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Quick Weight Loss Diet Guide

Updated on November 5, 2009

If you want to lose weight, then you probably want to do so with as great an amount of haste as is absolutely possible. Often this is not the healthiest approach. The purpose of this hub is to examine some of the quick weight loss diet tips that you're likely to come across, in order to help you try and select the method that will be the healthiest, while also offering you some degree of speed. Some of the suggestions may sound counterintuitive, but the most important this is to remember that you should always consult with your physician before you make any changes to your diet and exercise program.

This is because everyone's physiology is unique, and it is highly possible that you could threaten your physical integrity if you pursue a weight loss plan that is incompatible with your current level of health and fitness, or that interferes with some type of functioning that your body has heretofore been using to keep you going. A doctor's supervision can also help you to avoid missteps along the way to your weight loss goals, and can help you to make sure that you keep your health at the very forefront of your quick weight loss diet program.

Photo by Floodkoff -
Photo by Floodkoff -

Quick Weight Loss: Dieting For Results

When you are looking for quick weight loss, you are already saying that you have made the decision to base your entire outcome on the way that you manage to affect your body's composition. I would challenge that notion a little bit by suggesting that you should actually be thinking in terms of body shape and size ideals. If health is your ultimate goal, you will be a lot less likely to become frustrated and give up on your first-line quick weight loss diet techniques. That is the point at which a lot of dieters turn to the dark side, and begin essentially inflicting abuse upon their bodies in futile attempts to scare the weight off.

If there is one thing I can tell you for sure, it is that the only way to maintain the body you want in the long term is the healthy way. If you fail to adopt a healthy strategy early on and to maintain that strategy, you will go off the rails and experience less than optimal results. Therefore, when you sit down to think about exactly how you will set up your quick weight loss diet in the short term, make sure that you plan stretches into the long term: how will you maintain this healthy weight loss? How will you merge your short-term gains and techniques into an overarching lifestyle?

Losing Weight Quick Versus Losing Weight Smart

The point here is that you can lose weight quickly while still doing things in a smart and sustainable way, but in order to do that you have to spend some time thinking first. You cannot just dive into weight loss head-first if you want to succeed; instead you have to be an intelligent and informed dieter. There are plenty of uninformed marketers out there offering all manner of supposed fast weight loss tips, but the truth is that science is science and that is the only way to separate the wheat from the chaffe.

The first thing to become informed about is how bodies gain and lose weight. You would think that that would be absolutely elementary for dieters, but most people never take the time to consider it. They simply repeat the mantra that eating less and exercising more will cause them to weigh less. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! Eating less and exercising more is dieting hard, not dieting smart.

The smart way to diet is to realize that the less food you put in to your body, the more conservative your body will be when it comes to energy output. We don't always burn calories at the same rate, it all has to do with metabolism. People know this and talk about it all the time, but somehow when you talk about burning calories through exercise and caloric restriction people conveniently forget.

"Professional dieters" and even many advisors at quick weight loss centers will tell you all about the laws of thermodynamics. They will tell you that a calorie is a calorie, and that the only thing that matters is how many calories you eat versus how many calories you burn. I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelmingly terrible this type of logic is. It does not stand up to even cursory examination.

First of all, we know that every body burns calories at a different rate. This is true for humans, for lab rats, even for fruit flies. Every individual creature maintains its own metabolic rate based on environmental factors, including how much food is available. So when you don't eat as much, your body is smart enough to know that it should conserve energy. If you are eating all the time, your body will be more liberal about burning calories.

So this means that if you have been eating a lot and storing up fat, and suddenly start eating very little, your body is going to do everything it can to conserve all that energy it has been storing away. Your metabolic rate will drop through the floor, and you will be lucky if you experience even slow weight loss. To experience very quick weight loss you must increase your metabolic rate while also consuming fewer calories.


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