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How to Activate The Treasure Vault of Latent Sexual Talented Expression

Updated on June 19, 2011
Sexual Dream Wharf
Sexual Dream Wharf

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Embracing Your Days Sexually Ignited

Today will be a red letter (exposed desire) day when YOU cease to be unacknowledged and unappreciated for the innate passion you possess. You will vibrate at such an intense rate of immeasurable throbbing energy.

For the next glorious 24 hours of intensive rapture and unfathomable sensual joy, your distinct purpose is to unfold delightfully in the overt circumstances. A particular situation will expose the bubbling sexuality you carry and will be reflected in the obvious events not anticipated by you in the manner they will occur.

Opposite is the key word to behold.

Don’t waste another moment in numbed oblivion, trying to hide the effervescent flow of natural energy running through your veins. Without your conscious participation, the day will slip by as if it didn’t matter, when in actuality, all of your days are full of expedient works of wonder to inhabit.

You must be attuned to the sound of your sensual song playing! Oh! Divine Human Being who walks upon the Earth plane, do you not realize how many individual miraculous adventures which stand before your eyes ready to be cultivated, experienced, and embraced?

So Many Gracious Hours are allotted for you to do with as you will.

 What will you choose to do? Who WILL you choose to do it with? Stop with your mealy mouthed double mindedness. Who do you think you are fooling? You are a Master of Divine Essence who has simply forgotten your Sacred Heritage, along with the substantial manifesting artistic sensual power you inherently possess.

 Dream Yourself awake in full animated erotic splendor!

Now is the day and hour to recognize, admit and invite that which is beneficent within to flow out in realms of majestically instilled beauty of form, sound and color. Make not just lip service but affirm passionately the specific needs you require.

An unending Universal Love infiltrated with everlasting Grace fills your soul. No sexual lack exists on any level. {Unless you deem it so!} You are enormously endowed with a sacred presence of sexual sensual artistic ability waiting to be excavated and produced in personal adorable expression.

Stand upright this day and fill it full with your enamored presence recognizing fully how your precious Divine Hands are working in your life to bring about all beautiful and necessary events as part of the perfect unfolding enrichment of this particular segment of your total existence.

Be pregnant with your gifts unbounded and bring forth theri delivery without excuse!

Recognize, too that the divine expression of sacred unity in you is what brings about these magnificent wonders to behold and enjoy. Be exceedingly grateful for each and every aspect of your life (including the so-called unpleasant events) that occur in precisely and exactly the manner in which they do.

Do not question nor complain of the veiled approach in which IT arrives for you are the revered artist who creates upon the canvas what you WILL. What picture will you create?

Openly declare with full intent and consciousness that by the application of Conscious Cosmic Awareness, whose name will always be Temptation (to remind you) each and every day, that you accept the NEW FACE and new phase of each day of your life.

You realize appreciatively that while your life opens up in new avenues of invited artistic dimensions, you will flow effortlessly with little or no interference or interpretation. As you embrace the enthusiasm of living life to the fullest without reservation or contempt, you shall literally see the diminishing of lines, blemishes, marks of the scar of time in circumstance.

You will make a conscious effort to monitor (Not judge or analyze) your thrilling thoughts and that; in fact, you will remember that you are taking part in a WONDER OF WONDERS that life has to offer each hour.

 Without hesitation or impatience, you will see with your ears and hear with your eyes the new creature of loveliness and beauty being wrought in physical dimension. You openly declare that you are acutely aware that nothing can be held in secret from you.

 {No longer a inferior need for suspicion, envy or jealousy.} You state with avowed love and admiration that your one true intent is to find and be flooded by thy undeniably perfect Divine Love and nothing else.

You seek no reward other than to discover your true passion and be set on your Divine Path with FEET of solid grounding able to turn on a dime and to always be “In Tune” with the sacred multifarious happenings taking place each and every moment of the day.

Your heart is constantly in prayer of gratitude and thankfulness for the untold blessings delivered to you every second of your life. {No matter the shape, size, form or fashion} You will not complain!

You KNOW all things work together as a perfectly constructed magnificent puzzle beyond your scope of insight and comprehension.

You will work studiously to eliminate from your mind and mouth any negative seed of doubt, remorse, regret, and pity including any need, conscious or unconscious to be seen as special, unique or worthy. Stop trying to be such a goody-two-shoes. It's rather trite and unsexy.

You simply desire to shower praise and thankfulness to that which is beyond definition and mortally impossible to explain with every breath you take, in every situation of multi-layered occurrence. You are completely aware that it is your only Divine Intent to give, receive and pierce pleasure, abundance, wisdom and joy in every circumstance though you may not be able to appreciate its true value or see it entirely at the time.

In your heart of hearts, you gain more awareness of the significance of your artistic plight by your every spoken word, action, thought and presence in each person’s life you meet. You are attentive to the fact that you are to here on Earth to bring honor in your walk by being sacredly guided and directed each second.

And, through that guidance, you are able to be authentic in your dealings. You know emphatically well that you have no way of knowing “EVER” what is to occur and when, how or why but that you will accept the story of your life as the only marvelous story that could be told.

You also do KNOW and embrace the innovative idea of a new wave of eternal sexual spiraling motion stirring in your life and with that exquisitely valuable movement, you ask to remove any resistance, rebellion and reserve you may carry that would inhibit or complicate your steps in being transformed. “… a new creature…” [Paraphrased]

The change of seasons is now and forever taking place. You are learning what is suggested by the statement: All is Nothing and that creation has been constructed for eternity’s design and for the divine infinite Glory, power and manifestation of that which is unutterable and so inadequately interpreted.

You will, in the partial knowledge allotted, walk upright surely receiving and accepting those things that has been prepared for you to experience on this earth plane. You will not balk nor hesitate in defense of your personal needs and petty desires but plead instead your humble ignorance in recognizing ego’s appetite of gluttony and insistence to be seen as important or ‘right’.

As You walk the road of Divine Instruction in the Great Work set before you, You will keep your mind centered inward and your heart set on finishing this portion of the Divine Race.

 In all things, you desire to purify and sanctify your mind, soul, heart and body to carry on as a Master of Divine Essence knowing fully well that you, and you alone, can fulfill what it is you have been sent here to accomplish.

You choose to think and project daily only those thoughts of Divine abundance, wealth, prosperity, benefit {with each and every so colored event associated} for soul’s fulfillment (intent) as you accept, receive and give back exactly what is commissioned.

You also acknowledge with full certainty that in your progressive movement forward you can not be released from current karmic (unforgiveness) lessons to move on until you release your present identification and association with them as still being relevant and meaningful.

You do not need what you earnestly cling to except that it binds your feet to seemingly personal responsibility or guilt which do not exist except in your mind’s need ‘to struggle and be denied’ in order to prove you are alive.

 Until you admit openly that Nothing you desire can or will be held back from you in any way or measure whatsoever, you will remain entangled in a web of lies and deceit that will forever plague you and prevent you from the excavation, reception and unending gratification associated with your treasure vault of unearthed riches. (talent)

You are forever Rich, healthy, wise and contented beyond compare. If the vision is clouded it is only because of your own refusal to let go of what you think you possess in order to encounter what is unknown and unfamiliar. You are an unexpressed artist who must fully embrace his art/music/drama.

The celestial ride of fortune’s tide is upon you with its current fast and sure. [Or you wouldn’t be reading and bearing witness to these particular words] the key word is 'fortune'; it bears many a flavored candy.

Wilt thou flow freely in the current of inexplicable and inexhaustible source of destiny’s calling? Or wilt thou continue to excuse, defend, moan and groan of unpleasant stagnated issues that beset thee at every turn?

You may surely choose to hold onto selective problems to make you feel alive, worthy, fulfilling the need to repent, filed with obsessive worry and concern but for whose benefit will that serve?

Seize the red letter desire day; be exceedingly glad of it and certainly without reservation or hesitation be completely sensually sexual in it

Celestial Ride Of Fortune
Celestial Ride Of Fortune


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