Two

Updated on September 11, 2011

Eating Healthy Is Important In Pregnancy

Healthy fruits and vegetable are the way to go!
Healthy fruits and vegetable are the way to go!

What To Expect At Week 5

Pregnancy - Week Five: You’re Not Really Eating For Two

If you haven’t started watching what you eat, hopefully that positive test gives you the kick-start you need. Choosing the grilled chicken on whole wheat bread instead of the burger and milkshake is a good trend to continue while you are pregnant (and for life). Studies have found that what mom eats while she’s pregnant can influence the baby inside her, as well as alter the baby’s DNA so that they may have health issues later on in life, like obesity and diabetes.

(If you’re interested on learning more about how mom’s lifestyle can affect her fetus and growing children look into epigenetics. Below is a link to a book I read written by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz called: You: Having A Baby.)

Inside Your Body:

Your kidneys are working overtime due to the influence of hormones and blood running through your body, so you may find yourself going to the bathroom more often. If you have been experiencing cramping, breast soreness, and nausea since last week, guess what? Yup, it will continue through this week. Most women don’t get a reprieve until the second trimester, while some women have it up to the very end, and some women don’t get any symptoms at all! You may be scouring your body for any outward signs of pregnancy, like maybe a teensy bulge, but you will likely not see anything until the end of your first trimester. You may notice that your areolas, the ring around your nipples, have gotten darker, and you can thank hormones for that (I’m not sure that’s an outward sign you want to flash to people to prove you’re pregnant though).

Things To Think About:

Remember that you are not really eating for two, yet, or ever. This is not the time to use this statement as an excuse to pig out. In fact, it’s probably the best time to watch what you put into your mouth. Think quality and not quantity when you think of food. Your growing baby needs nutritious foods that contain vitamins that will help it grow into a healthy, full-term baby, without any complications. I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge every now and again, but not every day! Also, you should think about exercise (you’ll be thankful when you’re not running out of breath as you get bigger). If you already exercise regularly, most likely you can continue your routine, just discuss it with your doctor. Talk to your doctor if you want to start exercising, she’ll suggest some things you can do. Moderate exercise, like walking is always good. You’re little appleseed will thank you.


Does fatigue have you feeling like you are going through your day trudging through molasses? Don’t pick up the coffee mug and chug down the caffeine! Instead, take a brisk walk around to get your heart racing a little and wake you up. Although a cup of coffee is okay, large amounts of caffeine has been shown to have a harmful affect on the baby, and can increase the risk of miscarriage, so it’s best to put away the coffee cup to the back of the cupboard.

YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy
YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Learn a little more about epigenetics and how your pregnant body influences your baby's future.



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    • simallenjo profile image

      Sim Allen 

      5 years ago from US

      Ya that's true these day you should take care of food Nice section of tips. Ohh coffee is not good :( as I love coffee so much, I have to think about it.... by the way nice articles - keep writing more tips


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