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Relationship Cord Healing

Updated on February 14, 2013
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Sara lives in Finland creating a new lifestyle after stage 3 cancer, and is now researching alternative approaches to recovery from trauma

Balancing Rock
Balancing Rock | Source


We have a relationship with everything that exists. As I sit here on this chair I am in relationship to it, I am upon it and it is beneath me.

Everything about the relationship is defined by my beliefs, I believe the chair is holding me up and that without it I would fall to the floor and so that is how my life is shaped. That is of course a very simple example of a relationship and the belief system that we hold but the same pattern is there for every relationship we have.

It's said that 'we create our own reality' and this is what it's referring to. Our belief systems shape our world. When we leap out of bed in the morning and stub our toe and think to ourselves, oh no it's going to be one of those days, then that is most likely what we will get. We become a self fulfilling prophecy.

We may think that we are just getting it right because we are so smart about these things but our thoughts are what created our day. Of course not all thought manifests so quickly into physical reality so we don't always make the association between the two at a conscious level.

Sometimes we recognise that no matter how hard we try and how well we direct our thoughts that we don't seem to get the outcomes we thought we would. This is often be due to hidden beliefs that have been around for so long and become so habitual that we don't actually consciously remember that we hold them. They have literally become part of our basic wiring or programming. Relational healing is very useful for uncovering and changing these beliefs.

Sitting On A Rock
Sitting On A Rock | Source

Cleansing Cords

A little like the Inner Child healing, the recipient, with the assistance of the healer goes back to the time or place or person that they hold the belief about and from there the cords connecting the two are cleaned.

This cleansing allows the truth of the relationship to be seen and felt by the recipient. It is in this space of truth and light that new and more appropriate beliefs are formed.

With inner Child healing we think of it as re parenting and with relationship cords we think of it as reprogramming. With both it is about allowing the old stuck energy to be revealed and express itself in a safe loving environment which will lead to the stuck energy lifting away to reveal the beautiful light energy of truth and essence.

From this place of truth and light we have more freedom to live our lives more fully in each unfolding moment. Each unfolding moment of freedom from old limiting and inappropriate beliefs takes us closing to the recognition and enlightenment of Who We Really Are.

Water Filtration System
Water Filtration System | Source

Example of Relational Healing

Someone presented with these core beliefs:

All men are bad and therefore I should avoid them

All women are weak and therefore I should be a man!

This person was stuck in a never ending bind and had huge issues with really trusting and letting go especially in the area of relationships with her partners. Although giving the illusion of being open and trusting she would only ever go so far with letting people in and was in fact running a huge control centre from her solar plexus, which would explain why she was always so tired!

She associated the openness and vulnerability of the feminine aspect with weakness and therefore totally denied her femininity because it made her feel vulnerable to being taken over. To counter this she encouraged the masculine aspect to its extreme making her rigid through an over adherence to masculine logic and strength.

The strength of the feminine is actually in the openness of vulnerability therefore once the old belief about vulnerablity was exposed and released she could embrace her inner goddess.

There is no right or wrong about the masculine or feminine aspects, they are just different aspects performing different tasks.

The Strength Of The Pine
The Strength Of The Pine | Source

Here in the forest we have the tall, strong pine trees which represent the masculine aspect and the graceful birch trees representing the feminine aspect. If the pine tree took on a completely masculine aspect of strength through power then it would become too rigid and the smallest breeze would cause it to snap, therefore it requires an element of the feminine aspect of grace and flexibility so that it can bend with the wind.

Likewise if the birch tree took on a completely feminine aspect of flexibility then it would merely trail along the floor, therefore it requires an element of the masculine aspect of strength so that it can stand up. Our mix of masculine or feminine aspects is relevant to our purpose and intention rather than any preconceived absolutes of right or wrong.

This lady had been plagued by lower back problems from an early age (12) mostly caused by rigidity of the muscles as they held in all her fears and vulnerabilities. This resulted in large amounts of muscular tension and spasms. She fully subscribed to a world where you must appear to be strong and in control therefore any weakness made her feel extremely vulnerable and terrified. Her belief system held that if she relented one inch and let somebody in, if she allowed someone to see the real person they would take over control of her, that she would be swallowed up as a person and cease to be.

The fear of ceasing to exist is a core human belief that we all hold in our centre. it is this belief which keeps us separate from each other and away from the wholeness of the divine. We believe that if we become One then we will lose our identity and cease to exist.

As you can see from this brief example the potential for self limiting belief systems is enormous but the good news is that you don't have to do this work alone and the more you travel down the path of unravelling old beliefs the easier it becomes to spot the beliefs at work.

Meditation is a very useful tool for enhancing self awareness and it is self awareness that will lead us to our own truth.


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