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The Bar Method Body Results

Updated on September 28, 2011

Remake Your Body with the Bar Method

The Bar Method is an exercise program that elongates the muscles in your seat and thighs. After about 10 sessions, your legs will look longer, your abs will begin to pull themselves back under your rib cage, your shoulders, chest and arms will become lean and defined and your seat will begin to lift. The bar method will also burn away fat during the challenging and sometimes intense workout. It won’t be long and you’ll notice that your intramuscular fat will burn away revealing a new smoother, narrower and more defined body.

The Bar method exercises focus on non-impact, deep muscle, very precise movements that almost anyone can do. Just beware, because these exercises are very precise you WILL feel the burn and you’ll feel it quickly especially in the exercises that are targeting the thighs, hips and buttocks. The movements may be small, but the numerous repetitions yield fast results.

As you build endurance, you may want to repeat some of your favorite exercises to maximize results. You will do deep stretching after each set of exercises. This is important because it will help release the targeted muscle, build flexibility and elongate the muscle.

The Bar Method DVD Results


Designer Sculpting will systematically target and define muscles, creating the long, lean look of a dancer. Each 45 minute full body workout takes you through the simple, yet highly effective isolations starting with the upper body and then targeting the waist, abs, legs and seat. It won’t be long and you’ll feel and see your seat lift up, your hips slim down and your arms gain definition.


Fat Free will challenge all the major muscles groups in your body. A quick progression of exercises, expertly designed to add muscle while simultaneously burning fat. You quickly move from one muscle group to the next until you have completed the circuit of every muscle group. The Bar Method will leave you feeling energized and you’ll be amazed at the changes these small, subtle moves will make in your body. You will begin to notice how areas that need it most are beginning to reshape and tighten.

The Bar Method Body

The Bar Method Body
The Bar Method Body

History of the Bar Method

The Bar Method was created by a German dancer, Lotte Berk. After sustaining a back injury, she created a workout incorporating both her ballet background with her rehabilitation therapy. She eventually opened a studio and began teaching her method to others, including Brooke Shields and Joan Collins.

The instructor, Burr Leonard, will show you how to achieve a healthier and more beautiful body for life. Burr is a former journalist with Forbes, Esquire and Adam smith’s Money World, she began studying the Lotte Berk Method in 1981 and later whet on to train and eventually teach at the Lotte Berk studio. In 1991, Burr opened her own studio in Greenwich, Connecticut teaching the Bar Method.

Equipment you will need for the Bar Method

The equipment you will need for the Bar Method exercises are two lightweight dumbbells weighing 3 to 5 lb., used for the Designer Sculpting workout; a strap (like a bathrobe belt), and a bar. If you don’t have a bar, a sturdy chair will work just fine. Two of the demonstrators on the video use a chair, just be sure it’s sturdy enough to support you as you do the exercises. You won’t be leaning on the bar or chair, it’s just for support as you work through the exercises.

The Bar Method Body

The Bar Method
The Bar Method

How the Bar Method Works:

The Bar Method is a complete body workout that burns the fat surrounding the muscle groups and then immediately begins to stretch those muscles to create a long, lean body. The Bar Method creates a strong body; it strengthens the core muscles which also help improve posture. It’s an excellent way to lose weight fast and the exercises are considered equivalent to interval training. The Bar Method requires alternating between exercises that require intense bursts of energy and then deep stretching, this pattern results in a high calorie burn rate and the building of firmer muscle mass. For optimum results, it is recommended that you do three to five workouts each week.

What to Expect from a Typical Bar Method Workout:

A typical workout begins with a light, easy warm-up that will get your heart rate elevated and your muscles warm. You’ll then move on to the upper body workout using light weights with small precise movements, push-ups and some stretches using a dancers bar are also incorporated. The main part of the workout will focus on the lower body and involves holding various poses while standing for a period of time. This is usually followed with some core work using a combination of a floor mat and the dancers bar. To finish up the workout, a final stretch of all the muscle groups is used to elongate the muscles, resulting in the long, lean dancer’s body that is so popular.

The Bar Method promises noticeable results after 10 workouts and it delivers on that promise! If you’re looking for a way to change your body, these DVDs are the answer. The Bar Method combines the movements of Pilates, yoga and ballet with small precisely controlled isometric exercises that leave your body lean and strong. The Bar Method will give you amazing results and you’ll see the difference in a matter of weeks.


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