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Quick Weight Loss Center Guide

Updated on November 5, 2009

If you're looking for a dieting center that can help you lose weight or manage obesity, you probably have a very keen interesting in ensuring that the program you will be engaging in will be able to spur very rapid weight loss. There are a couple of different types of options when you're searching for a quick weight loss center, and this hub is intended to help you wade through the facts so that you will not waste your money or your precious motivation. It is important to lose weight quickly, yes, but what is more important than that is to simply lose weight. You ultimately want to lose weight and keep the weight off, and if those two things don't happen together then it won't matter how quickly you were initially able to shed your extra pounds.

One of the big questions to ask yourself right from the beginning is whether or not it is really quick weight loss that you are looking for. Chances are that it took you a relatively long time to put on the weight that you now want to lose, and if that is the case you may be looking at a situation where it could be dangerous to lose a lot of weight very quickly. You may want to consider whether you would be able to sustain your motivation to lose more weight over a longer period of time.

Motivation is the key to understanding quick weight loss

Of course, motivation is the key. I think that that is the main reason why so many people strive for quick weight loss; it is because they are afraid that they will lose their motivation and quit dieting at exactly the wrong time. They know that this would undermine their ability to see themselves as successful dieters and discourage them as people. This is often why it is so difficult to begin dieting. People are so afraid of failure that it is less threatening to never try.

Motivation is also one of the main reasons why people often lean so hard on quick weight loss centers. When you have someone available to you to coach you through the dieting process, it seems less daunting because any potential failure would be shared between you. You pay a weight loss center, in many ways, to take respnsibility for your behavior.

This is actually a very useful and very healthy purpose for a weight loss clinic, but it can also lead to another type of failure. When you are simply looking for someone who will encourage you and take responsibility for a part of your quick weight loss diet program, there is another crucial element that you may fail to take into account

Photo by Helga:
Photo by Helga:

Not just any diet plan will help you to quickly lose weight

The really critical component of a diet program, over and above any motivational issues and regardless of how inpirational your contact at the weight loss clinic may be is this: does the diet work??

In my opinion, this single question is why I tell people to avoid a quick weight loss center that is not administered by actual medical professionals. You can count points, and buy meals, and exercise, and weigh in until you're blue in the face and light in the wallet, but if the diet program does not work, you won't lose the weight. At this point, I do not feel confident recommending any weight loss program that is not supported by the credentials and the clinical judgement of a knowledgable physician.

Not every body works exactly the same, and only a doctor is qualified to determine what is and is not working for you, and how to adjust the program to accomodate your specific physiological needs. For that matter, a doctor is the only one qualified to assess the risks you may be incurring by following a weight loss program. You could actually endanger your health by altering your diet and exercise routine without the supervision of a doctor. So that is something that I can not stress enough: if you are going to join a weight loss center, make sure you do your homework and find one that is supported by an actual physician.

The next important aspect to pay attention to is the motivation and behavioral changes that are necessary to successfully complete a weight loss program. You can go to any storefront quick weight loss center and be coached by an unqualified individual who is little more than a salesperson. Their job will be to keep you in the program, and to make sure that you faithfully purchase the products sold by the center your attend.

The problem here is that the person who is ostensibly trying to help you lose weight has a vested interest in preventing you from reaching your ultimate goals, because then they would cease to collect commission from your purchases! Furthermore, even if you assume that your weight loss coach has absolutely pure motives, they still are unqualified to understand you and intervene in your behavior.

People are extremely complicated, and our behaviors often serve multiple conflicting purposes. Only a psychologist or other qualified mental health profession is qualified to help you to understand why it is that you have put on the extra weight that you have, and to help you turn those processes around in a way that won't result in a lot of psychological side effects. If side effects do occur, a psychologist would be able to understand why they are occuring and to treat them appropriately. A person who simply happened to get a job at a weight loss center does not have this capability, because they just don't have the clinical training. All they have are rote weight loss tips that may or may not work in your situation.

Therefore, I would always recommend that you select a weight loss center that offers you support froma truly qualified and fully licensed mental health professional.


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      Phillip Abbott 6 years ago

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