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12 Quick Self Confidence Secrets

Updated on June 4, 2011
Photo credit: Hamad AL-Mohannna
Photo credit: Hamad AL-Mohannna | Source

What is confidence?

Confidence is not the absence of fear, It is, rather, the total presence of fear, with the courage to face it. To develop unstoppable confidence first of all we have to understand it's opposite emotion, that is fear. It will be much easier to develop confidence once you understand fear. So what is fear?

We have experienced fear many times, we become the victim of fear but have you ever seen fear in action? Next time when you feel fearful just close your eyes and look inside. See what is fear and how it works.

You will see, fear is just a thought and imagination. You imagine and entertain fearful thoughts. And you get hypnotized by your own mind. Fear is like a dreamy state. It is absence of alertness. When you are alert there is no fear.

Fear is never in the active present. It is always about past or future. But when you are alert, you are in the present. When you are in the present moment and don't move into the past or future then there is no fear.

When there is no fear, anxiety or panic mind becomes silent. Confidence means you don't use your brain unconsciously to create fear.

You create fear unconsciously but you can also create courage if you use your brain consciously.

  1. Keep your attitude always positive. Write down your negative beliefs and convert them into positive beliefs. Repeat those positive beliefs as affirmations. They will sink deep down into your subconscious mind.
  2. Imagine yourself as a confident man. See and feel yourself as a confident man. Imagine vividly. Imagination is more powerful than willpower. Mental images you hold in your mind has a tendency to manifest in reality.
  3. Body language and voice tone is very important factors. Always pay attention to your body posture, gestures and voice tone.
  4. Pay attention to your clothing. A man is not his cloths but cloths can affect your psychology.
  5. Be thankful for what you have. Wanting and desire create fea and tension. Keep attitude of gratitude.
  6. Approach people, meet people, talk to strangers. This will create more confidence. Learn to meet people everywhere, on the streets, in the malls and hotels. Make new friends. This will end your social anxiety.
  7. Work out, work out, work out. Regular exercise is must to build unshakable confidence. Healthy body, healthy mind.
  8. Meditate regularly. Sit silently for 30 minutes regularly and watch what is going on in your mind. Watch thoughts and emotions. More you watch more there will be clarity and peace.
  9. Teach people how to build self confidence. This is tricky, when you teach others how to become confident, your mind assume that you are already confident :)
  10. Assume that you are confident. Walk like a confident man, talk like a confident man. You can assume and master any skill.
  11. Ask how will sit, how will you speak, what will you do if you are a confident man. When you ask a question mind always supply answers. This questions will help you to instantly adjust your attitude.
  12. Write goals. You must be very clear for what exactly you want in your life. This clarity is confidence. If there is no clarity then there will be confusion. And confusion is the mother of fear.

Please share your tips to build even more self confidence

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