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Pregnancy - Week Four: Sick And Tired!

Updated on September 11, 2011

Try Out A Pregnancy Test

You can give a pregnancy test a try this week!
You can give a pregnancy test a try this week!

Pregnancy – Week Four: Sick and Tired!

Uh-oh, this week is the beginning of the symptoms that cause many women to be cranky and out-of-sorts. At week four, you may begin to experience the dreaded morning sickness, although, for most women it’s still a few weeks away. If you aren’t nauseas yet, you may be experiencing cramping, tender breasts, and fatigue. Tiredness is one of the biggest complaints at this time, and is caused by your body’s overproduction of blood. If you have taken a pregnancy test last week and it came out negative, you most likely can take one at the end of this week and have it come out positive, since your hCg levels have increased since then.

Inside Your Body:

Your heart is beating faster and your body is working to create more blood to supply your body and baby. This increased blood flow is also filling your breasts making them swollen and painful to touch. Find a comfortable bra, or position in bed, because you will find that you are going to be tired these days. Your little poppy seed baby is starting to develop organs like his liver, and skin, which is a process that takes several weeks. He is also now protected by amniotic fluid, encased in the amniotic sac. Just because he is surrounded by the nutrients and safety of the amniotic sac, does not mean he is not vulnerable to any outside dangers. Be careful what you put in your body because this is the time he is most susceptible to anything harmful.

Things To Think About:

If you are having nausea, keep your food down by eating several, small meals a day. It is best to keep crackers or nuts in your purse, or by your bed, to ease any queasiness. If you have gotten a positive pregnancy test, now is the time to call your obstetrician to schedule a future prenatal visit. You may not be seen as soon as you would like, as most physicians don’t see you until you are about 8-12 weeks pregnant, but your doc can give you advice as to prenatal pills, diet, exercise, and answer any questions to alleviate any concerns you may have.


If you plan on taking a pregnancy test this week, take it first thing in the morning, when your urine is at its most concentrated. When shopping for a pregnancy test, look at how much hCg the particular test needs to determine pregnancy. Some can detect a small amount of hCg in your urine, while others need a higher amount in order to determine that you have the hormone in your system. You can also go to your doctor’s office (as early as a few days after ovulation) to take a blood test, which is a more accurate test to see if you have the hCg hormone in your blood stream.

-- Anecdote from the author --

At this time in my pregnancy, my breasts were so tender, I couldn't lay on my back to sleep, and it hurt one boob if I lay on my side, and the other one when I flipped over! To top it all off, I was tired all the time. I took naps in the middle of the afternoon, and felt like I needed to sleep after I got up in the morning. But that positive test made up for it all!


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