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Put Down the Cell Phone and Walk Away From the Computer | Tweet

Updated on May 7, 2011
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Put Down the Cell Phone and Walk Away From the Computer | Tweet

Just the title itself deserves a friendly tweet to all your followers on Twitter, giving them permission to take a break. So put down the cell phone and walk away from the computer | Tweet. Take a few minutes to step away from digital technology and the constant link between you and the electronic device while you have a spare moment.

Some of us and our friends get so caught up in text messaging or calling others, posting on social networks, creating new user accounts or instant messaging either at home, work or school that often we find it hard to just put down the cell phone & walk away from the computer.

The sub conscious thinking that if I put the cell phone down or step away from the PC that something exciting, dazzling or drastic might happen or I might miss something of great importance. When in fact just a few short years ago none of these ways of communication were even around and people still survived for centuries.

These attractions to the cell phone texting SMS and MMS messages or Internet surfing through social media sites can hold individuals attentions for hours, days, and finally turn into months of undivided attention to a electronic gadget.


Text messaging from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia or better know as texting can for what ever reason become an obsession. Some find themselves with the inability to stop texting. Always hanging onto a phone checking a text message, sending a text, looking at old text, seeing who they can text next, waiting on a text, or typing a text as draft to send in reply to a text that hasn't even arrived yet.

Some find they can put down the phone but almost without thinking pick it back up within minutes to check and see if they received a text or missed an incoming call.

Breaking the habit of non stop texting can free up minutes or hours in a day that could be spent socializing with friends, family or spending time doing something that you hadn't done for along time, like sitting in a park listening to the birds and watching people walk by while eating a double dip ice cream cone. Whatever your favorite thing to do is just give it a try without the cell phone or PC close by and see if you realize that yes the world turns even if I'm not connected. Can you hear me now!!

Computer Seat Belt

Computers with instant messaging, social networking and surfing the Internet came well before the text messaging craze. Over time people started to realize not how much time was spent at a computer but rather how much time is spent away from the computer monitor and laptop.

Even after being aware of the amount of time spent at the computer typing, clicking, double clicking blogging, backlinking, adding me, following me, supporting friends list ,checking block list, posting to the wall or talking to the hand doesn't actually mean that taking off the computer seat belt from the computer chair is something thats done regularly until the backside says "I'm numb stand up".

Sure we all enjoy spending hours and hours with our favorite laptop or computer because there is a wealth of information at our finger tips. The great thing about it is that It wont be going away anytime soon. Spend some time away from the computer and give it a thought for a few minutes, a couple hours or maybe even a whole day.


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  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

    Your welcome Wooded - Take a much needed breaak away from technology, see how long you can do it. The morning sounds like a great start. :)

  • profile image

    Wooded 7 years ago

    Wonderful, and much needed advice. I think I will take a day off tomorrow. At least a morning. Thanks!