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Quit Smoking in 28 Days

Updated on March 1, 2014

Want to know ways to quit smoking in 28 days. This is where it will be by giving you advise and ways to keep motivated on your road to smoke free days.

Smoking is the largest cause of preventable death in the world. In Singapore itself, about 7 Singaporeans die prematurely from smoking-related diseases like cancer, heart attack, stroke etc. each day. Therefore, it is important for us to quit smoking. By choosing to read this hub, I believed that you have the intention to quit smoking. I would like to congratulate you on taking your very first step to quit smoking and would like to assured you that many people has successfully quit smoking, so do not give up on quitting. You may wish to use medication to assist you to quit smoking. But on this hub, basically it bring you through a mental campaign to assist you to stop smoking. Let start your 28 days of smoking-free campaigns.

I Quit 28-Day Countdown: Our Quit Journey Begins 1st June!

28 Days to go

“My Journey will be hard but my nicotine and carbon monoxide levels have dropped by half”

Once you have started your journey to quit smoking, you will face numerous obstacles. But you have already won half a battle by deciding to quit.

I guess one of the reasons that you wanted to quit smoking is that you understand how harmful smoking tobacco could be. It contains more than 4000 chemicals and at least 400 of them can bring harm to your body.

27 Days to go

“My mind and body are telling me that it’s ok to light up. I’m staying strong, I’m saying no”

Determination not to smoke is the key for you to succeed to quit smoking in 28 days.

One of the main components of cigarette is Tar. Tar is a black and sticky residue used to cover the road surfaces. Basically it clogs up the lungs and causes lung cancer. Some of the cancer-causing substances that it contain includes

-Benzo(a)pyrene: found in emissions from burned plant and petroleum products

-Cadmium:a poisonous chemical that can cause liver kidney and brain damage, commonly found in car batteries.

-B-napthylamine: Used in the manufactur of dyes, condensation colours and rubber.

-Nitrosamine: found in harsh detergents;commonly used as an engine degreaser

26 Days to go

“Other people are smoking around me, but I’m trying not to get tempted”

There will always be temptation around you to get you back to smoke. Tell those temptations that you have decided not to smoke.

Another ingredient found in cigarette is nicotine. It is a very addictive drug and acts as a stimulant which causes your heart rate and blood pressure to shoot up. It also increases the blood stickiness and decrease the diameter of blood vessels which in turn increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

25 Days to go

“My blood vessel is now stable. I feel better about my health, but I’m still tempted”

The improvement in your health condition should win over your temptation.

The third deadly chemical in the cigarette is carbon monoxide which is often found in the car exhaust smoke. It steals your muscles, brain and body tissue of oxygen, making your heart to work harder. After sometimes, it can cause heart attacks or stroke. And overtime, your airways swell up and let less air into your lung.

24 Days to go

“I suddenly want to eat a lot. I’m worried about putting on weight”

By focusing your addiction to food is one way that can mentally deter you from smoking.

Tips 1: Need a break at work? Grab a cup of coffee and talk to someone new.

23 Days to go

“I almost made it a week! I feel like I can do this. I no longer feel as eager to smoke”

The urge to smoke will reduced after some time of not smoking.

Majority of the heart disease and stroke cases are a result of smoking as smoking cause fatty deposits to build up in the blood vessels making them narrow or blocked. This in turn leads to heart disease or stroke.

22 Days to go

“I’ve done it! It’s has been a week! I am rewarding myself with a massage”

Have achieves one week without smoking means something. Reward yourself with some activity that you like but not smoking.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 50 cancer-causing substances. The longer one smokes, the greater the risk of developing cancers.

I Quit 28-Day Countdown: Week 1

21 Days to go

“My taste bud and sense of smell have improved. I really feel the difference”

Your health in term of senses should get improved by now. Continue on for a better health.

Smoking also causes chronic obstructive Pulmonary/Lung diseases which make you breathe harder. This disease is also one of the largest causes of death.

20 Days to go

“I keep reminding myself why I quit. It’s the best way to stay motivated.”

Never give in to smoke once you in it to quit. Set yourself mental goals to keep yourself motivated and refrain from smoking.

Tips 2: Feel like lighting up? Play the below game of Sudoku instead.

19 Days to go

“My brain is tricking me into thinking that I am in control, but I still have sudden urges. I know I can control them. I won’t give up.”

You have in control of your urge until now, do not give in to any urge.

Women who smoke are 50% more likely to suffer from Osteoporosis which is a disease that causes bones to lose density and become brittle. This in turn leads to hip, spine and wrist fractures.

18 Days to go

“My Head feel lighter, I know I’m going through withdrawal symptoms and that’s a good sign.”

All this symptoms that you experience just mean that you are closer by a step to quit smoking.

Men who smoke suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction and reduces the volume of ejaculation and lowers sperms count.

Women who smoke may experience early menopause and more menopausal symptoms and their egg counts may be reduced.

Therefore, smoking increases the risk of infertility in both men and women

17 Days to go

“I know that even one puff can deter your journey. I won’t give up”

Just a single puff will destroy all your dreams. Look ahead and do not give in to that puff.

Tips 3: Write a letter to yourself to open at the end of this countdown. Hide it away until 28th day of quitting.

16 Days to go

“I seem to be getting fidgety when I have craving. I’m using a tangle toy to get myself distracted.”

Distraction is a way to get rid of the craving. Do something you like when the craving is up.

Besides harming yourself, second hand smoke can harmed your loved one who does not smoke.

15 Days to go

“Two weeks and I am going strong! My mind is clearer and I feel healthier just by breathing.”

Two weeks are gone and a lot of beneficial effect started to occurred.

Stop smoking can improved your health and the effects can be seen as early as 20minutes with your blood pressures decreasing, pulse rate dropping and dody temperature of hands and feet increases.

I Quit 28-Day Countdown: Week 2

14 Days to go

“My urges are slowly decreasing. I feel more like I have much more control. They are there but mild.”

After two weeks, your resistance of not smoking have increased but remain alert and do not give in.

72 hours after stop smoking make your breathing easier and energy level to increase.

13 Days to go

“It’s hard spending a night out without smoking, but today I’m so glad I say no .”

If you managed not to smoke in a night out, you are almost there.

Tips 4: Try spending a night out without lighting up. It’s the best test.

12 Days to go

“I know that a single cigarette will bring me back to square one. Even though I am tempted, I won’t give in.”

Never give up at this moment, you are almost there.

Within 1 to 9 months, your shortness of breath, coughing, sinus congestion and fatigue will decrease.

11 Days to go

“My skin looks better and my mood has improved. I’m seeing more positive changes all around!”

Many positive changes will come its way when you stop smoking.

Within 1 year of stop smoking, your risk of heart disease decreases to half that of a smoker.

10 Days to go

“I feel hungry all the time so I’ve started having smaller, healthier meal and more frequent meals.”

Smaller, healthier meal is a way to prevent you from gaining extra weight.

Tips 5: Indulge in your favorite food. It will taste much better.

9 Days to go

“I feel closer to my goal now as my body doesn’t crave nicotine any more.”

Congratulation that you no longer has any nicotine crave.

Within 5 – 10 years, your risks of stroke and coronary heart diseases reduce to about the same as someone who has never smoked and risk of lung cancer decreases to about half of a smoker.

8 Days to go

“I now wake up feeling like a new person, not needing to rely on cigarettes for support anymore.”

That’s it, say good bye to cigarettes.

Tips 6: Take a walk on the beach and notice how you can breathe better.

I Quit 28-Day Countdown: Week 3

7 Days to go

“I’ve notice an increase in my productivity and I no longer have the urges to take smoke breaks.”

Time to show your boss how much better you can work.

Do you know how much money you save after you stop smoking?

6 Days to go

“I didn’t believe that I could quit. Now that I have made it so far, I want to help a friend to quit too.”

Share your tips on quitting with you friend who are still in struggle to quit. Show them how much you have accomplished after a long battle to quit.

Tips 7: Sign up for a healthy hobby. Dance classes are a great option.

5 Days to go

“Today I realize that quitting isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a decision that I am proud of”

Be proud of your decision to quit.

Quitting cigarette smoking can improve your physical wellbeing. You will look and feel better.

4 Days to go

“I’ve saved so much money since I started my quit journey. I never realize how much I spent on cigarettes”

Cigarettes purchases are expensive especially in Singapore where cigarette is heavily tax and consumer need to pay a great amount for it.

Tips 8:If you feel dizzy, sugar-free mints and warm water help.

3 Days to go

“The haze in Singapore has made me realize how bad second hand smoke can be. I’m more motivated to quit than ever.”

The haze that occurred recently around Singapore just show how bad smoke can be affecting everyone around us.

Quit smoking to improve your psychological wellness like increase in self esteem.

2 Days to go

“I’m almost there. I won’t light up. It’s easy to stay motivated. ”

Nothing can stop you from not smoking now.

Tips 9:Get rid of anything that give you an urge to smoke – be it that heavy meal or song on the radio.

1 Days to go

“Tomorrow marks the end of my 28-Day countdown. I’m determined to continue my smoke free journey and remain a quitter for life! ”

Once you quit, do not pick up again. Congratulation!!!

Quitting smoking is beneficial for you yourself and your loved one. Work hand in hand with your loved one to get yourself motivated to stop smoking in your life.

I Quit 28-Day Countdown: Week 4

Do You know?

4 years smoke-free, President Barack Obama quit because he did not want to lie to his daughters.

Have you succeed to quit smoking?

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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Great inspirational hub.

      I quit smoking in 1994 and have never had the desire to ever start again. The first two weeks of withdrawal were the worst for me, so i spent much of those two weeks in bed sleeping. There was no support group to assist anyone who wanted to quit back in those days.

      I had to use up two weeks of my vacation time in order to do this cold turkey, but the end result was worth more than any vacation i have every spent.

      My determination, and desire to quite, was strong so i was quite motivated with the attitude "i will quit smoking or die trying".

      My health was deteriorating, and had recently developed asthma causing difficulty breathing.

      Now, almost 20 years later, my lungs are clear, the asthma has gone away, and i am healthier than i have ever been since i started smoking. I smoked for 40 years, at least one pack a day, and watched many of my friends and family die of lung diseases.

      So, i am thankful for being strong enough to survive the evils of tobacco.

      I applaud anyone who can quit as well, and i can attest to the fact that it is well worth the pain of that withdrawal period, when the benefits of being a "non smoker" give back the lost energy, and the regained taste enjoyment of foods, and much more.