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Are you Rebounding? Rebounder Exercise Workout

Updated on May 2, 2014

Needak Rebounder Mini Trampoline

Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline
Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline

What is Rebounding ?

Rebounding is probably as close to the perfect exercise as you can get! Not only is it fun, easy and safe, but just about anyone of any age can do it … and the best news, you can do it at home while you’re watching TV.

A rebounder is a small mini trampoline , but unlike a regular trampoline, the goal isn’t to bounce as high as possible or do gymnastic flips and tricks. When exercising on a rebounder, or exercise trampoline, small, controlled movements are used to bring incredible health benefits.

Rebounding Benefits:

Rebounding is a zero-impact exercise that provides many health benefits to every cell in the body. It’s one of the most effective and efficient forms of exercise for the entire body, and it’s widely unknown. Rebounding also provides all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training, all in one workout.

  • Improved circulation
  • Increased strength
  • Increased heart and lung capacity
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improve coordination and balance
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Improve muscle tone (especially in the legs, thighs, hips, abs and arms)
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Boost the lymphatic and immune systems
  • Increase bone density, which makes it ideal for preventing osteoporosis
  • Tones and tightens the skin – like giving yourself a facial
  • Fits easily into any lifestyle
  • It’s FUN!

Rebounding is an excellent aerobic activity, yet it places no strain on your joints.

Rebounder with Stabilizer Bar

A rebounder with removable stabilizer bar provide additional support for those who need it.
A rebounder with removable stabilizer bar provide additional support for those who need it.

A Rebounder is Great for Everyone

A Rebounder trampoline can provide great exercise for young or old and can easily be fit with a stabilizing bar for those who need a little extra assistance or support. The stabilizing bar can help the elderly or disabled by giving them the stability they need while still offering the benefits of rebounding. If you have kids, they’re going to love the rebounder … the only problem is you might have to fight to get a turn.

Choosing a Rebounder:

The old adage – “you get what you pay for,” certainly applies when selecting a rebounder. Many of the low-end models are disappointing at best. They can be stiff and lack adequate cushioning and support. The Needak Rebounder and Urban Rebounder are two of the most popular Rebounders available and both offer consistently high-quality mini trampolines. Invest in a quality rebounder and you’ll have everything you need to enjoy this amazing exercise phenomenon.

Why Rebounding is so Effective:

The aerobic exercise of a Rebounder is perfect for building overall fitness and is an excellent addition to any weight loss program. Bouncing on a small trampoline can burn between 100 – 280 extra calories (depending on your weight and exertion level) in a 30-minute session. It’s also a zero impact exercise so it puts absolutely no strain on your joints.

Rebounding doesn’t require any special lessons or instruction, just get on and start bouncing, jumping, jogging or dancing. A few simple moves are usually included and you can adapt them to your own needs. There are numerous books, videos and DVDs that can provide even more workout structure if you prefer. Some people even use their Rebounder as a base for doing sit-ups.

How it works:

The three natural forces of gravity, acceleration and deceleration work together to give a unique and effective workout. When bouncing on a rebounder, the forces of acceleration and deceleration line up with gravity or the G Force factor which is where the benefits of rebounding come into play.

As you start bouncing, your body is subjected to the natural forces of acceleration and deceleration as well as the pull of gravity. The combination of these forces increases the G Force, which is felt by the cells in a manner that would be equivalent to doubling your weight. This additional “weight” causes the cells in your body to adjust and get stronger – not just muscle cells either.

Rebounding also provides cleansing for the cells because the lymphatic system is activated by this kind of activity. When the lymphatic system is activated, the cells are constantly being flushed and cleansed of metabolic waste and saturated with nutrients, enzymes and oxygen. Water is rapidly diffused through each cell membrane through a series of one way valves used by the lymphatic system. When there is pressure below the valves (which occurs during acceleration or on the upward motion of the bounce), the valves open. When pressure is above the valves (deceleration, or the downward motion of the bounce), the valves remain closed.

The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.  Author The EMIRR
The Lymphatic System This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. Author The EMIRR

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system interacts with every organ in the body and directly relates to the function and efficiency of the immune system. It protects and defends against infection, bacteria, viruses, fungi and disease. The body is cleared of toxins, excess fluids, wastes, and infection through the flow and drainage of the lymphatic system, provided it is functioning properly. Many people don’t understand how the lymphatic system works or even what it is, but it’s vital to good health.

The lymphatic system is the garbage collector or internal vacuum that sucks up the metabolic garbage in our bodies. If the flow is impaired, the fluid becomes toxic and the other systems of the body that rely on it for cleansing become sluggish and less efficient. These systems then begin to fill with their own waste and an environment ripe for infection sets in.

The heart does not pump the lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system is pumped through its unidirectional valves by vigorous exercise, massage or muscle activity. Almost anything that stimulates the flow of lymph fluid is healthy, but the most efficient way to stimulate this process is by rebounding. The rhythmic bouncing up and down causes the valves to open and close, dramatically increasing lymph flow.


Many people have lymphatic systems that are congested or clogged and don’t even know it. In the U.S., the lymphatic system is the most overlooked system in the body. In Europe, stimulation of the lymph flow is ranked as the fourth most commonly prescribed medical treatment. Unfortunately, U.S. health care practitioners seldom even consider the crucial role the lymphatic system plays in preventing illness or healing the body.

Most of us have experienced swollen glands at one time or another, this is a symptom of blocked lymph nodes which indicates a breakdown of the lymphatic system. Other examples of congestion in the lymphatic system include:

  • Allergies
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Prostatitis
  • Heart disease
  • Eczema other skin conditions
  • Fibrocystic disease
  • Loss of Energy
  • MS
  • Edema
  • Repetitive parasitic infections
  • Lupus erythematosis
  • Inflammation
  • High blood pressure
  • Puffy eyes
  • Viral infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Low back pain
  • Cancer
  • Ear or balance problems
  • Cellulite
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Obesity

Rebounding is an exceptional way to stimulate the lymph flow and reap the benefits of a healthier body.


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