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Quit Weed - Learn How to Quit Smoking Weed

Updated on December 30, 2014

Smoking Weed CAN be Addictive!

Everyone has an opinion about whether or not marijuana is addictive. People who smoke and are not addicted will argue that marijuana isn't addictive, because it isn't for them! Research has shown that marijuana addiction is a real problem for roughly 5% to 10% of users who try marijuana. This article provides 3 powerful tips on how to quit smoking pot when you are addicted, or need to quit. I smoked weed for close to 10 years and was addicted for 8 of them. Finally I had the courage to quit. Below are some tips that helped me along the way.

Is this You?

Sick of Smoking Weed and want to quit?   This page can help you!
Sick of Smoking Weed and want to quit? This page can help you!

Keep Busy while You Quit Weed

A common problem when you quit weed is that you have a lot more time on their hands. A lot of heavy smokers spend at least some of their day on relaxing after smoking. When you quit smoking pot, you will need to find something to do to replace the time that you spent being stoned.

When you are quitting, you may also decide that you don't want to do some of the activities that always lead to smoking. For example, if you always went out and had a beer, the smoked after work, you will want to find something to do during that time so that you don't go back to smoking marijuana to fill that time.

Believe it or not, one of the reasons people go back to smoking marijuana, is that they don't find anything better to do when they decided to quit!

Write a List of Reasons to Quit Smoking Pot

This may seem trivial, but by writing a list of reasons, you brain is far more committed to following what you have written in order to achieve your goal. The simple act of writing, can change how you think about yourself and your marijuana adddiction and cause you to follow through with your written goal.

You may wish to write a list of reasons for quitting, a reward that you will receive after 1 month of not smoking, or just a journal about how you feel right now. If you are not interested in writing, you can tell a close friend or spouse about your decision.

Because most people don't like to talk about their weed addiction, writing is the best way to keep yourself mentally on track.



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    • Rodricklewis profile image

      Rodrick Lewis 3 years ago from Online

    • profile image

      DanK 3 years ago

      Yea I used to be one of you people on here telling all these people that weed is not addictive and you are all just pussy's that can't deal with what is going on in your life.. I am 32 I have been smoking since I was 13 that shit is fuckin addictive people... don't bullshit a bullshitter... I was you at one point. I used to sell the shit I had an unlimited supply I would smoke a fuckin 1/2 to a full oz a day sometimes with "friends". I recently went through a huge life changing thing where I left my wife of almost 10 years... and took a good look at my life and saw with a clear head how much time I had wasted being stoned.. it does make you lazy and unmotivated even if you can't see it through the haze it does... I have been sober now for over almost 3 months and it has been hell, ive lost almost 30 lbs cuz I don't get hungry now, I had the hardest time sleeping at night for weeks until I started exercising like crazy during the day and before bed, even after this long sometimes that isn't enough I mean here I am at 4:30 am posting on a forum.. that shit is addictive. i have tried taking melatonin and that shit doesn't seem to be working.. i want to spark one up right now cuz i know it will put me out in an hour tops but then i will want it all day tomorrow and i like how i am more motivated now.. i work out, i started working a second job to take up my time.. the key i find like others have posted on here is to change your lifestyle completely.. like if you were the type of stoner who would smoke a cannon and sit on the couch watching a movie or playin video games till you passed out stop whatever activity you did with it... they go together and im sure it has some kind of mental connection.. that is why i started jogging / lifting before bed instead of watching tv.. i feel i am just repeating what others have said and i feel like i am finally getting tired so fuck this... i don't care what any of you say i was more hardcore into smoking guaranteed that 90% of you it is addictive, it does fuck with your life, goals, motivation... if your one of those people that say hey look at my very successful life and i still smoke then i have this to say... imagine what it could be like then if you didn't... skies the limit mother fuckers. goodnight.

    • profile image

      quitsmokingpotnow 5 years ago

      Thanks for you great post. I have just stopped smoking weed myself and am getting ready to go through the process of detoxing and staying clean so your post was very helpful. Keep up the good post

    • profile image

      Blake 5 years ago

      I'm 16 and have been smoking weed daily for a year or so, I can smOke an ounce in under a month and find it hard to stop. I put weed Infront o everything. Fuck knows how much I've spent on it over the past year ... I still don't really want to stop, I'm only cutting back cause I can't afford it at the moment due to car costs. I believe when used in moderation weed is harmless, if you can't go a week without weed STOP or it will only get harder with each lungfull..

    • profile image

      Maxxx 5 years ago

      Okay well anyone saying "i wanted to buy weed instead of paying my bills just to get high to clear the anxiety and depression."

      That is your problem. Smoking is a choice, so if you're the person who's going to be seriously irresponsible and then blame it on smoking, you are really immature. You make people who do smoke responsibly look horrible.

    • profile image

      Niks 6 years ago

      I've stopped smoking weed for six months now I've been a heavy cannabis user for 15 years I am finding it hard but only recently which I don't understand I have tried to stop a few times b4 but have never stopped for this long I am proud but it is hard I hope I can do it this time

    • profile image

      2Sneaky 6 years ago

      Ismael Abdullah - fucking great advice there mate, if you're prone to being addictive don't try addictive things... Why didn't I think of that? ill just search wikipedia quickly to see who I know has an addictive personality and warn them quick so they don't get in a mess like me! Amazing!


    • profile image

      SImon 6 years ago

      I have tried to quit in several occasions and failed. I passed from smoking daily to smoking on weekends though, but its hard to resist during the week. I have realized that the problem is not weed. The problem is your own character.

      You will always want to smoke, you like it, even if you quit. But Its the sober you that decides to smoke and the one that decides to make wrong choices. The addiction is just a mental trick to not doing what is needed, to being lazy, to not confronting your hardest challenges, to procrastinating. It is an escape. When it is getting in your way to other things, like going out with sober people, socializing, being active, being productive, writing, reading, meditating, or whatever, it is your character that is in flaw, not weed. Even if you will quit weed but you will probably find something else or some other excuse, until you fix your character flaw.

      Im gonna try to smoke only on sundays when I do photography and just reflect about my week past and my week ahead. I love weed, just want to make the right choices of when and how, as I have so many other things to do appart from being stoned. I just have to develop discipline and integrity. Wish me luck.

    • profile image

      ball'nchain 6 years ago

      I have been a pot smoker daily for 25 years. I smoked up to 20 cones per day. It got to the point I couldn't do anything in life without being stoned first. I wasted copious amounts of money and time on this addiction, so it is indeed time to quit.

      I am in day 4 of quitting and it's a horrible feeling. I can't eat, can't sleep, fidgety, anxious and craving my old bong and a big bag of weed. I finally flicked a close friend that I smoked with daily as I realised they just wanted me to keep smoking, even when I'm trying so hard to give up.

      Have to laugh at the ^ wally above called 'Loveweed'. He can't spell, can't use grammar or punctuation and makes his own 'statistics'. A walking advertisement to give up the weed.

      Good luck to you all... it's a hard thing to give up but look at the long term benefits! I'm looking forward to having clear eyes, smokeless breath, clear lungs, a functioning brain, being more physically active, friends that aren't dopes and money in my pocket.

      I will win this fight.

    • profile image

      Craig 6 years ago

      And as for the physical activity, I am a near professional golfer (which is proven to be the hardest sport in the world) and I am very athletic. I go to the gym on a regular basis after usin marijuana on my way to work. Doctors prescribe different drugs to different people. Just because marijuana doesn't work for your life doesn't mean it will strive other people to be better.

    • profile image

      Craig 6 years ago

      This is pretty sad, I gotta say to all you people on here 17 years and younger. You guys have to stop. Heavy marijuana use at a young age affects your brain and body more greatly than that of older people. Anyways, I have been smoking weed from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed. All day at work in lighter doses and all night. There are many people in my life who have no idea of my addiction. I am 23 years old and started smoking pot as regular as never not high my first day of work with a guy who taught me alot about the world. Since then I have gone through many changes in my life. Including employment problems during the recession, family problems and relationship problems and problems with the law. Not to mention alcohol and substance abuse problems beyond marijuana. Through all this there has been one Constance in my life. And that is my love for POT. I use marijuana to make myself better. Due to new technology, vaporizing is a lot better for you then your classic joints or pipes. I used my addiction to quit smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using cocaine and ecstasy and it helped me to disconnect from that world in dark times. I know that I will not always use marijuana but I know I will NOT need to "quit" it. I will just no longer need it to get where I'm going. I am currently a branch supervisor at a place ive only been at 3 years, and an on-call person who works upwards of 600 hrs overtime per year at a very large oilfield company and I use pot all the time. I just bought my first house and already own my Cadillac suv. So all you people who think pot is the problem. Look again at all the people who use it and it does not affect negatively. And yes it is addictive and dangerous but when used right it does not have to be.

    • profile image

      keep it up 6 years ago

      The symptoms will pass over a month so keep it going and you will see that it is the best decision you will ever make.What you need is a physical hobby.

    • profile image

      Bob 6 years ago

      The Lady Mary is definitely addictive. If it wasn't, why havent i been able to stop smoking pot for almost 15 years? Smoking now more than an ounce + a month with ease and monitoring to have it last until the next comes along. I have attemted to stop many times over, with some attempts lasting as short as a day or less to the longest stretch of 1year. 1year always seems to be the breaking point because I come to realize that nothing changes. Not in the way I interact with others or my daily activities aside from the bordom factor that is consistently apparent, easy aggitation , issues with sleep insomnia/crazy vivid dreams/ or lack of appetite ect. ect. I basicly freak out at the thought of not being able to smoke. I smoke on breaks/ pretty much every two hours of the day. So in closing its tough for me to see why not continue what i started oh so long ago. Even though it isn't and expense issue in my case it always still seems like it is...left still with the same feelings, with or without sweet Mary. Its a curse!

    • profile image

      Dobby 6 years ago

      Ok first things first - WEED DEFINITELY IS ADDICTIVE - I am 21 years old, I used to have a big circle of friends and was very confident and outgoing, since I started smoking weed I started to lose interest in life, just not giving a rats ass about anything, my dad lives in Australia and we used to speak every sunday on the phone for about 10 years, but now we haven't spoken for about 1 year! I had a good job but had to downgrade to a different department because I was too nervous to speak to people on the phone so now I am doing admin work earning waaaay less money, this week I have decided to cut it out for good, so far I have not even able to sleep, I lay in bed wide awake sweating sometimes until like 5:00am and I have to wake up at 6:30am for work, therefore I am groggy everyday and snap at people, my mum bought me a Shisha and agreed to let me smoke the flavours in my bedroom to help me get off Mary Jane - the main reason I'm addicted is because i don't see my friends a lot and I get really bored in my free time - I even started booking whole weeks at a time off work just to walk in the park on my own with a spliff listening to headphones everyday and escape reality, I am wondering if smoking 1 joint at the weekend would help relieve withdrawal by cutting down instead of punishing myself goig cold turkey or would it kind of just reset the synptoms so I can never smoke it ever again?

    • profile image

      venomos 6 years ago

      The first thing I did was getting rid of all my friends I used to get high with. Change number, delete facebook and so on. That way there was no chance to be in contact with them. And I needed to do it the cold hard way. I told my family about it (which was a huge step) and they were amizingly suportive. I'm back to school now and lead a wonderful sober life now. I'm just so glad I quit in time, before I had wasted any more years of my life.

    • profile image

      jballz 6 years ago

      I have smoked pot almost every day for 15 years and it has greatly affected my life. For me, marijuana use has drastically altered my life path by limiting my motivation. Being unmotivated to get a better education and pursue a career. With heavy use my ability to retain information is limited which made college very difficult and eventually I dropped out. Marijuana use has also affected several of my love relationships where my girlfriend would be disappointed that I was stoned again and again. Smoking everyday has also limited my energy levels, made me feel hopeless and cranky, and in turn makes me feel generally depressed. I started smoking pot when I was 13 and I am now 28. I imagine I would be in a much better place in life if I didn't choose to go down this path. Although being stoned can be a lot of fun and has its time and place, smoking every day can seriously interfere with your life. I have quit for 11 days now and I am seriously craving it, that is why I am on this website. This is not easy. :(

    • profile image

      roger 6 years ago

      I use daily and have for 3 years I'm 19 and I want to stop but in the whole all my friends use and don't want to loose them.

    • profile image

      Hayan1 6 years ago

      Smokke my niggaaaaaaa

    • profile image

      boulder 6 years ago

      so i have been smoking weed every day for the past few years now and can't remember what its like to be sober. its legal here for me and i can't quit because there is nothing else to do except smoke what should i do

    • profile image

      loveweed 6 years ago

      U guys r all retarted weed is not affecting u u imbacciles u r affecting ur self just cause it messes up ur life dosent mean everybodys the same I've been smoking weed for about three n a half years n u guys r just putting ur stupid retarted sob stories on here I smoke weed and it has made my life better I am getting better grades hanging out with my family n friends more ect u guys play it out as weed is bad when its proven ciggaretes do way more damage than hemp weed affects ur lungs by 2 percent you become more spiritual n religious when u smoke it helps uptight stressfreaks u guys r just putting BS on here if u wanna quit then quit itz not that hard u retards just say no n if u feel u wanna put ur negative opinion on here than don't freakin gosh u guys r fuckin drama queens

    • profile image

      Yui 7 years ago

      My friend smokes weed cuts him self etc..

      This will help me help him

      Any more info the more the better

    • profile image

      Sir-smoke-a-lot 7 years ago

      FUMELA!!!!!!!!!! just enjoy smoking pot -.- (?_?_?_?(???????????(?_?_??s?? m??o??k??e?? ??w??e??e??d?? ??e??v??e??r??y??d??a??y?? ? _ ? _ ? _ ?()

    • profile image

      mister weed smoker 7 years ago

      i smoke weed for years and i got to say i love it and i got to try and quit asap and im starid when i was in 12 but now im 16 and i will try and quit. some day

    • profile image

      Drew 7 years ago

      I'm 19 years old. Weed ruins me I was a great person weed has changed me. My mental addiction is huge cause I use it to escape my problems in life. To be honest I love the high slows me down and it relieves bordeom. I love it, if I don't quit I will be kick out of my house. My parents Are sick of me I'm sick of me I'm depressed and don't have a clue. It changes ur thoughts on life you just burn out and fade cause you don't care. I love weed so much I hate....I need to quit to get my fam back and me...

    • profile image

      BigBallerT 7 years ago

      Age 17, was when I started smoking and then it increased dramatically at age 18. I'm going to be 21 soon but one of my goals is to quit smoking. After a while it becomes a habit. I am tired of all the family pressure I believe if I stop, I will be able to move on in life. I may have not been smoking for as long as other people on here, but smoking is not good, I have wasted tremendous amounts of money, I feel like I'm always going a step back when I do smoke.I will stop. Its not going to be easy but I know in the end, its the right thing to do.

    • profile image

      Bobb 7 years ago

      I am 16 years old. I have been burning for 1 and a half years as of today. I love smoking. I smoke with my 3 best friends. I seriously want to stop or at least smoke once a week at the most. But I always want to hangout with m friends and they always want to smoke. I am abusing weed. Weed should be used at a moderation. I have been sick for the past week and all I do is watch tv. I have so much free time that all I do is smoke. I have to cut back. How do I cut back and keep friends?

    • profile image

      bwp420 7 years ago

      i am only 16 years old and have been smoking between 2-7 grams a day for the past year and a half. i tried to quit multiple times already but the longest i made it was 2 days without weed. it is truly addicting, and it has taken over my life. my mind is a cycle, "i need to get high, how will i find money to get high when im out of the ganja i have now, i need to get higher than this". i never expected weed to control me like it does. i was kicked out of my dads house because of my problem and i just smoked more and more. i have realized i smoked so much to avoid my anxiety and depression, which i didn't have until i started smoking pot. if i am sober, i can't sleep, i can't eat, i get pissed off at nothing. i didn't talk to my dad and his side of my family for months, simply because i put weed ahead of everything. i am looking at an extra year of high school already. recently i have been stressing my mind uncontrollably about quitting weed so i can straighten my life out. i am on my 5th sober day, insomnia worse than ever, anxiety and depression and irritability all increased. all i can think about is wishing i was high but knowing i don't want to fall into that cycle once again. i love my family too much to keep putting them through my stupid decisions and causing them so much pain and stress. even my friends who smoke every day with me thought i needed to slow down. weed does things you would never expect, and this is coming from someone who LOVES mary jane. shes my soulmate that i need a divorce from. im sure i am not the only one who feels like this, and i would just like to show people no matter how bad it seems, its all in your mind. you need to be very mentally strong to overcome this, and friends and family help a lot. i hope i can continue to realize what's most important in life and that the sweet high from weed is something that needs to be left in the past so i can start a brighter, less sad and lonely future!

    • profile image

      sasha 7 years ago

      I have been smoking weed for 30 years since I was 15 and this is my first time really wanting to quit.For all you people who say weed isn't addictive BULL it is and it does take over your life, I don't go out,I don't buy cloths,I spend all my money on weed at times I pay my bill late because of weed sorry people it is the devil any addiction is............I can't quit without something to realx me cuz the craziness that happens when I don't smoke it is unreal first day for me weed free and its hard

    • profile image

      Rachel Ruvalcaba 7 years ago

      All I can say about this topic is that marijuana is indeed addictive and there was a point in my life where all I thought about was smoking!! I used to be a good kid but then met my bf who had been smoking for 3 years straight and so I decited to try it. I didn't like it at first but when I found out he cheated on me I started smoking with my friends and by junior year of high school I was smoking almost every other day! this last summer, summer of 10' I smoked every day, I woke and bake I smoked a couple hours later and then again and the again. That's all I thought about and I noticed my personality and relationships started changing.. When I wouldn't smoke I would feel highly depressed.. I absolutley loved the feeling of that high though.. I eventually got back with my bf and now we're both tryina quit.. It'll be 2 weeks this sunday that I haven't smoked and today is a friday, last friday I smoked but it was only ONE hit and I didn't really feel it and things went completley wrong with my bf that day:/

      He has still been smoking and I honestly don't know how he's gonna quit even though he says he's going to once the new year starts. If he really doesn't quit than I can honestly say that I do not plan to be with him any longer because I really wanna be with him and have a future with him but if he doesn't wanna quit then I don't wanna live that kind of lifestyle.

      But anywho, I believe smoking is only okay once a week cause that would only be like 4 times a month and it doesn't sound like it would do much harm. DON'T ABUSE WEED!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Ismael Abdullah 7 years ago

      I don't think that weed is the problem. It has been proven non-addictive by studies. yet people get addicted. Weed is addictive like gambling. Most people can do it without a problem. However some people will have a real hard time. If you are one of these people then you should quit. If not TOKE UP.

    • profile image

      Heavyonmymind 7 years ago

      Righting it down and also I will paste it somewhere...maybe nxt to my mirror, so I will have a daily reminder of my goal.

      The hardest part is finding something else to do with that time.

      I smoke coming and going....coming to work and going home from work, and even once when I get in from work.

      If you ask me, I am super busy, but apparently I always find time to smoke.

      I am just ready to try something new....I guess I will find some hobbies....but the only thing I seem to do is shop and spend that money I am saving from not smoking.

      I am just all confused.....

    • profile image

      Rygy 7 years ago

      Thanks for the advice. Writing really seems to be the only way for me to quit. I've been trying on and off for the past year to quit.. Between the stress of my job, my life situation as of late, quitting has been somewhat of a failure. I love being high, all my anxiety, OCD, dissipates in the form of vaporized THC in my lungs. Tickle tickle histamine. Out goes all my ambition, judgment, along with it. It's a real double sided axe for me. I can be free of my constant flowing thoughts, my anxiety, as well as my ocd, but.. and this is a huge but.. I tend to dig into my savings. I plan my life out less. Everything becomes a last minute endeavor, I'm depressed, and it seems like I'm working for a Weed. Lately I've been in a cloud. When I'm not high I pace. I can't figure out what to do with myself!

      So, thanks for the advice.. I'll invest in a journal. Seems to be the only things I've yet to do.

    • profile image

      quit weed now 7 years ago

      great hub! I have smoked away half my life and man what a waste of time it was. I am very happy to be rid of my addiction. It took me 2 years to finally stop. And I found it a very difficult process.

      Not everyone can do this alone and I strongly advise others to get help.

      Cheers, Andi

    • profile image

      Smoker 7 years ago

      I smoked weed for 5 years. I was addicted...mentally. It is impossible to be physically addicted. When I quit, it was hard. I had all of the withdrawal symptoms. It was very difficult when it got near the time of day that I smoked the most. It was only in my mind though. Having later quit smoking cigarettes I understand it is the mental addiction that is the problem, not the physical. Years later i began smoking again. I continue to smoke weed when I feel like it. I am unhindered by addiction. I never have the need to smoke, but do when it is offered. Anybody who says smoking weed is damaging is selling something, like "Jesusfreak" who's trying to sell 'God'. In a few months it'll be legal here in California anywho, and the only difference will be less guns flowing to the mexican drug cartel.

    • profile image

      Steve 8 years ago

      I smoked weed for years and I can tell you it's bad for you.

      There are many conflicting opinions but I can say that since quitting weed I feel a hundred times better.

      The vast majority of people who use marijuana, smoke it and smoking is bad for you, period.

    • Jim Strutzin profile image

      Jim Strutzin 8 years ago

      Why would you want to quit? I subscribe to Terence McKenna's viewpoint of smoking cannabis -- The problem it is used far too often in today's society. The best time to smoke cannabis is once per week at the end of the week to gain insight into your life.

    • profile image

      Jesusfreak 8 years ago

      Been clean for 5 days now, Im going through all the withdrawl symptoms, but Im keeping faith that’ll ill soon be completely free of these chains and bondage. I truly laugh at those who scorns us addicted to weed, they’re obviously nim-wits and haven’t researched the syndrome. Its now a scientific fact that the substense is addictive, Period. A lil advice for those trying to quit: take up the bible, read it a lil hear and there, its really helping me, My conscience is telling me im reading truth, i can feel that, and i need some Truth in my life, for i feel like Ive been living a lie, Like someone stole something from me during my High times. Well someone did im learning, The devil stole my right to be free. I hate this vice, But god willing, Im going to succeed in my full Recovery. I have faith. Ive tried so many times to quit before, it always eats at me to quit, cause i know its wrong. But reading what others write, and reading Gods word, its Key to recovery. God is faithful and good. Stay true to yourself and your family, drugs affect EVERYONE around you, it’d be selfish to not think that. Writing this i hope will help somebody out there, lotta stoned/lost fish in the sea. I don't know how i’d be stopping w/o the help of the Bible, don't get religious, get God. Hallelujah

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Good hub.

    • profile image

      Vitalichka 9 years ago

      Good post, could however use more info.


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