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Painting Can Reduce Stress

Updated on May 16, 2017

Painting and Benefits of It

If you want to try something new, then why don’t you try to create something using your imagination and creativity?

We mean here, painting as an activity.

Besides, this activity can reduce stress level to zero. Another point is color, because only it has a powerful effect on your emotions even if you are not being aware of it.

Color and its Influence

But before you begin, please take into consideration what colors you will use during the process, because every color has its influence on our overall state.

Psychologists found out that a balanced color combinations, creates a creative atmosphere, soothes and reduce stress. Color has a significant effect on psycho-intellectual state of a person. They refer to the senses. According to studies in this domain, 80% of color and light is "absorbed" by the nervous system and only 20% by the vision.

Red color from all the colors of the spectrum has the strongest physiological reaction - that is, for heart palpitations. The red color will not let you pass by, it will immediately attract your attention. Red causes strong emotions. The nature of these emotions strongly depends on the situation, but no matter what the association contacted you with the red one is not in doubt: these emotions are very strong. This color can directly affects you and does not leave indifferent.

Use red paint to your painting if you are feeling depressed in order to boost your energy! However, the abuse of this color is not worth it: it can bring aggressiveness and irritation.

Purple can have a calming and restorative effect.

Orange color is very bright, it always attracts attention: think of road workers in bright orange vests. The main associations with orange is spicy. This word defines our attitude to orange. Orange awakens in us thoughts of joy, fun and bright sun. This color is usually associated with freshness and health in the minds of people.

Very attractive properties has yellow: it stimulates the brain, attracts attention and is stored in the memory better than other colors.

Yellow is better to be combined with green, not black, as is often done by many: black and yellow color combination evokes a feeling of anxiety, emergency and danger, but is also associated with bees. Not the most pleasant associations, it should be noted.

Pink is associated with red, in fact it is one of its tones - a mixture of red and white colors. But the perception of a pink is gentle, soft, charming and feminine. Pink, like the red color can be warm and exciting and be perceived as romantic and sensual. Pink is also often the case, is linked in the minds of people as frivolous and cheerful. It has a calming and sedative effect.

Green, in contrast to red, lowers blood pressure. It helps to reduce stress and ease headaches. It is the color of nature and naturalness, symbolizing health and freshness. However, should be remembered that itself green color evokes a sluggish feeling, so should be used in combination with white, or blue, or a contrasting red.

Element of blue in contrast to the red will never cause a potential irritation or aggression. This color has good qualities - it is significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate, calms and relaxes, sometimes even excessively. Not by chance the word "blue" in English dictionary has not only the meaning of the color "blue", but also "sad".

As you probably know, it is used in advertising washing powders, air conditioners, and in general, where it creates a subconscious feeling of purity and freshness.

Use this color to paint an azure sea surrounded by deep blue sky.

Black symbolizes elegance. But itcan absorbs all other colors,so its better to use it with care. Just take into consideration: too much black can be depressing.

White, usually associated with cleanliness, purity, newness, virginity, innocence and tranquility, as well as high quality. You can use this color if your senses are overloaded and you need to calm down emotionally. It also help to keep the painting looking fresh.

Gray and burgundy color - it is almost always a sign of solidity, conservatism and moderation. It can give depressing vibes.

How to Improve Your Life with Chromotherapy

Paintings and Frame

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Painting, Sea ThemePainting, Sea ThemeBeautiful Frame
Painting, Sea Theme
Painting, Sea Theme
Painting, Sea Theme
Painting, Sea Theme
Beautiful Frame
Beautiful Frame

The Process of Painting

So, now knowing the influence of color on your overall state, you can begin to paint.

Here are the simplest tips how to draw a painting for beginners.

What you will need:
• Paper
• Paints
• Imagination

1 step
Take a blank sheet of paper!

2 step

Before starting to paint, chose the paint: oils, acrylics, watercolors, or pastel. And begin to paint everything that come to yor mind:Trees, flowers, clouds, boats ... .. etc.

3 step
Now the most important thing and probably everybody will agree with me, it’s the frame. But it’s very important to be big and beautiful!

4 step
Place the painting everywhere you wish in your house or give the new painting as a present to a friend or a relative! After all a gift is a gift and it’s made by your own hands. I assure you it will be very highly appreciated.

How to paint the cabbage rose

Simple Instructions: How to Improve Your Mood and Reduce Stress

Here are some other simple instructions how to improve your mood. I can realize that when we aren't in high spirits it won't be easy to follow the next steps but let's give it a try.

Learn how to paint the sky and clouds using acrylic paints in this free video art lesson


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