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Prostate Health The Safe Way

Updated on February 9, 2011

Swollen Prostate

This is not a recommendation to avoid PSA testing for cancer if you have prostate inflammation.  This is not a recommendation to avoid prescription drugs if your urine stream is compromised severely because that is dangerous.  This is not a recommendation to avoid surgery if you actually have prostate cancer.  This is simply a feasible natural method of prostate inflammation reduction which could feasibly lead to prostate size reduction.

This hub's function is not to teach you about prostates, what they do, or medical interventions available when the prostate is swollen and/or cancerous. But let's cover a few basics anyway.

The prostate is wrapped around the urethra (the urine tube) just below the bladder. It has one main function: to create a large quantity of fluid that mixes with a small amount of sperm from the testicles and send that combination out of the body under pressure during ejactulation. This occurs because muscles in the prostate contract (more so in young men and typically less in older men) and push the fluid out of the body. The fluid acts as a lubricant and helps the sperm survive by neutralizing the normal acidity of the female reproductive system.

The medical community will tell you that they don't fully understand everything the prostate does or what causes prostate swelling (BPH) or Prostatitis. The detection of BPH (or at least the symptoms of it) immediately sends your doctor into a series of panic warnings that prostate cancer is imminent and you must be checked for it with more testing and an invasive biopsy immediately. The call is placed to his surgical buddy to get the scalpels sharpened up.

The assumption is apparently that inflammation means cancer is either already present or on the way. Not true! A medical professional leads you to believe you've got a really big problem that requires prescription drugs at a minimum and will eventually require surgical intervention. That's not necessarily true either. Am I saying to not have a PSA test? No, I'm not. That's an easy test that can ease your mind a lot. I'm just saying that BPH is just not a guaranteed symptom of prostate cancer. While it's true that an ongoing and long time inflammation can create abnormal cells that can become cancerous, it's not true that all inflammations become or are cancerous. It's more likely a sign of something else entirely.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a fancy medical name for swelling of the prostate caused by inflammation. Prostatitis is another word for it that isn't as scary so you hear it less often. This inflammation can be caused by several things. Benign means non-cancerous. Prostatic means related to the prostate. Hyperplasia is an increase in the number of normal cells in tissue or organ. An "itis" means an inflammation, thus "prostat" is part of the word Prostatitis and "itis" is the rest.

I personally don't believe Prostatitis requires the removal of cells (prostate tissue) to reduce the prostate's size although that's many times the medically-advised solution. Inflammation can be resolved without removing "an abnormal number of cells in the prostate tissue" which is the common diagnosis of BPH. BPH causes a reduction in urine flow because the prostate is too large but that doesn't mean part of it has to be removed. It just means the inflammation causing the enlargment needs to be resolved. This is one of many backward thought patterns of the medical world. If something is inflamed - remove it or at least remove part of it instead of looking for the reason inflammation exists.

When a child's tonsils are inflamed and swelled, doctors don't typically look for the reason for the inflammation, try injecting or swab coating the tonsils with antibiotics, or take swab samples to have a lab find the exact bacteria or virus that is responsible for the inflammation - they just remove the tonsils - which is a quick, easy, and far more expensive and invasive fix.

The tonsils were inflamed and swollen for a reason but the reason was never found. The children very well may spend the rest of their lives having sore throats, Strepp throat, earaches, nasal problems, sinus infections, and other upper respiratory problems (as I have) - all because the tonsils were an alarm that something was wrong but the alarm was cut out and trashed (mine were when I was 35 years old and I still have the same problems today).

When an internal organ of the body is inflamed, the automatic medical response is to remove or disable the organ (pancreatitis for example) instead of finding out what is causing it. Many times (except in the case of appendicitis where the organ could explode and kill you) removal is unnecessary but is far easier than analyzation.

When my mother's thyroid was inflamed and was in "hyperthyroid" condition of over activity, the medical solution was to murder the thyroid with radiation so it was essentially dead, then supplement her with artificial thyroid medication. For more than 15 years that medication was never accurately adjusted to the correct amount - even until her death. Meanwhile she ended up with diabetes, which is related to the pancreas (possibly the same ignored bacteria caused inflammation and malfunction of the pancreas too?). During her last 6 months of life two different drugs taken simultaneously and a strictly controlled nursing home diet couldn't control her blood sugar level. It would dip to virtually nothing and skyrocket to around 400 within hours for no reason.

I fully believe that bacteria caused her initial thyroid problem and no doctor made an effort to find out what it was. I believe the bacteria then moved into other organs such as the pancreas and heart. My mother's blood pressure was also all over the map in her last year or so and doctors couldn't get control of that with medication either. Many people get bacterial infections of the fluid in the sac around the heart. Eventually her heart slowed down and stopped. Fortunately she died quietly while tucked in for bedtime.

In my opinion, reduction or elimination of inflammation is always better than surgery if medical professionals will take the time to find out what the inflammation is caused by. The medical community needs to find out precisely what's causing prostate inflammation instead of just chopping away. I believe I have an answer for most cases of resolvable swollen prostate problems in men over 50 years old.

This is not a recommendation to avoid PSA testing for cancer if you have prostate inflammation.  This is not a recommendation to avoid prescription drugs if your urine stream is compromised severely because that is dangerous.  This is not a recommendation to avoid surgery if you actually have prostate cancer.  This is simply a feasible natural method of prostate inflammation reduction which could feasibly lead to prostate size reduction.

Researchers Can't See The Forest For The Trees

At one point, not that long ago, the medical community thought excessive testosterone in the older male body caused prostate swelling and cancer. Their conclusion? Remove the man's testicles by castration to save him from prostate problems and cancer. The testicles create testosterone for the male body. Gullible male patients fell for this horse pucky. I don't even want to know how many chose to sing soprano in the church choir for the rest of their lives at the advice of a backward medical community.

Anybody with logic (other than medical researchers apparently) would ask themselves, "If a young man has huge testosterone levels because he is at his reproductive peak then why wouldn't the young man also have a prostate as big as a baseball instead of the size of a walnut?" or "If an older man has a reduced testosterone level that causes masculine traits to subside and female traits to dominate (man boobs, fat around the waist, difficulty building muscle, lack of sexual desire, etc.) how could he have too much testosterone that causes Prostatitis?

Well... that theory didn't pan out but not until a lot of men were emasculated permanently. So then the medical community decided red meat grilled until it was well done and blackened by fire creates carcinogens (cancer causing agents) that somehow settle and accumulate in the prostate. I can believe carcinogens could accumulate in the lower intestines for those who don't eat properly and don't have enough bowel movements to clear the digestive systems - but there is no relationship between the colon and prostate other than proximity in the body. Maybe, and that's a weak maybe, it's feasible that the colon could be inflamed and the inflammation could spread into the tissue around the colon where the prostate lives but that would mean a man with prostate problems would also have a colon problem - which has not been proven or even tested. If carcinogens can accumulate in the prostate then they could also accumulate in the pancreas, stomach, thyroid, adrenal glands, etc. but you never hear those claims being made. Once again this is backward logic that doesn't work. Can toxins accumulate in the prostate? Yes. Are they carcinogenic? Not necessarily and they certainly aren't based upon what you ate for dinner.

A medical method of reducing prostate size is called transurethral resection of the prostate. As this procedure name implies in the word "resection," it is cutting and physically reducing a prostate by removing tissue from it. This can have dire consequences such as impotence and infection that is even worse than before (requiring complete removal of the prostate).

Please note that we are NOT talking about actual prostate cancer that is definitely very dangerous and requires that the prostate be treated or removed ASAP so it doesn't spread. We're talking about inflammation - a condition that has a REASON and CONDITION that somehow baffles scientists.

This is not a recommendation to avoid PSA testing for cancer if you have prostate inflammation.  This is not a recommendation to avoid prescription drugs if your urine stream is compromised severely because that is dangerous.  This is not a recommendation to avoid surgery if you actually have prostate cancer.  This is simply a feasible natural method of prostate inflammation reduction which could feasibly lead to prostate size reduction.

Personally I think the solution is quite logical, easy to recognize, and the solution is worth a try before resorting to surgeries or prescriptions that have side effects.

The Answer To Many If Not Most BPH Cases

Your prostate is constructed of structures or sacs called "acini." When the fluid inside the "acini" becomes stagnant (from lack of ejaculations) bacteria grows in the fluid. The acini become inflamed and swell. The swelling causes these small sacs to close so fluid can't naturally drain. The bacteria in the stale fluid don't get out of the prostate. The bacteria also don't show up in blood testing because they are being held inside the prostate acini. Tests show you are creating antibodies for bacteria that don't seem to exist. The prostate is too large so the outer surface of the prostate stretches as far as it can but it has limits because of an outer layer of muscles that create contractions during ejaculations. The fluid-related inflammation and enlargement of the prostate has no choice but to press inward on the urethra it is wrapped around, reducing or cutting off urine flow and causing pain. Let's be clear here - fluid buildup in the acini sacs is typically the problem not an abnormal quantity of cells.

A natural solution to BPH (prostate inflammation) seems too easy. Doctors can't charge for the easy and safe potential solution I'm going to recommend. The logic of how to prove it to yourself seems too clear. The answer seems to be too good to be true. But the answer is proven valid and is easy to try to find out if it works for you with no side effects. So what is it?

Sex! Yes, you read that right. Make sure you have 4 to 7 ejaculations weekly for a month to find out if your BPH symptoms reduce or are eliminated. If you don't have BPH symptoms yet but are worried about getting them - maintain a schedule of at least 3 to 4 orgasms a week and you can almost eliminate your chances of experiencing BPH. Shocking isn't it?

This potential resolution is simple but passed over completely by doctors. Just imagine a doctor telling you, "Well _______ (insert your first name here), let's wait a couple weeks on the prescription I would normally write. Instead I'll prescribe that you go home and have sex or masturbate 4 to 7 times a week for a month then we'll see how you're doing."

What is one thing that changes for every man as he gets older? Frequency of sexual activity. A middle-aged man has higher responsibilities, longer work hours, less energy, less time to devote to romance, a spouse who isn't as interested in sexual activity as they formerly were, possibly no regularly available partner because of divorce or spousal death, a lack of desire personally, and hormonal changes. As men age the lack of sex drive or suppressed sex drive takes its toll and BPH can be the result.

Mainstream religions promote that a normally healthy straight male should not look at females with lust and should never view naked or semi-naked pictures. He should not look at a passing miniskirt with muscular legs on tall heels. He shouldn't notice a skin tight blouse or shirt. He should never watch a movie that portrays or implies sexual encounters. A normal man not only has declining testosterone level as he ages to deal with but is told to avoid circumstances that could cause sexual excitement or mental stimulation. This numbs the normal and instinctual male sexual response. In countries where native tribes continue to thrive, and prudish Christianity trying to change the morals of the tribal people, 90 year old tribal elders are sexually active and have children with multiple younger women who are honored to be selected for child bearing with the elder. You don't see these elders trying to squeeze some pee past swollen prostates.

Male reproductive systems in western civilization are used less in older men (that's not useless!), less prostate fluids are ejaculated although the fluid is still produced to stay ready for response, and the reproductive system becomes dormant with stagnating prostate fluid sitting around sometimes for weeks or months. Western civilization and accepted sexual norms help cause prostate problems for aging men.

What happens if you sit a cup of any non-alcoholic liquid beverage on a counter at room temperature for a couple weeks? Mold and bacteria grows on and in it. Mold and bacteria will eventually even grow on a glass of distilled water which shouldn't have bacteria in it at all. Why would stagnant prostate fluid in a human body full of bacteria be any different? Especially at a higher body temperature instead of just room temperature! All fluids recycle and renew in the body to keep them fresh and to assure new fluids are created - as nature intended - unless something is inflamed and the fluid is blocked from flowing out.

Young males instinctively search for partners to have ejaculations with from the time they come of age. It's called dating, courting, relationships, and playing the field to find a perfect life partner, but the bare bones fact is that the male is looking for sperm receivers to have relief from hormonal pressures. Many will have numerous partners. At the very least they will have a dedicated partner to have sex with several times a week - possibly also secretly playing the field and masturbating frequently between times.

Young men spend a lot of time thinking about potential sex partners, sexy photo models and movie stars, porn action, suggestive Internet messaging, phone sex, web cam experiences, and fantasies about a variety of partners they desire. Boys and young men have visions, dreams, daydreams, and fantasies based upon sexual images they are constantly bombarded with. They must have release of the fluids building up and will wherever they can find, whether it's the ugly obese girl down the street, a bored older woman, a girl he's going steady with, or whomever will let him.

Keep in mind that every prostate contraction during ejaculation results in a release of prostate fluid. I have no prostate inflammation or swelling and no urination problems of any kind. I'm confident this is because of my prostrate being drained (or as it is more commonly known, milked or massaged) several times a week throughout life and my 50s.

It's very important for prostate health to empty it regularly. A study of 30,000 men was done in the U.S. for eight years. The study conclusion was that men who had ejaculations 21 times a month were 30% less likely to get prostate cancer than men who had 4 to 7 ejaculations per month (imagine what the result would be when comparing 21 times a month to men who have less than 4 per month!). The results of that study can be easily be expanded to imply that men who had ejaculations 21 times a month were at least 30% less likely to have inflammation of the prostate caused by prostate fluid stagnation and bacterial growth in the stored fluid.

This is not a recommendation to avoid PSA testing for cancer if you have prostate inflammation.  This is not a recommendation to avoid prescription drugs if your urine stream is compromised severely because that is dangerous.  This is not a recommendation to avoid surgery if you actually have prostate cancer.  This is simply a feasible natural method of prostate inflammation reduction which could feasibly lead to prostate size reduction.

Increase Your Output to Reduce Your Problems

Let me say that if you have prostate swelling that is already severe, and your urine flow is in jeopardy, this problem resolution method is probably not going to initially work for you by itself. You will want to supplement your prostate draining/milking schedule with natural supplements. if that doesn't work, prescription medication may be required but keep the dosage low so you don't experience side effects that may be worse and/or long lasting. After your urine flow is improved enough that you aren't in pain or danger any longer, it would be good to switch to the natural means of reducing prostate inflammation that I'm offering here.

You should NOT start out by masturbating feverishly several times a day to solve your problem after years of lack of use. That could make the inflammation worse just like if you tried to lift weights in a gym for several hours after years of sitting in a recliner chair. You'd go home with sore and inflammed muscles, sore and inflammed joints, and suffer several days of aches and pains. The same holds true for the prostate. I've read numerous reports of chronic masturbaters of all ages causing reproductive system inflammation from abusing themselves - sometimes to the point of impotence and/or infertility. Let's not make things worse!

If you are experiencing increasing prostate enlargement and inflammation symptoms that have not cut off your urine stream completely, I recommend that you start with natural prostate health supplements. There are numerous combinations of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients on the market. Many are even available at your local grocery store although more powerful combinations are going to be found at health-related stores where supplements are their specialty. Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly from bee hives (has pollen in it), Vitamin C, and Goldenseal are some of the most commonly used ingredients that seem to be beneficial. Remember this isn't the cure but one step in reducing inflammation so you can help yourself.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms can be similar to symptoms of BPH. Add 100% natural cranberry juice to your daily food intake. This comes from a health food store and is rather expensive because it doesn't have added sugar or other juices such as grapes as a base.  If you have access to fresh cranberries make your own without any additives or sugar.  The meat and skin of the cranberry is what you want.  They could even be made into a baby-food like puree with a blender instead of a liquid beverage.  You don't need more sugars in your diet because sugars promote bacterial growth so keep the cranberries pure.

The consumption of beer or sugar-based carbonated beverages should be reduced dramatically or eliminated because they are all saturated with refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup sugars, and other sugars. There may be a link between the chemical aspartame (NutriSweet) and prostate enlargement but you should research that elsewhere. You can also discuss with your health-related store personnel about specifically how much natural cranberry extract to consume daily.

Ponder this - a urinary tract infection will inflame the prostate because it is connected to the same piping that carries urine out of the body. So what is being diagnosed as prostate inflammation may be a UTI that has settled into the prostate as well. Even so, the prostate needs to be drained, milked, and massaged regularly anyway.

Another sometimes overlooked factor in UTI and BPH is high consumption of carbonated beverages. It's not the carbonation (CO2) that is the problem (although the U.S. government is now stupidly claiming that carbon dioxide is a dangerous toxin causing global warming when the only way to reduce carbon dioxide is to kill all humans who exhale it) but it's the added acids that irritate the urinary system. Look at the label of your beverage to see what acids are added. With a formulated sweet taste, an increased acidity, and high levels of carbonation, the drink sparkles in the mouth and creates an addictive sensation that people crave. Personal taste for a certain brand of carbonated beverage is what drives beverage ingredient formulations and comparison testing for the multi-billion dollar industry. Heightened carbonation and a sense of clarity caused by acids are big factors in which beverage is chosen by consumers.

Recently I've noticed that the acidic nature of carbonated beverages has been increasing - especially in off-brands that are not Pepsi or Coca-Cola products. I recently drank three 20 ounces glasses of an off-brand cola in a 12 hour period (I know... that's too much) and experienced burning urination until I realized what caused it and drank 32 ounces of purified water to dilute the acidity I had consumed.

This brings up the subject of caffeine, which can worsen your prostate problems as well, and should be avoided or eliminated as much as possible. Stop drinking coffee and suffer the withdrawal symptoms for a few days.  I think you'll find that your prostate problem will improve somewhat.  Keep in mind that tea and chocolate have high caffeine too.  At the very least replace caffeine coffee with decaffeinated.

Replace most everything you drink with pure distilled or filtered water and you'll do yourself a big favor. I can already hear you saying, "I hate water and won't do it!" but you can learn to love water if you do two things - only drink filtered water that doesn't have "minerals added for taste" (read the bottle) and refrigerate the water until it's on the verge of frozen but not quite. Pour that over ice cubes if you like.  I don't like warm or slightly chilled water either.  As I said above, we drink beverages partially because they excite our mouths. Almost-frozen water, when dumped in large quantity onto the tongue and back of the mouth, creates a similar exciting sensation in the mouth. You can love that sensation instead of what you've become accustomed to and your prostate will love you for it.  if you have a heart condition be careful about swallowing the water until after it's had time to warm slightly in your mouth.  I have heard a couple stories of people with heart conditions doing strenuous labor, sucking down huge quantities of cold water, and having a heart attack.  Be careful with moderation.

Increasing Your Prostate Output

Everybody has a different situation. If your significant other has a low or nonexistent desire for intercourse, or thinks the concept of masturbating you is disgusting, you aren't alone in the world but you still need increased prostate activity for your prostate health. If your significant other is not with you because of separation, divorce, or death, once again this is common but you still need additional activity.

I am not promoting that you have an affair, use the services of prostitutes, or force yourself upon your significant other, to keep your prostate drained for reduced inflammation. I'm promoting discussions with your significant other about increasing activity or practicing self-masturbation.

Without getting heavily into religious matters, I am promoting that you reconsider what is sexual sin and what isn't. In the purest sense of the word "sin" is an action by you that negatively affects someone else (not loving your neighbor as you love yourself or not doing to others as you want to be done to). You won't find any discussion of masturbation in the Bible although it was just as prevalent then as it is now. Masturbation, in moderate amounts, is not hurting anyone.

We must also realize that the King James bible was edited and published during the prudish middle ages when sexual restrictions were paramount in England. King James dramatically changed the text to fit what he wanted it to mean in his generation. His perversion of the bible has been the foundation for many other versions that came after it. It's very plausible that the "better to pluck out your eye than to lust with it" text was not part of the original teachings of the first century church. When a woman was caught in an adulterous situation in the New Testament, she was not instructed by Jesus to pluck her eyes out so she wouldn't do it again, nor were any of the men who were going to stone her to death told to pluck their eyes out.

Sexual sin is action that negatively affects someone else. The adulterous woman in the New Testament was having sex outside her marriage and that negatively affected her marital relationship, could have resulted in bring an incurable STD to her husband, and would destroy his trust in her when he found out what was going on. The man she was with may have also been married and she was also negatively affecting his family (as was he).  Those were all sins against others.  If she had fantasized about sexual situations when she was alone and stayed home masturbating as much as she wanted while her husband was out working, she wouldn't have been negatively affecting anybody.  She may have also had sex with her husband more often for release and he would have been positively affected instead.

Oddly enough, King James was secretly bisexual and is said to have died of Syphilis after it destroyed his brain. The very activities that he wanted to eliminate in his people were what killed him!  Thus I can't take much stock in the King James bible or any translations stemming from it.

Anyway... some examples of sexual sin, which are negative actions against others, are:

  • Forcing yourself sexually upon someone when they don't want to participate,
  • Watching pornography in excess so that you lose interest in your significant other,
  • Masturbating in excess so that you lose interest in your significant other,
  • Lusting someone you know so much that you lose interest in your significant other,
  • Lusting actresses or models so that it demeans your significant other's self worth,
  • Having an affair which can potentially hurt your significant other and destroy their trust.

On the other hand, secretly finding an actress or model sexually attractive and thinking about her with lust is healthy and expected of any normal heterosexual male. Nobody is negatively affected. Watching pornography occasionally and being excited to erection so that you masturbate is healthy. Nobody is negatively affected by casual porn watching and being excited as long as the viewer does so in moderation and doesn't become obsessed or addicted. Some relationships are actually enhanced by minor porn viewing because the man's sexual appetite is increased by re-activating his brain chemistry that controls desire. Masturbating in private whenever you feel the urgency is healthy. Nobody is negatively affected. Fantasizing sexually about someone you know while masturbating in private is healthy. Nobody is negatively affected.

Sex drive is a result of hormonal activity that is built into all of us - some more than others. We are mammals first and humans second. We have the same sexual needs and urgency as any other mammal and we should not deny that urgency for the sake of fitting some artificial role model that has been created by middle ages prudish religiosity. The difference between us and other mammals is that we can choose to hurt or not hurt others with our needs and urgency. It is our duty as logical humans to not hurt others, whether you are Christian or Atheist. Every man can and should maintain and keep their sex drive, lusts, and prostate health without guilt but while NEVER doing harm to anyone else.

It's a much better choice to masturbate in private than to have sex with dozens of "victims" and spread diseases, take virginity from those who were saving themselves, or causing pregnancy. Masturbation is much better than ruining relationships with your significant other or destroying relationships of other people with their significant others. As humans we are expected to make the best choices in all situations so we don't hurt others with our actions and thus we avoid sin against our fellow (wo)man.

Masturbation using any private sexual stimulation methods you have is your best choice to make sure your prostate is emptied frequently when your partner is not willing to work with you. if your partner IS willing to work with you often, of course this is the best solution.

But What If My Desire Has Waned Or I Have ED?

If your desire has waned and you just don't care much about sex anymore, you can rejuvenate your desire in a number of ways.

You can stimulate your bodily systems by natural means. Your health-related store has herb combinations to take daily for physical sexual stimulation. it will likely require a month to see any results. There are several male stimulator pills on TV such as EnZite which work well for many men. Try one brand for a month long free trial and see what happens. Then try another brand for a free trial and see what happens. There are only two or three major brands that are sold by the millions. You'll either get results, possibly only minor, or not.  There aren't any side effects of these formulated tablets.  If you get minor results, keep taking it and the results may increase over time. You won't likely get Viagra-like results but somewhat less.

There are powdered Nitric Oxide muscle building supplements in various flavors that cause arterial dilation and increase blood flow to muscles during workouts. These also increase blood flow to the sex organs because increased blood flow occurs to all parts of the body. I have no doubt that some muscle builders experience involuntary erections while working out.

I had a sample pack sent to me five years ago for some reason and I let it sit on the refrigerator for more than a year. One day, about 6 months into my current marriage, I mixed it with milk to see what it would feel like taking a muscle building supplement. I thought it might create a feeling of euphoria, high energy levels, or something. I couldn't believe the result. Within a half hour I had an erection of iron without any provocation and my wife and I jumped into an hour long session of almost violent pleasurable intercourse. I had the stamina of a teenager. We took a nap for a couple hours and I was ready to go again for another extended event. This happened six times in 24 hours. I hadn't performed that much or that well in over 20 years. The ejaculations were intense and the erections were rigid. We were both sore and worn out the next day.

Decreased desire problems can also be mental. Many men have spent so much effort suppressing their natural desire for sexual activity (because of partner lack of desire or for social reasons) that the link between mind and body is broken. Having a significant other with a low sex drive causes a man to suppress his drive to avoid having an affair or avoid guilty masturbation. Eventually his desire diminishes or vanishes completely. Sometimes the viewing of porn videos or viewing photos of women will help re-link the mind and body. Sometimes not.

There is a now a push in the pharmaceutical market to have your testosterone level checked if you have diminished desire. It's called "Low T" and it's true that it affects many men above the age of 40. Can you remember the days when you were obsessed with going out with girls, hormones were driving you crazy, and you thought about girls all the time? After age 40 (earlier for some men) your testosterone levels become much lower. Get checked for Low T and have it supplemented if necessary. You may see a dramatic change.

If you can re-ignite your desire and have sexual release regularly through intercourse or masturbation this is best. If you have ED and erections are either short lived, semi-hard, or don't occur at all, it is still possible to have ejaculations via masturbation.

Try Viagra, Cialis, and/or Levitra to find out if one of them will revive your desire and erections. Don't mix those with Nitric Oxide muscle supplement or Nitric-based heart medications such as Nitro-glycerin. If your significant other has a low desire level and doesn't initially want to participate, offer and show your new found erections. You might be surprised at how she reacts. Her previous lack of interest may actually be a self-suppression of desire because you've been having ED problems. The sight of your iron fencepost might just revive her quickly. If not, privately pleasure yourself and start a regular regime of doing so for your prostate's well being and for fun. Once your sex organs are working well with one of these medications, you may find that the resulting prostate inflammation reduction causes your sex drive to continue even without ED medication.

Sometimes prostate inflammation problems cause erectile dysfunction but other times erectile dysfunction causes prostate inflammation. You can't determine which one causes the other until you at least temporarily resolve one or the other.

In Conclusion

What could be easier and more fun than altering your diet slightly to avoid sugars and acids, then ejaculating your way to prostate health? Nothing that I can think of. All you need is a willing significant other, some privacy without possibility of interruption, and maybe some natural or prescription erectile supplementation. Second best would be some privacy and a significant other who will assist you with masturbation - which may lead to intercourse that you didn't expect if she gets turned on too. Third best would be privacy from interruption with a locked door, some pictures or videos that turn you on, maybe a realistic artificial vagina (excellent ones are available at adult bookstores for about $80), and daily guilt-free self-masturbation like you did back in the Glory Days of your youth. Whatever method you have available or choose - keep that prostate drained so new fresh fluids are produced and replace the old stale and fermenting ones that cause inflammation!

Again, I repeat:

This is not a recommendation to avoid PSA testing for cancer if you have prostate inflammation.  This is not a recommendation to avoid prescription drugs if your urine stream is compromised severely because that is dangerous.  This is not a recommendation to avoid surgery if you actually have prostate cancer.  This is simply a feasible natural method of prostate inflammation reduction which could feasibly lead to prostate size reduction.

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